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  1. Thunderhead at Dollywood This past Sunday! http://www.coastergallery.com/2002/Thunderhead.jpg
  2. Mine would be the Wabash Cannonball at Opryland! *Tear rolls down cheek* (Last known sitting in a field rusting away in Indianapolis! One of the trains however is used in a park in Europe as a Halloween decoration.)
  3. Hey guys...I was just going to give yall a small update on what ive heard on the status of the removal of the ride..."ITS STAYIN"...NOT lol...alot of us wish though! But seriously though on the SFOG fan site they have said that the Cobra Roll has beed removed already. Thats all ive heard...ill post more if i hear it or read it on the fan site. Oh yea...does the park in Spain have problems with "Stunt Fall" like the Six Flags parks have had with Deja VU???
  4. Yea as much as I hate to see it go...just because they took out the DejaVU bit in the Thomas Town press release don't really mean anything! Because it has been taken off the ride list and the train has been taken off the track...so that is 2 very good indications to me that they are deffinantly taking it out. But to raise a question...could they have decided to acctually just move DejaVu!?! Reason I say this is because as yall said...they took the DejaVU bit out of the Thomas Town press release(and that does kind of seem strange to me that at first they would say this will replace DejaVU but then just take it out of the press release)...and they could have taken it off the site because it wont be open for the rest of the season, then they would put it back on when they get it rebuilt! What do yall think about this? I'm just trying to look at the optimistic side...I really enjoy the ride and wish they could once and for all fix all of the problems and keep it running on a regular basis. Oh yea and really nothing to do with the removal...but i think some of the reason that it had so many problems is because I think the coaster was almost TOO technical...and I think Vekoma made the Giant Inverted Boomerang much more technically complicated that it really had to be! What do yall think... Oh and one more thing then ill get back on subject...did/does the Stunt Fall (the 4th Vekoma GIB in Spain) have as much trouble as the DejaVu models? Ok back on subject...
  5. I got stuck on the lift of Mindbender at SFOG for about 10 mins and the poor older woman that was running the ride had to climb up all those stairs on the side of the lift and tell us that they had called maintnence. And then Ninja stopped for about 3 mins on the lift while I was on it.
  6. Do you guys think Deja VU will still be up and running (ignore the typical maintnence problems) this coming Sunday, or do yall know if it is already started to be dismanteled. Because I was wanting to ride it one more time before its was taken down and Im going this coming Sunday to SFOG and wasnt sure if it would still be up and running. This is probably a stupid question to ask because yall probably have heard of it, but have yall heard about on the vertical spike when you go backwards that sometimes a harness clicks to another notch (position)? I heard that somewhere, but when I rode it that didnt happen. How often does that happen.
  7. I would say some of my favorite drops would be...Goliath (SFOG), Deja VU, Acro, and Freefall. But thats just a couple...there is others that have pretty good drops too...I like the Boomerang coaster drops also.
  8. Sorry about that Robb...wont let it happen again!!! I agree with you RollerC since MegaZeph's frame is steel the wooden parts wouldnt cost too much to replace! But then again you would have to consider rusting on he steel and it having to be repainted too. But if there is no considerable paint damage it wouldnt be too bad to repaint it!
  9. Hey everyone... Ok I looked through the other topics and searched and everything to make sure this has not been posted but didnt find anything...but if it has been posted...im very sorry for just reposting... But according to this article Six Flags Over Georgia has decided to remove their Deja Vu. Article Site: http://www.sixflags.com/overGeorgia/food/ThomasTown.aspx Article: "September 27, 2007 SIX FLAGS OVER GEORGIA ANNOUNCES NEW CAPITAL FOR 2008 SEASON - ALL ABOARD! Six Flags Over Georgia announced today its new capital plans for 2008. And the big news is that Thomas the Tank Engine, that cheeky, fussy, true blue engine who proudly wears the "#1" on his side as he makes tracks to great destinations on the Island of Sodor, will be rolling into the Southeast's largest theme park for the start of the '08 season. This exciting play area, which will be replacing Deja Vu in the Lickskillet section of the park, is designed to entertain children of all ages, offering kids a train ride on a Thomas the Tank Engine replica that brings guests on a journey through Thomas' mythical home on the Island of Sodor. Sir Topham Hatt, Controller of the Railway, will also be on hand to pose for photos and greet visitors. A Thomas & Friends store located within the play area will feature an assortment of merchandise, including the popular Thomas & Friends die cast trains; adult and children's apparel; storybooks; and other specialty items. Thomas is a Really Useful Engine, though he sometimes gets into scrapes - usually by being over-eager to do things that are best left to bigger and more sensible engines. But clouds never last long in Thomas' world and he's soon bustling about again, playing his part in the yard and on his very own branch line, of which he is extremely proud. At Six Flags Over Georgia, the Thomas the Tank Engine attraction is a replica of Thomas with two passenger trains, Annie and Clarabelle, which can welcome up to 30 passengers at a time to see all the Thomas Town sights. All Aboard! "Thomas the Tank Engine is part of the exciting season we have planned for 2008, when we continue our mission of making the Six Flags brand synonymous with an entertainment experience that delivers for the entire family," said Melinda Ashcraft, Park President of Six Flags Over Georgia. "Parents and children alike will revel in the chance to spend time on Thomas the Tank Engine, and find everything from the ride to favorite characters to photos and merchandise, a unique opportunity that's only available at Six Flags." Marc Schneider, Senior Vice President & General Manager for HIT Entertainment, commented, "Six Flags theme parks have been providing families with quality entertainment for more than 40 years and we're excited to work with them to debut all-new Thomas the Tank Engine play areas. This beloved character has engaged and inspired preschoolers' imaginations for more than six decades, and will certainly offer a rich, exciting world for children and their parents to enjoy as families look for more ways to spend quality time together." Here is where I found this out at... http://www.sfog.net/forums/ Its under the SFOG Discussion thread...and the "Thomas Town 2008" topic. So I you want to ride Deja VU and SFOG...I would go before this season is over...lol. I am...lol.
  10. I liked the ride...it was just a little too loud in my opinion...well the one at SFOG was...but they have taken out the Freefall at SFOG. I think it was removed this past off-season. Off-topic- in place of the Freefall at SFOG I think they need to put 1 or 2 GOOD flat rides or a Vertical Velocity coaster. lol...just thought I would share that with yall...ha
  11. I dont kno if this is a closing for good sign or not...but they did take the Batman out of the park, and they are relocating it to another park (as far as I kno [i read something about it I think]). But in my opinion since Batman was so high off the ground and it was probably the most salvegable ride at SFNO after Katrina, and they had intentions of reopening the park, why would they have took one of the most salvegable rides out of the park??? Its kinda contradictory. It just seems that they woulda kept Batman and gotten rid of the non-salvegable rides. See what I mean. And anyways from what I have read and heard all the flat rides are waste now anyways b/c of the flooding.
  12. WOW 8 hours i think your video said...I wouldnt have the patients at all to do that. Was it worth it?
  13. Oh yea...I forgot about Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Over Georgia and Halfpipe at Six Flags Elitch Gardens
  14. Calcajun, I understand that you arent allowed to post the pics without SFI's permission; and I wouldnt want you to get in trouble for posting them. But can you or somebody else explain why posting the pics of the park are such a big deal, and why you would have to get permission to post your own pics? Not sure if I worded that how I was thinking but that should do. lol
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