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Most. OverRated. Ride. of 2012.

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Since I've been lucky enough to hear what you guys are most looking forward too in 2k12 (Mayan Style) .. I'm wondering.. What ride (in your mind) doesn't deserve the hype? I'm going with Verbolten..



Chris "seriously, love you Busch Gardens" Connolly

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I, honestly, don't know Robb's taste in rides are, but I'd suspect it has to Verbolten (13 knockoff) ((again, no offense Busch Gardens Williamsburg as you are an amazing park with an amazing staff and have an amazing collection of themed rides))..From an enthusiast's point of view, Leviathan might not make sense at CW, but it looks to be the air time machine to end all air time machines.

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I, honestly, don't know Robb's taste in rides are, but I'd suspect it has to Verbolten


To be honest, I'm quite looking forward to Verbolten. I actually think that ride is exactly what the park is lacking right now. Just like BGT was missing a "Cheetah Hunt", I think BGW is missing a "Verbolten." They don't have much for that 48" group, so this ride should do very nicely for them.


Having said that, I do think a lot of theme park geeks are going to be disappointed because they'll want the next "Griffon" or "Apollo", but I've managed my expectations correctly with that ride.

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Superman at SFDK actually looks like a lot of fun, despite the fact that it'll probably have exponentially more downtime than running time in 2012. If I had to go with a ride that really isn't making my excite-o-meter spike, it's probably Wild Eagle, although I still think it'll be a good ride, and the fact that it's at Dollywood just makes it better by default. Verbolten could be hit or miss, it all depends on what type of effects happen inside the building.

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I'm not sure if it counts because it is a relocated ride but Stinger at Dorney.


I don't have a problem with relocated rides if they are good rides like Chang/Green Lantern but after getting an impulse coaster that has a lot of down time, a 1st gen freefall that is rough when there was already a modern drop tower in the park and now this coaster, I would rather have seen it not be relocated to the park, not to mention it is another vertical shuttle coaster so even though it is different than an impulse, they are still too close in ride type for me to be installed one after another.


Plus throw in the bad history the ride has and the problems the other models have had and that the park lost a great Anton looper and this is the replacement is bad. One of the press releases said it was $10 million investment. A new GCI could have been built for less and would have been a better fit for the park. It also has a 52" height requirement and the last thing Dorney needed was another coaster with a high requirement. Of the 7 non kiddie coasters, 2 are 48", 2 are 52" and 2 are 54"


I know it could be said the ride isn't overrated because it's a boomerang which usually aren't that popular with enthusiasts (inverted or not) but the general opinion seems to be positive for the ride except for those that have Dorney as a local park and that's why I think it is overrated.

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Wild Eagle.


I just don't get what's so amazing about it. I'm not saying it looks like a bad ride, but when I look at it I just see a pretty ordinary layout with winged trains. I don't know if it's getting so much hype because it's at Dollywood or because it's plopped on top of a mountain, but it didn't make me want to go to Dollywood anymore than I did before it was announced.


SkyRush is a close second. Again, I don't think it looks bad, and I'm sure being an Intamin it'll ride great, but it still looks like an ordinary hyper to me, with seats that are like sitting on the outside of a B&M 4-across train.


But for Robb's most over rated, maybe Transformers at USH?

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Every single Windseeker/Starflyer. When SFDK opened Sky Screamer, I made my way over there the first week it opened. I waited 45 minutes.


I probably won't be riding again for a long time.


For Robb's opinion, I might go with 11 Inversion Coaster in China.

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If you can guess which ride is on the top of my list, I *might* send you a bag-o-crap!


Acyually, you live for rollercoasters, and I believe that there is not a single one for 2012 that you not look forward to ride.

Oh, that's about the biggest line of crap ever!


I live for women too, but I wouldn't bang every single one of them. (ok, I would, but I'd have to really get really liquored up for some!)

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