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The Disney Cruise Line (DCL) Discussion Thread

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Hi, I’m Christi, manager of public affairs at Disney Cruise Line, and I’m very excited to be the newest Disney Parks Blog author. Together with my colleague Jonathan Frontado, we hope to share even more stories about Disney Cruise Line with you.


If you’re like most of the people I talk to, you want to know how the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy are progressing. I recently had the opportunity to visit the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany, where the new Disney ships are being constructed, and I can tell you that it’s an amazing place. The shipyard welcomes 300,000 tourists each year. Visitors learn about shipbuilding and even see ships, like the Disney Dream, being built.


I hope you enjoy my posts as I provide an insider’s view on some of the construction milestones. For instance, check out the latest photo of the stern of the Disney Dream with its elaborate scrollwork. While remarkable in its unfinished phase, soon Sorcerer Mickey will add a bit of Disney magic to complete this signature feature.


Look for more updates on the construction of the ships as well as details on how Disney Cruise Line is giving back to port communities and how we are committed to implementing green initiatives aboard.



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Hi Disney Parks Bloggers! When the Disney Dream enters service in 2011, it will offer amazing new experiences for our guests. Our friends at Walt Disney Imagineering are working on incredible and imaginative new features such as a restaurant that transports guests under the sea, artwork that magically comes to life, “virtual portholes” and a high-tech, interactive play floor for kids.


Take a glimpse into the top secret labs of Walt Disney Imagineering to see a sneak peek of even more magic being created just for you on Disney Cruise Line:



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I never was such a fan of cruise ships, until I read the topic about Robbs birthday cruise. But this ships they are going to built sound like a much bigger experience with these effects in it, I ever believed! Awesome.

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So if Im getting this correctly the cameras around the ship project whats going on outside, and random Disney characters will be involved with the windows. That starfish one looked kinf of freaky, if I was staring out a window really close to it and that thing poppedd out I would probably jump back. This is pretty awesome though, it really is Disney magic on a ship.

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Quite astonishing in size, yet very recognizable is the bow of the Disney Dream cruise ship, pictured here in its unfinished state in the shipyard. Soon this section will be lowered into place in the building dock where construction continues, on track for the January 26, 2011, Maiden Voyage.


Similar to the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder, the intricate scrollwork pattern is reminiscent of the classic ocean liners of the 1930s. Look closer and you’ll recognize our signature Mickey Medallion, front and center, which adds just the right amount of Disney whimsy to the design.


A little bit of trivia…The scrollwork was actually the first piece of steel cut by the Meyer Werft team when construction officially began on the Disney Dream over a year ago.



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Hey Disney Parks Blog readers – today we have two milestones we’re happy to share! First, a significant milestone with the construction of the Disney Dream and the other, well, may be more significant for me as this marks my first-ever blog post.


I had the fortune of being at the Meyer-Werft shipyard this morning as the final building block for the Disney Dream was put into place. The final block was a 260-ton portion of the ship’s bow – with the signature Disney Cruise Line golden filigree.


What does this mean? It means the ship is one giant step closer to its January 26, 2011, maiden voyage. It also means with all 80 building blocks for the Disney Dream now in place the focus shifts to outfitting the interior spaces, including:


Incredible children’s spaces that will immerse kids in their favorite Disney stories and feature some of today’s most innovative technology.


Spectacular restaurants including Animator’s Palate, a restaurant which will magically transform into an undersea wonderland during your meal. Or our new nighttime entertainment district filled with sophisticated, trendy, fanciful and fun-filled venues – like Pink, our first-ever champagne bar.


Look for more Disney Dream updates here on the Disney Parks Blog or on the Disney Cruise Line Facebook page. So…how’d I do on this first Disney Parks Blog post?





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On Tuesday, the final block of the Disney Dream was put into place at the Meyer Werft shipyard, marking a major milestone in construction, and rounding out the 80 total blocks that make up the ship. It is impressive to witness the ship taking shape, but did you ever wonder how it happens?

In the most simplistic terms, the process of building the Disney Dream is similar to playing with building blocks. Pre-fabricated complete hull sections are joined in block units and are then brought together to form the ship.


Sounds simple, right? Well, check out this video and hear from some of the experts at Disney Cruise Line and Meyer Werft on how the Disney Dream is really coming together.


With the steel construction process complete, efforts now shift to connecting maintenance systems and further building out the interior of the ship. Each day the Disney Dream gets closer and closer to its Maiden Voyage and a reality that I can’t wait to experience!



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DreamWorks Animation coming soon to Royal Caribbean


Make your next family vacation an absolutely unforgettable adventure! Set sail with Royal Caribbean International® and DreamWorks Animation® and discover once-upon-a-time moments with your favorite characters from Shrek®, Madagascar®, Kung Fu Panda® and more.


Debuting exclusively on Royal Caribbean, beginning with Allure of the SeasSM, guests onboard will be surprised with DreamWorks-themed activities throughout their cruise vacation, featuring characters year-round from DreamWorks favorites.


•Character Meals

•Character Parades

•Photo opportunities with the characters

•3-D Movie Theater

•First-run DreamWorks films onboard

•A one-of-a-kind AquaTheater show

•A unique ice show featuring characters from How to Train Your DragonTM

•Surprise and delight moments


After premiering onboard Allure of the SeasSM, many of these activities and amenities will be incorporated into Royal Caribbean's renowned entertainment programs onboard

Oasis of the Seas®, Freedom of the Seas® and Liberty of the Seas®.


We look forward to welcoming you, as well as our new DreamWorks friends, onboard.



Well, now at least we know why Royal Caribbean let NCL have the Nickelodeon Licensed characters earlier this year!


This should be a really cool thing! Can't wait to see it onboard!

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It’s my pleasure to introduce the newest Captain aboard Disney Cruise Line – Marco Nogara! As we continue to grow the Disney Cruise Line business, more ships, mean more Captains and Marco joins an elite line-up at Disney Cruise Line, as our sixth Captain.


A native of Venice, Italy, Marco fell in love with the sea early on and now enjoys an extensive 24-year career in the maritime industry commanding cruise ships worldwide from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean. His most recent post was aboard Carnival cruise ships, where he served as Captain for 12 years. Marco also has experience in the ship-building process, which is certain to come in handy for Disney’s two new ships that are currently under construction, the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.


Over the next few months, Marco will become familiar with the shipboard and shoreside operations at Disney and will eventually find his new home aboard one of the Disney ships as Master in December. Be sure to say hello to Captain Marco when you see him out on the high seas!

Here are a few of Captain Marco’s Disney favorites…


Disney character: Donald Duck

Disney movie: “Toy Story”

Disney attraction: Pirates of the Caribbean

Disney theme park: Epcot


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^Oh dear he came from Carnival!?!? Was he in charge of one of the ships that had any accidents lately!?!


Seems really odd for them to pull someone from Carnival for thier newest ship. I would have thought they would have taken one of the Magic or Wonders captains moved them up, and gotten someone new for the older ships. It seems that's what most other lines do.

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We are just a few months away from the launch of the Disney Dream and today we bring you an update from the Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany, where the ship is being built. Check out this construction photo; as you can see the Quiet Cove adult pool is quickly taking shape on the 11th deck of the ship.


Exclusively for guests 18 and older, the Quiet Cove Pool and Cove Bar will be a retreat for adults to sunbathe, take a dip and indulge in a cool drink.

One of three fresh-water pools on the Disney Dream, Quiet Cove Pool will feature varying depths. A series of connected circular pools includes a 4-foot-deep plunge pool and a 6-inch-deep sunbathing pool with built-in loungers. Guests also can splash up to Cove Bar, which is part of the pool.

Here’s what the area will look like when complete:


Which areas of the ship would you like to see in future updates?



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It looks very tame, but that will give some GREAT views of everything. Either way it looks fun and is an awesome concept though!

I think while it *looks* tame, I have a feeling that basically being on the side of the ship is going to add a certain level of TERRIFYING to it! I know that even the rock walls on the RCCL ships are pretty "standard", but when you get closer to the top of them, and you turn around and look out and it FEELS like you can fall right into the ocean, it adds a certain OMFG aspect to it!

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It looks very tame, but that will give some GREAT views of everything. Either way it looks fun and is an awesome concept though!

I think while it *looks* tame, I have a feeling that basically being on the side of the ship is going to add a certain level of TERRIFYING to it! I know that even the rock walls on the RCCL ships are pretty "standard", but when you get closer to the top of them, and you turn around and look out and it FEELS like you can fall right into the ocean, it adds a certain OMFG aspect to it!


Exactly. I posted in the Cruise Ship thread that I saw the original design as to focus on the fact that your sliding above the ship with awesome views, not focused on the actual layout and speed of the slide.

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