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Best and Lamest Coaster "Ending"

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A few of my favorites are...


- Nitro's Ravine drop into the brakes.

- Runaway Mine Train's last turn on the lake.

- Jokers Jinx's final corkscrew.

- Expedition Everest's yeti! (when it still worked, that is...)

- Volcano's last roll and the plunge into the darkness!


As for my least favorites, I'd say...


- Great Bear's meandering turns after the cork

- Rebel Yell's ear-piercing tunnel

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Raging Bull's figure-8 ending

The Beast's insane double helix

Phoenix's bunny hops of airtime

Gemini's helices, which are a bit forceful

River King Mine Train's tunneled drop

Seabreeze's Jack Rabbit's tunneled drop

Darien Lake's RoS' last three hills of airtime

Phantom's Revenge's entire section next to the station to the end

Villain's double up into the brakes

Big Bad Wolf's second half

The Voyage's pass through the queue line under the station to the end




Adventure Express

Dorney's Thunderhawk with that brake right before the ending

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Carolina Cyclone- crazy hella forceful helix.

Vortex (Kings Island)- forceful helix with laterals.

Afterburn- sudden Corkscrew into a death helix.

Wild One- messed up unbanked helix.

Flight of Fear/Joker's Jinx- Corkscrew into the brakes.

Magnum XL-200- violent airtime then a little bit after the initial brake run.

Beast- beastly helix followed by an airtime hill.



Great Bear- pointless rolling around til you get close enough to the station.

Adventure Express- gotta love terrain coasters that go too far down to make it back to the station.

Mantis- ridiculous amount of pointless banking changes that hurt.

Batwing/Firehawk- double in-line twists that shuffle real bad with a boring-ass helix.

Volcano- you're expecting something exciting... nope. Just brakes.

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Manta- Love that splashdown effect

Tatsu- Gotta love high helixes

Goliath- Intense helix

Batman clones- Fast corkscrew and turn=intense!

Goldrusher- The helix and hill into the brake run is really fun... while the rest is kind of boring

Roar(SFDK)- Just love the whole ride it never lets up.

That's all i can think of for best.



Colossus SFMM- After the MCBR the ride is pretty boring especially that slow turnaround ( I sware I can walk faster than the ride was going on that turn)

Revolution SFMM- That brake after the tunnel makes the ending slow

California Screamin'- I don't know why but besides the launch the ride bored me

Ghostrider- I was feeling more pain than I was airtime

Pony Express- Let me just say the whole ride is pointless!

Xcelerator- Those two overbanked turns again I find pointless

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Mindbender- Loop into tunnel into turn into brakes!

Flight of Fear- Awesome hangtime

Cornball Express- Best moment of airtime ever into lateral filled turn!

Beast- Only good part of the ride...

Whizzer- Low to the ground helix of death!!!

Patriot- The transition from the helix to the brakes provides amazing airtime!

Prowler- Triple down until crazy turns!

Dahlonega Mine Train/Carolina Goldrush- Scary airtime drop!

Montu- Trenches!

Nighthawk/Firehawk- Zero-gravity roll

Tony Hawk's Big Spin/Spinning Dragons- Airtime into tight helix

Legend- Four corners!

Mystery Mine- HANGTIME!



Adventure Express- You will pay...

Racer- Lets waste a couple hundred feet of track that could be used for airtime and make it a mile long brake run..

Magnum- The random high turns after the brakes make me lol

Gemini- Ouch

GASM(SFOG)- SLAM into the brakes

SheiKra/Diamondback- Oooooo water!!!

Voyage- Best coaster ever but the ending kinda hurts

Mad Mouse(MA)- WTF


Boss- Hills with no airtime


All I can think of as of now...

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I don't know why everyone is saying Adventure Express has the worst ending. It's so full of cheesy pointlessness, it comes full circle from bad to awesome.


When I was on it this summer, I was super confused, but was laughing my butt off and loving every minute of it.


I think you just answered your own question.

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Best (no particular order):

Superman: Ride of Steel @ Six Flags America

Batwing @ Six Flags America

Volcano @ Kings Dominion

Apollo's Chariot @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Backlot Stunt Coaster @ Kings Dominion



Shockwave @ Kings Dominion

Wild One @ Six Flags America

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Worst endings.......


-Medusa SFMW


Six Flags Marine world (now Discovery Kingdom) is my home park, I don't see how Mudusa has one of the worst endings of a roller coaster, sure the loops and stuff get smaller near the end but that last loop seems to be banked quite a bit and it rushes blood into my head every time.


I think Kong or Tony Hawks Big spin ( both at the same park) have worser endings then Medusa.. Though Kong is the worst rollercoaster I been on.

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I have to agree that the worst ending ever for a coaster is the Adventure Express at Kings Island. You go up the final lift hill surrounded by big ass things that look like they are banging on drums and once you go over the top, the ride is done. As bad as an ending it has, its hilarious going through it. I laugh so hard everytime I ride it and have tears rolling down my cheeks. As for best coaster ending, I will have to think about it for a while.

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Batman The Ride Clones: never ending speed till the end plus insane backseat g-forces on the corksrews (almost lost a shoe )

SWSDJourney To Atlantis: banking drop, unbraked blockbrakes, banked curve, unacceptable ammount of wetness splashdown

Gold Rusher: ending helix is classic

Top Gun (Flight Deck ) CGA: corkscrew followed by near 90 degree banking turn into brake run

Magnum XL 200: airtime hills



Blue Streak: airtime pop makes it worth while

Vortex CGA: the ride never lets up and the final corkscrew is a bit of a surprise

Terminator The Ride: flythrough followed by dipping curves makes it a great exprience



Tatsu: Yay midcourse braking....WHAT! ITS OVER?!

Ninja: Chain to station !yay!

Deja Vu: sure make us sit in a painful postion as you slowly lower us into the station

Goliath SFMM: SO much speed wasted in the midcourse brakerun...it ruins the second half of the ride

Superman The Escape: what happened to my 6 seconds of weightlessness?



X2: bad raven turn and wasted speed


Disaster Transport: We've arrived...IN ALASKA

Scream: Rattley Mirror Clone Parking Lot Coaster With No Theme...yeah

Demon CGA: painful ending helix

Grizzly CGA: Voted Worst Roller Coaster In the World 15 Years IN A ROW! Need I Say More?

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Although I have not ridden many coasters:

Best: Nemesis! OMG Another Inversion!

Rita: Crazy Airtime!

Grand National: We're Winning!!!!!! Yes We Won!!!!

Valhalla: Not a coaster I know but FIRE!!!

Rage: Quick Twist into Helix!


Worst: Infusion: Ouch!!! Thank God it's Over!

Green Scream: Now I know that lots of Naked people Have rode it I'm not riding that Pointless Rattler Again.

Dragon: Ooooo Another Lifthill~ Oh Hello Station.

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•Miler Wild Mice-Scary @ss headchopper followed by tight helix.

•Giovanola hypers-Even going really slow, those helicies are intense.

•Intamin 10 loopers-All b-rolls!

•DLRP BTM-Twisty, fast and DARK!

•Arrow suspended coasters-You're WHIPPED into the brakes!

•Coasters with splashdowns-Matterhorn, B&M divers, etc.

•DLR Space Mountain-I still can't predict when it's the last turn to the left.

•Coasters that end in tunnels.

•Gold Rusher-Boring until the OMFG helix!



•Lakeside Cyclone-Just kind of boring; no forces, no air...

•Any coaster with lifts at the end.

•Twister II at Elitch's-The finale's okay, but it brakes too hard.

•Zamperla Volares-Evil, EVIL things...

•SLCs with no bonus helix.

•Santa Monica's coaster-BOOORING!

•Adventure Express-So corny, it's almost good!

•Shuttle coasters-It's just the same thing backwards...

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I don't understand the complaint of a chainlift at the end of a coaster. The coaster ends AT THE BOTTOM. The lift doesn't count as part of the end of the ride. All the talk about Adventure Express, nobody seems to consider that while yeah, maybe it fakes a lot of people out, once you know what's up, I consider all the whacky theming on the lift to be the finale. That ride is fantastic up to that point, and wouldn't you all be complaining if it was just a plain naked lift at the end? Come on. At least they dressed it up, and did a great job at that. And finally, would you all rather walk back to the station? The lift is doing your legs a favor. (sorry for the rant. I have this arguement with my friends a lot. haha)


Best ending, Texas Giant, Voyage, The Beast, Cyclops


Worst: Alpengeist, Mean Streak, Frontier City Wildcat, Rattler

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