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The Disney Cruise Line (DCL) Discussion Thread

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Hey everybody!


This thread is simple! Rather than having a million little threads about everything that goes on with the Disney Cruise Line, this thread is designed to consolidate it all into one user-friendly thread. Feel free to use it to post updates, trip reports, questions, comments, and of course, general discussion.


Official Company Website


Below are some links to past updates from the resort, you may be interested in. Enjoy!





Original Post:



Disney Announces Expansion of Successful Cruise Business

Two new ships will more than double passenger capacity


BURBANK, Calif., (February 22, 2007) – The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) plans to expand its successful cruise business by adding two new ocean liners, President and CEO Bob Iger announced today. Scheduled to launch in 2011 and 2012, the ships will more than double the passenger capacity for Disney Cruise Line to meet the sustained demand for Disney's family cruise vacations. Click here to see larger images.


The company signed a letter of intent with Meyer Werft shipyard, based in Papenburg, Germany, to negotiate a contract to build the 122,000-ton new cruise liners, which will be two decks taller than the existing 83,000-ton ships, the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder. Each ship will have 1,250 staterooms. Specific design plans and itineraries for the yet-unnamed ships are still in development and will be unveiled at a later date.


"Since our maiden voyage in 1998, the Disney Cruise Line has been a huge success for our guests and for our shareholders alike," Iger said. "It has brought our unparalleled family vacation experience to the high seas, and has also generated high margins and double digit returns on invested capital. We're excited to announce the expansion of our fleet, which is a logical next step in what is a real growth business for us."


Disney Cruise Line established the family market within the cruise industry when the business launched in 1998. The first two ships were purpose built for families to reconnect and recharge while creating vacation memories that will last a lifetime. From a theater featuring live musical spectaculars to a luxurious spa for adults and nearly an entire deck dedicated to children's activities, the ships offer something for every member of the family. Disney Cruise Line continues to grow by attracting passengers who say they would not have cruised if it hadn't been for the Disney brand.


"Focusing on families has been smart business for us," said Jay Rasulo, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. "More than 95 percent of Disney Cruise Line guests rate their cruise experience as excellent or very good. Families know they can trust us to provide a quality, immersive Disney experience. As a result, Disney Cruise Line continually sets sail with the highest load factors in the industry of nearly 150 percent."


Similar to the original Disney Cruise Line ships, the new ships will be a modern interpretation of classic ocean liners of the 1930s. Disney Imagineers drew their inspiration from the original trans-Atlantic ships that featured a dramatic black hull with two funnels and porthole windows. The profile of the ships, with its gentle curves at the stern combined with sleek angles at the bow, are reminiscent of the art deco designs of the era. To add whimsy to the classic design, the Disney ships have the same exterior color palette as Mickey Mouse with black, white, red and yellow. The new ships will feature elegant, detailed Disney scrollwork at the bow and will evoke images of the glamour of the golden age of cruising.



Tom McAlpin, the President of Disney Cruise Line, said, "This is an exciting time for Disney Cruise Line, and we are looking forward to working with Meyer Werft to blend our innovation and creativity with their fine craftsmanship. Meyer Werft has a long tradition of building magnificent ships. We are confident that the result will be ships that take the immersive Disney family-focused cruise experience to an entirely new level."


New itineraries


Disney Cruise Line, which traditionally offers 3-, 4- and 7-night Caribbean cruises, has also enjoyed strong demand for new itineraries. Trips to the Mediterranean and to the West Coast have recently set booking records within the company and booked 30-50 percent faster than the existing itineraries at higher prices.


"With a larger fleet, we'll have greater flexibility to offer a variety of itineraries," Rasulo said. "This is a business that our guests love, and we're pleased to give them more options to explore the world with Disney with two new ships."


To learn more about Disney Cruise Line or to book a vacation, guests can contact their travel agent, visit http://disneycruise.com or call Disney Cruise Line at (888) DCL-2500. Travel agents can call Disney Cruise Line at (888) 325-2500 or visit http://disneytravelagents.com.



And another article:

As expected, The Walt Disney Co. is expanding its fleet of cruise ships, more than doubling the capacity of what has proven to be a highly popular - and profitable - business.


Disney said Thursday it has signed a letter of intent with Meyer Werft shipyard of Papenburg, Germany, to negotiate a contract to build two 122,000-ton cruise liners.


The ships will each be two decks taller than the two existing Disney cruise ships, Disney Magic and Disney Wonder. Each ship will have 1,250 staterooms and are expected to be ready by 2011 and 2012.


The company has not yet determined where the ships will be docked or what routes they will travel. Its current ships are based in Florida and offer three, four and seven-night Caribbean cruises.


The offerings have expanded in recent years to include trips to the Mediterranean and to Mexico from a temporary home in California. The West Coast cruises, some of which include passage through the Panama Canal, typically sell out in a matter of days.


"With a larger fleet, we'll have greater flexibility to offer a variety of itineraries," Jay Rasulo, chairman of Walt Disney (nyse: DIS - news - people ) Parks and Resorts, said in a statement.


Disney Cruise Lines have been wildly popular since they began in 1998. Almost immediately, the company began talking about expanding, but foreign exchange rates had made the cost of building new ships prohibitive.


Disney chief executive Robert Iger said the cruise line is one of the most profitable parts of the media conglomerate's businesses.


Sounds great!


I'm guessing one of the older ones will get moved and base out of Los Angeles. One rumor even suggest some Asian itineraries!!! Disney Cruise to Tokyo Disney...YES PLEASE!!!


The new ships will be two decks taller than the Magic and Wonder.


What a sexy looking fleet!

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^Um, not really...


It's already announced that they'll be 122K Tons. Not the biggest cruise ship by far.


I wasn't looking at the weight stats or comparing them to other existing cruises. I've only been on Disney's ships anyway. I was basing my statement off the fact that the new ships absolutely dwarf the old ones in the image. Maybe it's an exaggerated visual.

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I Love the design of Disney's ships older ships, but judging by the pictures, these ships look to be alot bigger. I wish they would give their lengths...


Just, somthing just seems off about it.Its, like, too flat on the top, or there arn't enough little smokestack thingys, or they're too far apart...


I don't know... I think they're classy looking ships, but i think they could do better.

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That's good to know. I wonder, though, if this means there will be a new DisneySea?


I wouldn't think so considering that the OLC owns too many rights to the attractions in the park. The entire park would have to be redone (except for maybe the Mermaid Lagoon or Port Discovery, as they both showed up in the blue sky concept art for use in one of the regional based parks).

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I went on a Disney Cruise in 2003 (my son was 2 years old at the time). What a fantastic experience. I got a discount through my job, so I recall paying less than $1000K for the whole family for about a 5-day cruise.


I went on a Carnival Cruise just this January...no comparison! The Disney Cruise STILL leaves an impression on us and we talk about it to this day.


I'll suggest to those thinking about it, it IS manily geared for families. Wouldn't recomennd it if you're trying to "get away" and "relax" or much less "get jiggy" as kids are everywhere U turn compared to most other cruise lines.


Ya gotta try it. A very high recommend!

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Fantastic!! I remember talk about more ships when we were on the Magic in 2003 and 2004. CMs seemed to be really sick of trying to answer that question...


I totally agree-- you have to be a hardcore Disney fan to go on the cruise without kids. I mean, it's still a great cruise for adults but I think that you have a better experience with a kid.

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