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SFNO/Jazzland Discussion Thread

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I just hope it doesn't put DL/BB out of business. DL/BB is a really good park.


Are you serious?


If Jazzland, or especially SFNO, didn't put them out of business, then they're more than secure with what they have. ANY competition that Southern Star Amusement can provide will almost be negligible as they are a start up company, with no proven track record to speak of.


Dixie Landin'/Blue Bayou will be fine no matter what becomes of the old SFNO property.




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Well, I happen to be in the area this weekend and I leave for LA tomarrow so I took a drive around the city to see some of the disruction. We drove by SFNO (I got some pictures off I-10) but 2 of the local small naighborhoods in the area where ruined and only a few houses where being rebuilt. There where still a few cars over turned some houses completely missing. Also I have heared nothing about this other company buying the park or rebuilding it. Exit looked as dead as can be.


My brother sitting next to me had a better camra but its film. When I get the photos ill scan them and upload them if they are any good :)


Hope you all enjoyed!


Another shot of the Zeph.


The Vekoma and drop tower. The drop tower looks good from what I can see im sure most of the damage is done toward the lower parts of the rides.


Mega Zeph... Still seems like it can be refurbished from what I got to see.

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As much as I would like to support SSA, there is a couple things that makes me not take them very seriously.


A. The website looks, how can I say this nicely, crap.

B. Nothing is final yet and they are accepting applications on something they don't have.

C. They basically want to double the park, ride wise. The park was backrupt once. Who knows what Six Flags was doing finacially with it. How are they going to add all those rides and survive with less population and I don't know how tourism is doing.


All I am going to say on this situation. Don't count your chickens before they hatch.

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You know, it's been sad driving past the park at least once a week and seeing Mega Zeph just sitting there begging us to ride him.


It's tough to see, but this is SFNO from my plane back into town 2 weeks ago. You can see the giant parking lot pretty well.

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man I wish someone would jump in the park and take some pics of it. I wanted to but the people I was with arnt really into ammusement parks and said we should just go to the open six flags out here (magic mountain)


P.s. I dont think Mega Zeph will ever be a smooth ride again...

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man I wish someone would jump in the park and take some pics of it. I wanted to but the people I was with arnt really into ammusement parks and said we should just go to the open six flags out here (magic mountain)


Sure......I'll visit you in jail for tresspassing. I would not recomend it! But, suit yourself!


Everything is still where it was before the park was flooded. The merchandise is still on the shelves. Items that weren't touched by water were attacked by mold.


There are ways to make woodies smooth again. Retracking. They can hire companies to come and redo the track.


Now that the Gerstlauer trains are now at Six Flags St. Louis we can acually get PTCs for the Mega Zeph!



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Voting has already begun on voting for Water Slides for the new park. They have a good potential line up for slides.


This is what will be coming later in the week:


Released Monday: Slides

Released Tuesday: Aquaplay

Released Wednesday: AquaSpray

Released Thursday: Waves

Released Friday: ...COASTERS!


Click Here For Slide Choices!


Click Here to Vote for Your Favorite Slides!


Please take the time to register. I don't care if you've never been to the park! We need your imput! Opinions are welcome! We need your ideas!



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I just listened to the radio broadcast, and from what I can see happening with the future of the park itself is what would they do if another storm were to come in off the gulf? I give full credit to southern star for going forward with this project of reopening the park back up and the options that it will be offering.

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So you can predict the weather now huh? Funny because most forecasters can only guess what might happen.


Honestly, I am still not convinced of this group. Honestly this seems like the situation of "counting thier chickens before they hatch".

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There won't be another "major" storm for a long time. The only "major" storm before Katrina, was Betsy. That was almost 40 years ago.


It'll be a while until we get another "major" storm.




You can't guarantee that. Actually, New Orleans is doomed to get hit with another major storm, we just can't predict when. Possibly in 100 years, possibly in 10 years, maybe even this year. Who knows, it could even be worse than Katrina.

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Looking around the site some more, I really don't think this company is legitiment.


Their "About" section consists of this:


Southern Star Amusement Group is simply that, a group, made up of professionals from all walks of life. This includes amusement, finance, marketing, information technology, food services, security engineering and retail sales with a single goal of saving, rebuilding and operating the former Six Flags: New Orleans park. All other information will be released at a later time.


Even the grassroots effort to save Libertyland here in Memphis has some official names backing it. I know this is a different situation, but I really don't think this group is anything more than a group of young adults (or kids).


I really want this park to reopen but the right people need to do it.

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It's run by the people who are making the decisions for the park. It is not a fansite.


It's kinda funny how you think that Southern Star Amusements is run by young adults. Danny is in his 50s. Listen to the WWL interview, and tell me if he sounds young.


Southern Star Amusements is a real company. It maybe hard to grasp the idea, but it's real.



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The issue I have with SSA is that the website seems like something a fan would create. Also, there is nothing but a supposed first step document that signals they want to take it over. The city hasn't agreed to it or Six Flags. And even with a water park, for what SSA has planned, I don't see the area supporting this big of a park. A water park only I can see, but then there becomes the issue of the land. It is below sea level, it will be years before NO protection system would be able to dampen a big storm hitting the area or even just a whole lot of rain would threaten flooding. What will happen when the next big one hits and the park is destroyed and NO population leaves again. I can't blame Six Flags for not rebuilding yet or ever (they say they are commited to the area).


As for the people making the decisions for the park, they are not making decisions for the park yet. They are making decisions for thier idea for the park they would like. They are wanting the park, but don't have it yet.

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There is a radio interview with Danny Roggers and a Councilman from New Orleans.


The man's name is Danny Rogers. If you want to support them, please get his name right.


Now, did anyone listen to the interview? It was a PR blitz and nothing more. Mr. Rogers was out there, on the radio, as a pitchman (tactless), hunting for investors.


As the interview progressed, it was quite obvious that there are NO current investors. That has NOTHING to do with a NDA.


Even the councilman, Arnie Fielkow, had his doubts about SSA and/or the city of New Orleans having sufficient funds to go through with either project (amusement park or sports complex). Though he did say that the city WOULD NOT, be financing either project in any way. It would have to come from private investors.



Call me a serious doubter, but what credentials does Mr. Rogers have?



I did a little bit of looking, and found basically NOTHING. Just a few interesting tidbits.



He (Danny) said himself on SFNO.com that he went from being a kiddie ride op to being a CEO of a Roller Coaster Company.


Strange. What roller coaster company was he the CEO of?


With the amount of very knowledgeable people on this website, SOMEONE must know and/or have heard of him. Yes, there are many people here on TPR, that are on a first name basis with people from pretty much every “roller coaster” company in the world. Yet, not one person has stepped forward to admit that they actually know, or have heard of this man in that capacity.



Your BS meter should be on medium about now.



I did some more digging and came up with this on the SFNO.com website:



A question was asked to Mr. Rogers directly:


3) Please state some of the previous Amusement Park (conversions or new construction) projects across North America that you were directly involved in?


Finally responded to, by Mr. Rogers: (Answer left exactly as was posted, complete with grammatical and spelling errors. Looking over his other responses in the “forums” they are all just as bad.)



3. As to personal background that is restricted information.This company's policy is to never divulged personal information on the Internet again for obvious reasons. No other information about this group will be made public.


Let’s look at this again:


“As to personal background that is restricted information.”



OK. Your BS meter should be approaching HIGH right now.



No other information about this group will be made public.



That statement alone could and should scare away ANY serious person looking into this venture.



He continued:


This company's policy is to never divulged personal information on the Internet again for obvious reasons.



obvious reasons” ???????????


What possible “obvious reasons” could be out there other than a complete failure at a different major project, or worse, some sort of illegal transactions? I don’t know, but “obvious” it is not.


Since when is a on-line resume` harmful “personal information”? Especially, when you NEED to establish credibility, which they so desperately need at this point in time.



By now the pointer on your BS meter should look like a sledge hammer, banging you in the head right now.



But, let’s continue (for a few more giggles):



I found an on-line article in the New Orleans “The Times-Picayune” that obviously NO ONE has read thoroughly.



You can find the complete article here. I just want to point out some MAJOR statements from that article.



Rogers said his non-incorporated company in Bay St. Louis will neither own nor operate the amusement park.




"It will be investor owned, controlled and operated," he said today.


Interesting. It is “his non-incorporated” company. Hmmm. His. No accountability. No dependability. No responsibility. Therefore, no one to answer to.


“….will neither own nor operate the amusement park.”

Yet they’re pitching proposals, and running a website, like they would be controlling all aspects of the park, including what rides would go in and/or be refurbished.




"It will be investor owned, controlled and operated,"


Yet there are NO investors to speak of (again, has nothing to do with a NDA). So not only are they looking for someone to finance the park, but they’re also looking for someone to take control of the direction that the park might go and finally, someone to operate the park.


Mr. Rogers is simply acting as a middleman, trying to make a quick buck off of trying resurrect a failed park, that was done in by a hurricane. He’s looking for money to finance it, someone with ideas to implement, and someone to run the park as well.



Incase you forgot:


Rogers said his non-incorporated company in Bay St. Louis will neither own nor operate the amusement park.

He really has no interest in the success of the park itself, other than to be a broker (which means making a % off of any transactions) to ANY interested parties.



Please, no offense intended to Tatum, but what SERIOUS player is going to let a 14 year-old be a moderator on a website of a company (“non-incorporated” at that) that would be potentially dealing with millions of dollars? It makes no sense.


Until there is some concrete evidence of anything SSA says being true, please don't be duped.


This whole thing stinks, beginning to end.




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