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SFNO/Jazzland Discussion Thread

P. 50: New Orleans seeking redevelopment proposals for SFNO site

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It also costs a lot more to move a wooden coaster. Texas Cyclone was heavily considered by a park now building another wooden coaster but the costs were really high.


The Texas Cyclone would have to be redesigned if moved from the ground up to bring it up to current codes that had been grandfathered since it was built.

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Heres the problem with many of the parks you are suggesting, they are for sale. SFI isn't going to add a ride to a park that is potentially for sale. It would be a complete waste of money.


The most probable place this thing is going is SFA. Why? There are a few reasons.


1) The park was screwed over with Batwing and SFI never completed their deal of adding a new coaster every year until 2004.


2) The Sea Coaster is being removed, creating a lot of space.


3) SFA is Shapiro's "baby"


4) The park needs a new attraction to bring in attendance. That place is EMPTY.

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^Not gonna happen. A new B:TR has zero marketability at a park that already has an SLC. No offense, but not even the Six Flags brass are dumb enough to install a five inversion inverted coaster in a park that already has one. I mean, how many new guests would the ride draw at SFA?


The answer: few to none. Think about it, and try again.

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Knowing Six Flags, they might just let it rot in a parking lot somewhere. That's what happened to all of Astroworld's rides, Zonga/Thriller/Tornado, and Greased Lightning


Are you guys stupid? It is going to be moved to Six Flags over asphalt, along with every ride from astroworld still in a parking lot!


I find it funny that everyone "knows" Six Flags, and they see this ride being neglected or sold, or rebuilt over asphalt...at this point even Six Flags doesn't know Six Flags. Those rides were old and unmarketable, and had little or no book value with the costs of maintenance and replacement parts being what they are. This is a B&M which can easily get replcement parts/trains, and offers a great, reliable ride and lots of appeal to guests.


The new management is a complete and total wild card. They are trying new things and doing things differently. Who knows, we may see something completely unexpected happen to this ride.

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^^Did you read the entire thread?


What about all the SF parks that have 7 inversion Arrow Multi Loopers, then got a B&M 7 inversion multi looper?


The GP is stupid, they'll see a coaster that is a different color has TWO vertical loops (SLC has none!) and think it's completely different.

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^They don't need to scrap it for parts, it's a B&M! B&M has plenty of spare parts and is a major company.


It was getting harder and more expensive to find parts for the old Schwarzkopfs, hence the scrapping some of them for parts.

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Well SFMW could use something with a bit of force, they should rip out what seems to be the slowest SLC ever and replace it with the SFNO Batman, It would give them some draw over PGA as well


Think I said something similiar a few pages back, can't remember the last time I've seen Kong running 2 trains, and have seen it broken down more than not, which seems to be happening more and more every year. There are rumours that we'd be getting 3 used rides for the SFDK remodel (2 dry, 1 wet), sure hope this is one of em!

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My bet is SFFT. Despite the fact they are getting a new coaster this year, it attracts alot of vacationers, and alot of non-coaster enthusiasts dont know the difference between Great White and Batman. Alot of people dont go research this kind of stuff. And they only have 7 coasters, vs SFA with 9.

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B&M could melt it down and make a good hyper out of it.



If you believe in such things, only God could melt down a BTR and then have enough to build a Hyper!


Oh wait, some here do think B+M are god.


Of course B&M could make a hyper using the steel from a Batman clone, the world's shortest hypercoaster. Think about it.


Lift Hill > Bunny Hop > Brake run.


Damn. How's that for marketable?

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How would it make sense to move it to SFFT? Seaworld has a BTR clone right down the road.

I said basically the same thing, but a friend pointed out that SW also has a river rapids ride, a log flume, and a water park, all generically like the ones at FT.


From the standpoint of local competition and trying to 'lure' people to FT, having BTR would make one less reason for someone to go to SW instead of FT.


Course, I'm a bit biased... I live in SA and I "live" at FT. And I would love to have a B&M Inverted at the park!

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