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  1. What is everybody thinking about the mazes this year for Haunt? I'm seeing mixed reviews.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to plan a trip to Carowinds and I wasn't sure if I wanted to the last weekend of this month or the first weekend of SCarowinds. While looking up the prices for SCarowinds, I noticed that you have to pay for tickets to specifically attend SCarowinds, and they aren't valid during the day? Is this correct? I'm from VA (work Haunt at KD actually) and I don't get to go to Carowinds often so I was hoping to spend the day doing the rides and then do the mazes at night. Do you really have to pay separate admission for the Haunt part?
  3. Loved the captions, as always. Glad you had a good time! Come back and see us again in Zombie High.......
  4. ^ Not really breaking character. We're told to use names to our advantage if we can.
  5. Has anyone been to Haunt and have any thoughts on it? I'm a monster this year and I'm curious to hear what people think.
  6. I have yet to go through Dinosaurs Alive. Is it worth the upcharge?
  7. I went to the park on Thursday and I was able to get two rides in on Verbolten but I got the wolf cycle both times. What are the other two cycles you can get? I know you can get storm because my friends who rode like two trains after me got storm. But what is the third cycle?
  8. Yep, several times Have you been to more than 25 states in the USA?
  9. I think this is a fantastic move on Kings Dominion's part. The wait times for Volcano can grow tediously long, no matter what time of year it is.
  10. Last year at Kings Dominion, I was going through the Doll Factory and a scareactor got overheated and the fog had completely covered the maze and everybody was evacuated. The scareactors just stood and pointed to the nearest emergency exit. It was neat, but this shows that they can and will get you out if something is wrong.
  11. Can't wait for this weekend! I'm planning on going to Haunt Saturday night. I would go Friday but the whole vampire thing kind of turned me away... Anyway, I'm hoping this will be a great year. Hoping to see some improvements in mazes such as Camp Killauee, Asylum, and Slaughterhouse. Has anybody seen any decorations for Cornstalkers and/or Outbreak?
  12. Anybody here play Facebook games? I play a lot, so if you do play actively, send me a PM!
  13. So true. It really irritates me when parents do that. Howl-O-Scream, especially this year, is not meant for young children. It really isn't. And all the comments about Fiends on BGW's Facebook page are hilarious because so many people just don't bother reading signs. "Oh, it's Busch Gardens the family park, nothing there will be scary or risque!" It's ridiculous what expectations some people for how HOS needs to be family-friendly.
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