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  1. What is everybody thinking about the mazes this year for Haunt? I'm seeing mixed reviews.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to plan a trip to Carowinds and I wasn't sure if I wanted to the last weekend of this month or the first weekend of SCarowinds. While looking up the prices for SCarowinds, I noticed that you have to pay for tickets to specifically attend SCarowinds, and they aren't valid during the day? Is this correct? I'm from VA (work Haunt at KD actually) and I don't get to go to Carowinds often so I was hoping to spend the day doing the rides and then do the mazes at night. Do you really have to pay separate admission for the Haunt part?
  3. Loved the captions, as always. Glad you had a good time! Come back and see us again in Zombie High.......
  4. ^ Not really breaking character. We're told to use names to our advantage if we can.
  5. Has anyone been to Haunt and have any thoughts on it? I'm a monster this year and I'm curious to hear what people think.
  6. I have yet to go through Dinosaurs Alive. Is it worth the upcharge?
  7. I went to the park on Thursday and I was able to get two rides in on Verbolten but I got the wolf cycle both times. What are the other two cycles you can get? I know you can get storm because my friends who rode like two trains after me got storm. But what is the third cycle?
  8. Yep, several times Have you been to more than 25 states in the USA?
  9. I think this is a fantastic move on Kings Dominion's part. The wait times for Volcano can grow tediously long, no matter what time of year it is.
  10. Last year at Kings Dominion, I was going through the Doll Factory and a scareactor got overheated and the fog had completely covered the maze and everybody was evacuated. The scareactors just stood and pointed to the nearest emergency exit. It was neat, but this shows that they can and will get you out if something is wrong.
  11. Can't wait for this weekend! I'm planning on going to Haunt Saturday night. I would go Friday but the whole vampire thing kind of turned me away... Anyway, I'm hoping this will be a great year. Hoping to see some improvements in mazes such as Camp Killauee, Asylum, and Slaughterhouse. Has anybody seen any decorations for Cornstalkers and/or Outbreak?
  12. Anybody here play Facebook games? I play a lot, so if you do play actively, send me a PM!
  13. So true. It really irritates me when parents do that. Howl-O-Scream, especially this year, is not meant for young children. It really isn't. And all the comments about Fiends on BGW's Facebook page are hilarious because so many people just don't bother reading signs. "Oh, it's Busch Gardens the family park, nothing there will be scary or risque!" It's ridiculous what expectations some people for how HOS needs to be family-friendly.
  14. Quick opinions of the HOS activities from opening night... SHOWS: ====== (JACK IS BACK) - 5/10 Very cheesy but "cute", I guess you could say. Lots of dancing with loud explosion-like noises. Definitely could've been better, but at the same it could've been worse too. (MONSTER STOMP REVAMPED) - 8/10 MSR was very impressive. It was the first time I've ever seen Monster Stomp and I was just in awe after it was over. Those were some amazing moves the actors and actresses were doing, and the two lead singers were actually pretty good. I would probably be willing to see the show again if I had the time. (FIENDS) - 4/10 To be completely honest, the only redeeming quality Fiends had was the hot nurses. I mean, HOT. But still, the show itself was terrible. Partially, I suppose, because it was focused on the nurses. That's ok, but it didn't really work that well. SCARE ZONES: ============ (STITCHIN' TIME) - 6/10 I was nervous going into Stitchin' Time because its theme just creeps me out. But during our journey through, the scareactors really weren't scaring, but just walking around aimlessly. The theming was decent. I believe that this is a scare zone you need to walk through at night in order to get the full effect of it. (WIDOW MAKERS) - 8/10 I do not like spiders whatsoever, but I felt the focus of the zone was more on the chainsaw-wielding maniacs. Am I the only one who feels that they don't really fit into a scare zones themed to spiders? Regardless, they did a good job with scares. Honestly, it was the best scare zone of the night. (UNLEASHED) - 5/10 Although it was set up in a nice style that would make for some great scares, I think I only saw one or two scareactors during the whole walk. With some more actors, Unleashed would have been a great zone in my opinion. (SCAVENGERS) - ??? It had just started to rain when we went through Scavengers and there were no actors so I'm not going to rate this one since there was no experience to base it off of. (GRIN AND SCARE IT) - 7/10 Given that I am terrified of clowns, I was expecting to be screaming like a girl going through Grin and Scare It. Instead, I was just focused on getting the clowns to scare another member of my party. Although the zone was pretty good, it would without a doubt have been the best one if it covered all of Festa Italia. I don't like the safe zones. HOUSES: ======= (BITTEN) - 7/10 Bitten was the first maze we did, right when it opened. We were the third group to go through. I must say, the maze was much better than last year. I jumped a few times and even screamed once. It was very dark despite the daylight outside. Decent theming combined with a good crew of actors made Bitten a great maze. (CATACOMBS) - 8/10 I definitely screamed a lot in here. Like Bitten, it was much, much better than last year and it was a lot longer too. They did a great job with the lighting and scenery and it was very eerie. The actors did a fantastic job and Catacombs was probably my favorite maze. (13: YOUR NUMBER'S UP) - 6/10 After exiting, I was really impressed with 13. At first. Then as I pondered on it, I realized that it really wasn't that great. The whole idea was really neat and they put a lot of effort into it, but the actors didn't do much for it and some of the rooms were just absolutely terrible (the bat room, for example). Also, the death room just felt like too much of a cheap gimmick. Not a great house, but definitely not the worst of the night. (DEAD LINE) - 6/10 The reason I'm giving Dead Line a six is because of the theming. It's absolutely spectacular. I'm talking the best scenery I have ever seen in a maze at any park. Simply amazing. However..... the actors did a terrible job of backing it up. I'm hoping that during our journey through the actors were on a break or something because there just weren't very many. The subway room was terrific, though, and reminded me a lot of The Doll Factory's finale at KD last year. (FEAR FAIR) - 3/10 Pathetic maze to sum it up. The scenery was ok, I'll give it that, but the crew was awful. They just stood around and did nothing. This was the last maze we did, around 9pm, so perhaps the actors were just tired and losing their game. Whatever it was though, the maze was terrible. And I'm terrified of clowns. ------- To sum everything up, HOS opening night 2011 was great. It was much better than previous years. Though I might not return this year (as I'd rather go to Haunt at KD), BGW did a really nice job with the event, and I'm hoping that the lackluster crews will get better as they get more practice throughout the season. Thanks for reading!
  15. I was at the park nearly all day on Wednesday. I must say, I am rather unimpressed with Mach Tower. It's just... not that great. I've ridden only a few drop towers (KD, Carowinds, and BGW) and even Carowinds' drop tower is better than BGW's, in my opinion. The "surprise" at the top of the tower was pretty good though. I thought it was another aftershock!!
  16. XBox 360 (I have both and I used to love the PS3 but after the outage a few months ago, I switched to 360) Super Mario Bros. or Legend of Zelda?
  17. Awesome! I am a huge fan of Haunt at KD, so hopefully Scarowinds will be just as good, if not better.
  18. Is Scarowinds a good event? My family and I are thinking about heading to Carowinds for a day or two (on the weekend, of course) for Scarowinds but we want to make sure that it is actually good. Our home park is Kings Dominion so exactly what should we be expecting?
  19. I'm hoping to go to the park at the end of the next week! I cannot wait to ride Mach Tower, but to be honest I doubt it will be better than Drop Tower at KD.
  20. No PS3? I don't have a 360 yet, but I hope to get one by Christmas.
  21. First section of pictures, second to last photo. I'm on the left side in the red shirt. It was in line for Catacombs. I saw you taking the picture and I'm like "Oh my gosh oh my gosh that's Chuck from TPR!". (I've lurked here for a while)
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