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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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Pics below Sorry that some are a bit wide, but I couldn't make them much smaller without killing the effect. Visit www.parktrips.com and www.coasterenthusiast.com for more!


Haven't seen one of thse angles yet:



Bunny hills over... well, everything!



I still see you Scorcher!



Attempt-at-a-panorama #1:



Attempt #2:



Yay! Completion 8)



Can you spot the orange track?



The final curve:



Hills all over the place!



Obligatory dirt and mud pic:



Weee! Just 4 1/2 more weeks!


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You can probably get from the plane's gait to the main gate in an hour with public transportation - take the Marta north to 5 Points, hop on the westbound line all the way to the end and take a bus to SF. Of course, I could be very wrong here since I don't ride the trains that often.


Or, by cab, I'd say 20 minutes in transit.

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I said it before, but man I really love the colors! Stands out so well as seen from the front gate!


How far from the Atlanta airport is SFOG anyways? Maybe I can arrange for a nice long layover on my way to Orlando this year.


Click me for directions from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to Six Flags Over Georgia!


As you can see it's pretty short.


I'm hoping to go to SFoG when I'm in the States - but there's that 8 hour drive from Florida!

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I get more and more impressed everytime I see a photo update of the Georgia Goliath. I won't hesitate to say that this one will offer a more fulfilling and satisfying ride than the original Goliath. Every single one of those hills promises airtime. And I don't even need to have ridden it to make that statement.

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Yes, the distance from Hartsfield-SFOG is short. Just to point out about Hartsfield. From what I hear, it's a very bad airport. The immigration and customs are the worst of any US airport and it's the busiest airport in the world! (combined it makes for very slow lines, long lines and painful moments.)

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Unless you try during rush hour it should not take more than 30 minutes to drive from the Airport to Six Flags and it takes about an hour when you use public transportation (MARTA).


I live in the Atlanta area and travel frequently. The Atlanta airport is one of the easiest airports anywhere when it comes to finding your way around. It can get very crowded during peak travel times but most of the time it is not crowded at all and being so big it evens feels a bit empty when it is outside of peak travel time. Customs and Immigration in Atlanta is very straight forward and not nearly as bad as say trying to enter the country through a Texas airport (especialy when you are hispanic). The only times I have had long lines getting through customs and immigration is when I have been unlucky enough to have several international flights land at the same time. The longest I have ever had to wait when coming in from an International flight is 1 hour which is very comparable to what I have experienced elsewhere and much shorter than the nightmare 2.5 hour ordeal I experience in Tokyo last September or being rejected by Chinese immigration while trying to enter Hong Kong due to my passport being damaged. Most of the time it is smooth sailing as there is plenty of capacity.

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