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  1. So I was told my placement today by my friend who is there now. I got placed at Hollywood Studios. I will be placed somewhere on Sunset Boulevard! Can't wait to get there!
  2. Just wanted to give you guys an update! I will arrive on August 15th at Vista Way!
  3. I just talked to one of my Managers at Sheikra and she heard they were doing Sheikra and Cheetah Hunt but she doesn't remember.
  4. Thank you for the info. I just emailed them about Busch Gardens Tampa Bay on April 10th! I hope i can get in!
  5. I was there! ( Robb I was the person who said Hi To you in the Emporium in the morning lol ) But I had an awesome day! I waited 2 hours to see Mickey in his Pajamas. But everything was awesome! I am glad you guys had a great day as well!
  6. I applied for the Fall 2012 program and I have been accepted! I got in for the Fall 2012 Program! My role will be Attractions! I am so excited! I finally get to work for the Mouse! Hope i can see all of you guys soon!
  7. *** ALERT! THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS!*** OMG! So I had the chance to go to an preview of Busch Gardens new show, "Iceploration"! It was fantastic! The way they told the story of the Boy Alex and his Grandfather. Also the way they transported us into each part was mind blowing! Also the lighting was really cool as well. The Great Barrier Reef scene was by far my favorite scene! I will give you a few spoilers the sea creatures hanging above you in the scene seems like you were actually underwater with everyone! I hope you all get to see this show cause this is one of Busch Gardens Tampa best show since Hollywood on Ice!
  8. I hope you enjoyed yourself on Monday! I was working that day we had a 75 minute wait when i got there at 2! But the line made my day go by A lot faster!
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