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SFNO/Jazzland Discussion Thread

P. 50: New Orleans seeking redevelopment proposals for SFNO site

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So what is the status of SFNO? I've been wondering about this for a while but can't find anything more current then the end of 2006. Has anyone gotten in and checked things out lately and is B:tR finally out?


Been seriously considering heading out that way to check out the remain's of the park or if anything has been done with it. Curse this fasination with abandoned parks!

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Yea I guess u r right we can all just dream now.


Now that I think about it I honestly don't think I even saw the Batman in the park when we passed by! When I really think about It does kinda seem bizarre of them opening up the park after it has been sitting there for practically two years just rotting and deteriorating from all the water and wind damage.


I never went to the park and I really never found out about it until about a year after Katrina. I wish I coulda gone but I didnt. I really wish I could go down there now and walk through the park and see all the damage for myself.


To me it seems like more than scenery could have been salvaged but then again with all the rust and electrical damage, I see why more stuff wasnt able to be.


It is horrible what all the people in New Orleans had to go through! I mean for us, Six Flags being destroyed is a bad thing but it does not even come close to comparing to the life loss and the homes destroyed. When we went down there it was still unbelievable the amount of damage. There were interstate exits still closed, there was still tons of buildings damaged really bad, and then there are just piles and piles of steel scrap sitting in parking lots of buildings that are damaged and still boarded up. Hopefully New Orleans will have a good outcome in the next few years. I really hope they can get the city cleaned up and back running really good again. As for Six Flags maybe they can sell the land to a different amusement company that can build an even better park for the city.

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There is no way to get close enough to get pics from inside except on the service rode to the back of the park and even then you can only realy see realy see Megazeph.


I also posted photos here of batman being taken apart. Guess you might find the post by doing a search for SFNO since anytime i post about it that is always in the subject.

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No, I would have to get SFI's permission to publicly display them online and of course they will not .


I generally show them to some folks at special coaster events. If you ever see me at one, I would be happy to show them to you.

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Actually there is one. It was aparently released for a news segment done when the GM of SFNO went to SFA. I need to find it and post it here. Of course the photo i post is mine, but it is cropped down to only show what the other news article photo showed.

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Calcajun, I understand that you arent allowed to post the pics without SFI's permission; and I wouldnt want you to get in trouble for posting them. But can you or somebody else explain why posting the pics of the park are such a big deal, and why you would have to get permission to post your own pics?


Not sure if I worded that how I was thinking but that should do. lol

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I didn't think this really merited its own thread:


MegaZeph from the treeline looks to be in an alright shape.


Jester looked to be fading pretty badly.


You can see the S&S tower in the background.


...and also the skycoaster (I never went to the park so I don't know the names)


MegaZeph looked like it was a pretty decent ride.


As you can tell the weather was about to get pretty bad so we couldn't stay too long.


More of MegaZeph


Not the best picture-taking weather, but I'm glad I got to see the park.


Because of the trees, you could barely see Zydeco Scream (boomerang)


One way...




Thanks for reading.

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Channel 6 is doing a series of reports called lost landmarks. Tonight they did their first one on SFNO.

I figured as usual we would not hear anything new.

They said the usual stuff about SFI locked into a tight lease contract and the city will hold SFI to it and like many others they are in a legal battle with Insurers to get paid off.

Well, that means nothing cause SFI does not want it and they certainly will buy out or whatever necessary to get out of it.


Something that was eluded to about 6 months ago was finally revealed in this report.


"Local buissiness leaders are looking into buying out SFNO and putting in a waterpark"

But don't expect an announcement ANYTIME SOON.


Thats it. Guess this will be on the channel 6 website by tomorow.

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As most errbody already knows the bulk of Batman pieces parts now sit at SFFT.

As of today they are still working on dismantling the Queue House. Sometimes Queue houses are left behind but i suspect since this ride is suported higher than the rest, and this house is tall, very large and metal, they are saving money by moving it with the rest of the ride.









In other areas the Parking lot is now clear of all Fema trailers. Only area being gaurded is the back entrance.










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