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SFNO/Jazzland Discussion Thread

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^I doubt the park will ever reopen--and if it were by any chance to ever get a reprieve, I can't believe that it would be under the Six Flags banner. In my mind, Six Flags New Orleans was lost in 2005. What is left is a graveyard of sorts...


As for SFA#1fan, the spelling and grammatical similarities in Danny's release are definitely present. Mind you, Danny's release was bad from the beginning and SFA's writing typically deteriorates as you read further. If anything, I believe Danny was giving him spelling and grammar lessons, because his release is not nearly as bad.

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The fact that I could not get the outside investors is true! (thank the banks and wall street for that) But at least I tried what have you done? The only thing keeping this park down is the will of a few people

The will of a few people? According to him earlier in that post at LEAST $55,000,000 on non-existant money on top of buying the lease from Six Flags, in New Orleans in this economy.


What a tool.

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When I saw this thread pop up, I almost became irate.



The amount of STUPIDITY displayed in the FALSE hopes of resurrecting that park are utterly amazing. I really wasn't going to respond.






Then, referring to Mr. Danny Rogers,


What a tool.


Truer words could not have been written. Thank you sir! In one word, you summed up what I've been saying all along!


(Now see what you started! )




For those of you who do not know what I am referring to, you can read the whole 28 page thread here.


For the insight and research that I did, you can skip quite a bit and start here.


When you're up to speed, then please, continue.
















(Pause, for the ineptitude of the people who actually believe in this diatribe of crap that is SO deep, even the waders of championship fishermen can't keep them from getting crap in their underwear!)
















Done reading? Caught up? Good!






To add to what I have already stated, (I've done more research. Try it sometime, you might learn something.) here is some more interesting information:


(Quoting the quotes of Danny Rogers, posted by the original poster, as quoted from one of the fansites.)


The facts are that the company AMVEST did not come through with the money!


First off - WHY SHOULD THEY???


They are an investment banking firm! They are also in the business of making money. For their investors!


Here's a direct quote from the AMVEST website.


Although most business owners have vast experience in managing their businesses, they generally have little experience in acquiring or selling a business.


As I conjectured in the SFNO thread, and though there is NO actual proof of this really happening (for the sake of argument, I'll assume it's true), Danny Rogers evidently went to AMVEST and asked them for some sort of funding assistance. For whatever reason (IF, it is true) they took him seriously. He probably asked for something in the 20-30 million dollar range. IIRC, that was the original number Mr. Rogers posted to a fansite, that would ensure the resurrection of SFNO in one form or another.


As investment bankers, AMVEST, who DOES have the experience in acquiring or selling a business looked into the proposition. I would hazard the guess as a SERIOUS look. They will not take chances with their stockholders money on a crapshoot.




But first, another pet peeve. ANYONE who is, or claims to be, a CEO of ANY company, WOULD NOT:


1) post to a forum of a fansite,


2) post such dialogue WITHOUT using spellcheckers, and proofreading for grammatical errors!


/end pet peeve.




Danny Rogers continued:

Why you may ask, the answer is simple New Orleans in there view is just to high a risk (as a stand alone project)


There you have it! Right there. An admission from a PROFESSIONAL INVESTMENT COMPANY, that this is NOT a good place to sink money in to, or invest in.


But, Mr Rogers continued:

...and in order to move forward AMVEST wanted other parks as part of the package to give funding to save your park.


Well, OF COURSE they did!! They needed a secondary source of PROVEN income, to subsidize what this "stand alone" project CAN NOT DO!


(I can't go on without mentioning Mr. Rogers plea, trying to tug on the heartstrings of some dumb-witted morons, and calling it "your park". Like *I* said before, He really has no interest in the success of the park itself, other than to be a broker (which means making a % off of any transactions) to ANY interested parties.


But wait! Southern Star Amusements has it's own ace-in-the-hole, Danny Rogers. After all, Danny Rogers stated (on the SFNO website) that he "went from being a kiddie ride op to being a CEO of a Roller Coaster Company." (btw-quoted exactly as was posted.) So, he MUST have connection in the industry that would be willing to help him.


Of course, there is NO one who even claims to know him.


His personal resume'?


As to personal background that is restricted information.This company's policy is to never divulged personal information on the Internet again for obvious reasons. No other information about this group will be made public.




(Dramatic pause for effect.)





Everything else in the quoted article Mr. Rogers wrote concerning the financial "facts":


Six Flags ... 20 Million Dollars .... 25 Million Dollars ...10 Million Dollars ... 20 Million ..... 55 Million Dollars ... 30 million dollars ... 18 million ... 73 Million Dollars ... 30 Million ... 103 Million Dollars... 103 Million etc....





They were also probably the quoted findings of AMVEST, as to why they WOULD NOT finance the proposal.


It is way too risky. As in, it has a <1% chance of happening.


Just in case you forgot what I had written on May 14 of last year (here), I'll quote it for you:


Mr. Rogers is simply acting as a middleman, trying to make a quick buck off of trying resurrect a failed park, that was done in by a hurricane. He’s looking for money to finance it, someone with ideas to implement, and someone to run the park as well.


Apparently, I was right.


I told you so!








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There's two types of people in the corporate world, the ones who understand what they don't manage, and the one's who manage what they don't understand.


In my professional life, it never ceases to amaze me how stupid some higher ups are. Mostly it's more about who you you know not what you know but these types sometimes wind up in jail when they try hiding their ineptitude from the balance when business conditions become challenging.


I think investment in SFNO would be unwise, and I'm glad the idiot's didn't get the money to do it unlike HRP, which was incredibly near sighted.

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I dont think our park will reopen but here is another statement from the SFNO fansite from Danny Rogers.



Dear Reader;

After some soul searching, and much time to consider what is at stake, I have once again started down the long road to try and save the park. I know this will not be an easy task, nothing worth doing ever is. There are a few things I want to make very clear right from the start.

1. The City Government will not be easy to convince that this is in there best interest.

2. As of today there is no funding other then what I am placing into the fight.

3.The Park has been hurt by not only the Storm but Six Flags as well as Vandals.

4. The cost to just reopen the gates will come in at at least 35 Million Dollars for "STAGE ONE"

5. The Park can be reopened for the spring of 2010

6. This will require a GRASS ROOTS call to action! I am making that call.

7. Sponsors for the park must be found, companies or persons who are willing to spend money in support of rebuilding the Park, in exchange for consideration in advertising or other considerations (like but not limited to a company day at the park)

8.A Volunteers Group needs to be formed. (Friends of the Park or the like)


The list is long but I think I have made my point. I can not do this alone as I do not have the backing of a company like AMVEST as of now however I am looking.


If you wish to be of help in what ever way you can reach me at southernstarltd@att.net


If you want your park back consider what you can do to make it happen.



Danny R Rogers

Southern Star Ltd.


and here's another one.


Good news I have some one who may be of help with the backing, keep your fingers crossed we will see.




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This is just painful to watch. Someone needs to sit down with this guy and point out how utterly ridiculous he is acting in attempting to start a multi-million dollar venture by writing a few childish forum posts and begging people to waste their time helping him.


I'm not saying the concept of revising the park in some form or fashion is out of the question, but this guy is just making a laughing stock out of the whole idea.

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Who is this dork? His penchant for grammar and spelling errors does little to convey a sense of executive presence from someone claiming to be a CEO. His plea comes across as, "Please give me somewhere between 35 and 103 million dollars so that I may begin failing." I think he needs to put the crack pipe down and slowly walk away.


I think it was Einstein that said something along the lines of: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result." The scariest part of this deal is that if the economy weren't in the tank right now, this clown may have actually been able to eventually bullsh!t someone into funding something this stupid. (Hard Rock Park comes to mind.) Wow. I mean, seriously... Wow!

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I checked the SFNO forums today and Mr. Rogers gave everybody an...interesting...and insightful update on what's going on.


Well, it's been some time from my last post. I have been working on the project. Now then, as to the coasters, all the majors are ok for rebuild, nothing is moving out of the park, it is being guarded 24/7 and SF is keeping the weeds under control.

We are working hard to get things done and I hope that I will have some news for you very soon. As some of you know this is a full time job and I am sorry I cant post as much as I would like. There are a few points to be made

1. The park has been cleaned up.

2. The rides (Major) have been checked

3. We do expect SF to go Chapter 11 on or before August.

4. We are working on having the HUD loan removed or lowered and extended to bring down or remove the payment.

5. We are looking to the GNO for support and advise on the best way to deal with HUD and the City. To get on with it so to say! We are looking at all forms of backing to include GO Zone Bonds.

6. We are revamping our plans to use less money and still recover the park with a Waterpark built along the midway. There is indeed more going on but this should allow a few of you to understand just how hard we are working on this. Thanks for all your posts I do try and read them.


Danny R Rogers



I added spaces to the post just to organize it's appearance, but this is the exact post. I'm going to believe that he's trying, but I'm going to seriously doubt that he'll get far with it. This just isn't the time that New Orleans is going to buy into this. As if they would in any other circumstance...but the park is there, which means they believed it once.


In my heart, I want this to happen.

From an economic standpoint, no can do.



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