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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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Hey! Hey!


November is being very very good to me, so far! October ended with nearly $40 won on two tickets (!).


Now I'm starting out with (what I call) a Double-Double Win! Only four bucks. But there's still the night's main draw.

And in these past couple of weeks, I have won $5 here and there, for matching two cards of five drawn. Awesome!


So yeah! Happy! Happy!


Two pairs = $2 ~ Double the Two Pairs = $4 Nice.

But a Full House x 2 would have freek'd me! (o:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Woo Hoo! I just realized, that the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming from Tokyo Disney Resort, in May 2018, is exactly

three years since I quit smoking.....tobacco. And since things sometimes work out in my life in 3's,

as well as our birth years popping up here and there, this is a perfect fit - and will be an extremely happy gift

(the Announcement) to receive, when that time period arrives.



My birth year ~ Western Railroad ~ Tokyo Disneyland 2013.


David's birth year ~ Ratatouille ~ WDS, Paris 2015.


My birth year ~ Tokyo DisneySea 2013.

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^ Darn, you're doing better on your sports bets,

than I am on my Poker Lotto tickets, LOL! Good going!


EDIT: Dec.22 - Well, it only took a day or so. But I bought two scratch tickets, today.

For two bucks each. Scratched them both and matched enough for.......$14 total WIN!


So I spent $4, and gained $10.


2 Santa's Sleigh scratch tickets paid off nicely, here.

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Bought a few last-of-the-year lottery tickets.... and so....?


Spent only $10 for my Poker Lotto ticket and two scratch. But I had to get different scratch tickets as the Xmas ones

were all bought out. At least, where I bought these ones. So I picked out 2 of the new "Year of The Dog" series tix.


Poker Lotto gave me instant #2 + One scratch gave me $8 + The other, $2 = $14 won for my $10 spent.


Not bad. Not great, either. But all little wins are still good wins. Happy New Year Everybody!

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Only during the 40 or so hours a week they pay me to be, Bert


that's very cool. . never realized you were a Cop.


takes a certain kind of person to do that. . thank you for serving the community!

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I love it!


Won $14 on previous tickets, that allowed me to buy a couple of new ones.


And now I just won $15 on the combination of the Poker Lotto ticket and my new scratch ticket...





Won $10, on one of these!

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