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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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Its seems as if the helix is at 180 degrees and could go alittle bit further tommorow but im not for sure how things will work out. Also reported seeing steel taking inside of the park for non-coaster construction. Probalbly station work.


Ill get you guys pics tommorow. Dont worry, ill crop the pictures down to a reasonable size unlike some people.

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Not saying the ride wont be great but I have just been totally pissed off by seeing that trim inbetween the Helix and the bunnyhop . Why does every one of they're hyper coasters have to have trims I thought B&M were suppose to be excellent designers yet they can't even design a hypercoaster without taming it. I just don't understand how they're loopers can go untamed but there hypers all have trims can anyone explain this to me.


Anyways not trying to turn this into a B&M rant

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Seem like sometrack has been added to goliath or atleast thats what i heard from Silent J If you look closely you can see the the helix is just a hair short of 540 degress now.


No track onsite but supports for the fourth were laying on the ground. The big crane was having mud problems as well.


See goliath, Sheikra doesnt get all the love.

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If I can honestly state my opinion here for a second, this ride doesn't really captivate my interest much as I know it'll just be another typical SF coaster. At least there is landscaping around it this time and not just a parking lot.


Regardless, a new B&M is a blessing and I'll definitely ride it if I am at SFoG. This year, it's all about Black mamba at Phantasialand.

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I'm more excited about Six Flags coasters this year than I was last year. The two Goliaths, El Toro and Tatsu have got me much more interested than Kingda Ka ever did.


I'm gutted about missing this ride by only a few days, but I'm sure that Six Flags Over Georgia will be on the menu for a trip to this US someday.

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