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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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[17:09] torcot54: We continued the wedding, loverboy

[17:09] DHO1000: stfu

[17:10] DHO1000: that's not even funny u little fag

[17:10] torcot54: Yes it is, try and laugh at yourself, I dare you

[17:10] DHO1000: but its not funny

[17:11] torcot54: I just told everyone and now I'm putting it in the pointless thread

[17:11] DHO1000: were divorced now

[17:11] DHO1000: suck it

[17:12] torcot54: No, I'/m the divorcer person, I decided who gets divorced and who doesn't

[17:12] DHO1000: it was viper's idea to start weddings, he's the head wedding person

[17:12] torcot54: And he gave me the job of divorces

[17:13] DHO1000: and now hes firing u

[17:13] torcot54: he's not

[17:13] torcot54: he quoted you and called you a loser

[17:14] DHO1000: doubt it

[17:14] torcot54: yes, he did

[17:14] torcot54: bye bye

torcot54= me

DHO1000= Disney dood

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