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The "Happiness Pie" Thread


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Although it's been a weird week, today was not the most worstest day.


--Got paid. (Payday is Friday, and checks come in on Thursday, but I found out mine was mailed. It was given to my mail carrier on Friday for delivery on Friday, but only came in today, because God-knows-why.)

--I'm getting a new credit card!!!

--My cousin, who's a writer, shared an article on Twitter. I clicked because I knew there was a good chance he wrote it. It turns out his 14-year-old daughter wrote the article, which is super-extra awesome!

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Funny story from yesterday during a brief trip to Busch Gardens. I was sitting the front row of Montu, so while I was waiting to dispatch, I decided struck up a conversation with the girl next to me. What follows is an *almost* exact play-by-play.


Me: You ever done this before? (best conversation starter ever btw)

Girl: Oh yeah, tons of times. I don't live in Florida, but I come down here every year or so just to ride this. It's my favorite coaster ever.

Me: Yeah, it's definitely one of the better B&Ms out there.

Girl: ...I'm sorry, did you just say B&M?

Me: ...yeah, sorry. It's the manufacturer of this coa...

Girl: I know!

Me: YOU DO?!


And so we geeked out for like 10 minutes after we exited about everything coaster related. First enthusiast I've ever met at a park. Win.

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Gonna do - Some Bar Bi Queue - very very soon.


I'm starting to salivate, since we're going for the MEMPHIS FEAST..... a bit of everything.


I had to post this somewhere!!!!

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Not as often as I would like it to happen, but....


And I won a FREE TICKET on another Sushi Bar Bucks ticket I bought! (o:

And omgomgomgOMG I just bought a $2 ticket and won $10!!!

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^Congrats to you for that! I'm getting only 400$Cdn back, but it's better than paying The Government, right?

I also won another bunch of $$ from my current Poker Lotto scratch tickets, too! Woo hoo for that!

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(After an amaaaaazing local restaurant meal...)


French Cooking Rawks!!! Time and time again!


Where we just ate... a couple of blocks from our home... http://www.bistroabsinthe.com/


EDIT: And I reserved myself a solo dinner, while David's away for most of the evening, in early May, woo hoo!

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Today I was offered, and accepted, a promotion! Downside is that I will have 8 weeks of mandatory training this summer that totally screws with my vacation plans...good news is it's a much better job and a significant pay raise. So not so many coasters this year, but more money for coasters later!

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Whew! My new monthly "lower Income" was deposited into my bank account today...and it's not too bad!

This is from turning 65 back at the end of March. Pension and Old Age Security do change. But...


Less than a couple of hundred dollars difference between what I was getting, and what I get now!



Not a windfall, but much MUCH better than what I was expecting.

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