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SFNO/Jazzland Discussion Thread

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And the letter of intent could be as simple as Nickelodeon being locked as the licensee for theming in the kid's area if the park gets off the ground.


In that case Nickelodeon, isn't even putting any skin in the game just preparing to cash a licensing check.

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I'll believe it when I see it. Anyone who can reopen that park and make it profitable deserves a Nobel Prize.


I have to agree with you there.


Besides is it even possible for a park that has been closed as as long as SFNO has been to even be a success?


Now I know there have been a few parks ( SFA comes to mind ) who were closed for a full season over money issues but they bounced back but 4 years is a very long time to be closed. Then again there is Magic Springs who were closed for a good 5 years but I believe they are having issues like many of their rides are closed plus there was Rocky Springs in lancaster, PA. From what I can remember they closed in the 60s only to re-open a decade later but their "second life" didn't last, maybe a year or two tops.

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I'm really not going to keep high hopes for this. It's kind of pointless.


From what I've been told, a news story will be released in approximately two weeks that will "break SSA wide open". This is being timed to happen at the same time as a board meeting they will be having. So be on the lookout, I guess.

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I still don't understand how people don't think this is legit.........


Having teenagers as moderators on the company website doesn't exactly scream "credibility".

Having the "man in charge" rant on message boards in general does scream credibility.


Such a sad state with the park. I'll never forget my friend going down to the area around 6 months after Katrina and seeing the pictures he took outside the park. Just sad and amazing what nature can do.

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^ I think we'll see Flying Turns, Kozmo's Kurves AND Golden Nugget all up and running before SFNO.



The way Danny has talked on that board in previous instances is nowhere near professional. He's accused members of being against rebuild the park, saying that they want it to stay closed.


Yeah, Mr. Rogers. They've been on the park's fansite for years just to tell potential investors just how much they don't want their plans to work.


There's always SFFT.

OldJJMan, thanks for knocking some sense into me.

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OldJJMan, thanks for knocking some sense into me.


Nah. I was just bored one night (and a bit argumentative ) and started looking for some facts. I knew a little about the park as I had been there before. I went in 2002, when it was still Jazzland, and owned by the same company that owned Visionland and Castle Park (Riverside, Ca.).


I found a few interesting facts, and then started digging deeper. It was fairly easy. Especially if you throw in a little common sense.


However, I did just look on the "The Internet Movie Database" (www.imdb.com) to see if maybe perhaps he was/is an actor, because he is certainly putting on a show. But, no such luck.


I'll be keeping my eyes open. Trust me!




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I really hope something happens to this park soon! I remember a few months back where there were areas being cleaned up. But I can't remember any links. I also think they should make this park with a huge comeback! A huge new coaster maybe? I'm not sure, but plans for the waterpark and stuff seem quite exciting.

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I'm honestly ready for this fiasco to die.

It'd be nice to have a park open in time for the 2013 Superbowl, but I have my doubts that we'll see that area of the city coming back any time soon.



Though I'd really rather not have to drive to San Antonio, Dallas, or Atlanta for huge coaster fixes.

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Breaking News! Nickelodeon Theme Park? We shall see...I hope this gets done but we know how things work down here...




Nickelodeon to build theme park at old Six Flags site in eastern New Orleans

Published: Tuesday, August 18, 2009, 11:44 AM Updated: Tuesday, August 18, 2009, 12:39 PM

By Martha Carr, The Times-Picayune


Flanked by Mayor Ray Nagin and City Councilwoman Cynthia Willard-Lewis, Nickelodeon officials today announced they plan to build a theme park at the abandoned Six Flags site in eastern New Orleans, starting this fall and opening by late 2010.


In July, the Baton Rouge firm Southern Star Amusement applied for $100 million in bonds for the project. Southern Star plans to partner with Nickeodeon on the deal, with Nickelodeon lending its considerable marketing muscle to the venture.


Officials from the two firms this morning sketched out a vision of a revitalized park that contains a mixture of rollercoasters and other traditional amusement-park fare with water-themed rides.


In an application to the Industrial Development Board for Gulf Opportunity Zone bonds, Southern Star said it wanted the bonds to restore existing buildings and major pieces of equipment at Six Flags, which has not reopened since being damaged in Hurricane Katrina.


Later today, officials from Nickelodeon and Southern Star are scheduled to appear before the IDB in support of their bond application. At the announcement this morning, they indicated that the viability of the project -- which they described as a $165 million deal -- is largely contingent on approval of the bond application.







David Grunfeld / The Times-PicayuneSix Flags under water during Hurricane Katrina 2005. Nickelodeon plans to build at new theme park at the site, shuttered since the storm.

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If....and that is a big if...I give the park 2 years before either Nick pulls out and the park goes bankrupt. Or the whole things goes bankrupt with Nick involved. It isnt much of a SSA bashing, but the current economy plus needing people to visit the park from out of town. If Jazzland couldn't make it with a full New Orleans population, how will the new park make it with less people there.


Atleast Six Flags no longer has to mess with paying NO money on a park they don't plan to reopen.

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