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Best and Lamest Coaster "Ending"

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Best Endings:

Top Gun (AKA Flight Deck) - California's Great America. A very tight flat spin followed by a tight helix just "inches" off the water.


Gemini - Cedar Point

Also a really intense helix finale.


The Beast - Kings Island

Who would have thought a very large double helix would be some damn intense!


Worst Endings:

Mean Streak - Cedar Point

It just sorta ended - no drama - with a big waste of real estate ending with a brake heavy "drop" into the station.


Since I don't like to go negatives - that's all I can think of!

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Okay, now it's time for me to name what I think is the best and lamest Coaster "Endings".


Okay, here are my top picks for the coasters with the best endings:

#5 - The Rebel Yell at Kings Dominion - The tunnel at the end is always satisfying.

#4 - The Matterhorn at Disneyland - After passing that Yeti ,how about that splashdown in the end?

#3 - Space mountion at Magic Kingdowm - Just before you reach the station, you pass through a blast tunnel.

#2 - Loch Nech Monster at Busch Gardens Europe - After the tunnel and one more lift hill, you got one more loop to go thought before reaching the station, and finally . . .

#1 - The Beast at Kings Island - After the second lift hill and the double Helix, you are just glad to be back at the station.


And now my picks for the coasters with the lamest endings:

#5 - Superdooperlooper at Hersheypark - I love this ride, but after that single loop, you just ride around until you arrive back at the station.

#4 - Ricochet at Kings Dominion - Great beginning, but terrible ending.

#3 - Volcano at Kings Dominion - It's a great ride, but you stop inside the volcano and there is nothing? Come on, you guys, we stopped inside the volcano: couldn't we just have some cool lava effects with a fake lava stream just below us as we head back into the station?

#2 - NInja at Magic Mountain - After weaving and twisting through other rides, we get to the lift hill and we will now . . . head back into the station. Wow, what a ending. And finally . . .

#1 - Adventure Express at Kings Island - The final lift hill was cool, until we found out that instead of the latest threat we have to ride through, we are back into the station. Wow, who was the mastermind who thought this up? I can see why he gets the big bucks.


"You typed enought already, so please come to bed. I miss you.

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Intimidator305(fanboy alert!)- Two airtime hills right into an intense S-turn, AWESOME!


Apollo's Chariot- That last dive into the ravine gets me every time.


Big Bad Wolf- Awesome drop to the water to almost ninety degrees is always enjoyable, you will never be forgotten.





Great Bear- While I love the ride, the final flat track to the station is pretty boring.

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For me the best is definitely Intimidator 305, Mystery Mine, and Expedition Everest. Seeing the yeti when it was actually working was AWESOME!


As far as the worst go, Intimidator @ Carowinds is really lacking an ending, which which is a disappointment because the first half is incredible, then after the MCBR its just flat out boring. Even with the terrible ending, it is still in my overall top-10 though.

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Best: Silver Bullet. Relative to the rest of the roller coaster which is pretty meh, the helix is pretty forceful and probably the best part of the ride!


Worst: Revenge of the Mummy USH--Your souls are mine, bright lights, then there's warehouse like tunnel which you have to wait in for like 5 minutes because of the HORRIBLE stacking.

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Oh my god, new worst:


SFOG's Mind Bender this year. I didn't think it was possible to have a more forceful stop than GASM's. It stops so hard on the brakes that the back car isn't even on the brake track, and they fully stop not even 25% of the way down the brakes (this is on a two-train ride - not like they need room for a third).

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Worst: Alpengeist, Mean Streak, Frontier City Wildcat, Rattler



Alpen is bad with the ending although it has two rolls in it. What kills it for me is the transition to the block brake just before those. Everytime I head up into it I prepare to have my head discombobulated

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I I will agree with what was previously mentioned about Silver Bullet with it having a really good ending, but I feel it's only by default. I rode Top Gun at CGA earlier this month, and that, compared to Silver Bullet just made me think..."What the f@$# happened to B&M?" Silver Bullet has no force going through the whole course save for the helix, and Batman & Top Gun have grey-out forces throughout.


End Rant

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Adventure Express is the lamest for me, but with a caveat.


The first time I rode it was last summer. The ending was beyond cheesy and I knew what to expect from an old Arrow mine ride. This summer, my daughter, six at the time, was tall enough to ride. My little girl's favorite two coasters are Millennium Force and Shivering Timbers, she loves extreme rides. At the end of Adventure Express she was pressed into me as much as she was able, totally freaked out by the "scary" scenery. She could have cared less that nothing happened after the hill, to her it was exciting, just because of the over the top themeing.


It was kind of wake up call, different age groups see things differently.


As for best ending:


The Beast





All of those have excellent finales.

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^Yep, my 8-year-old daughter was so freaked out by the second lift theming she wouldn't ride it a second time that day. This, from a girl who loved three rides each on Diamondback and The Beast during the day and will ride anything without fear (usually).

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Top Gun (Flight Deck) and Grizzly at CGA have good endings. Top Gun has a helix over the water and Grizzly brakes hard. Hurricane @ Santa Cruz has a good ending, it has a 70 - 80 degree banked helix at the end. Vortex at CGA is lame. It goes up around 25-30 feet going at a slow speed during a boring turn then hits the brakes.

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I think Apocaylpse/Terminator at SFMM has a pretty lame ending. After all that fast turn action, it just goes up and around a turn really slow and just sort of meanders into the brakes.


Big advocate of the final corkscrew on Riddler's Revenge.

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It's not the worst, but Volcano's anti-climactic 70ft drop just isn't a very good finale it all. It's so weak compared to the rest of the ride.


Not necessarily weak, it starts to haul ass and just when you drop into the darkness of the Volcano........WTF brakes!!!! They could have done so much more with that ride kinda like this one....



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May not be the worst or best but endings that suck or let down and rock or remember off the top of my head:


Suck: Adventure Express, Ravine Flyer II, Millennium Force


Rock: Voyage, Phantoms Revenge, Hang breaks on any impulse

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