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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Got to thinking about this: it's pretty sad that this site (and Westcoaster) have to have disclaimers regarding its members to have a sense of humor. That should be a given. Too many people are too sensitive these days.


My advice: Untie the knot in your shorts and laugh a little.



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Why are some people so obsessed with their post count? Quality over quantity, I always say.




Oh, I dont know.

Didn't mean to come off as obsessed.

I had been here since the beginning, and just now got around to posting more often



In other news, banannas are down 15cents

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I like marching band. Im in Jazz Band (before school), Concert Band (during school), and Marching band (after school). I play Alto Saxaphone.


Dude, HELL YEAH! I pretty much follow that exact schedule, and I also play Alto Sax. The only thing that's different, is that I'm in the sax quartet also. Good to see a fellow sax player on here...at our school we are the most hated section because of our awesome noises we create..

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Saxes dont have spit valves idiot!


I love band. I live in Hendersonville NC and Hendersonville High is very centered around the band. We have about 500 students and 120 are in one of the bands. The Hendersonville High Band has played in the 1996 Atlant Olympics, Carnagie Hall, and somewhere in Boston. This year we are going to The Kennedy Center in Washington DC. Only 3 High Schools where invited. Im so excited to go;. My parents arnt so excited at the price though! We have a Marching band, Jazz Band, Concert band, and Symphonic band.

Im the only Alto Sax in Concert Band so I have to have fun all by my lonsome in my section. Im a Freshman and trying out for solos in Jazz today I just blew the Junior and Senior saxes away. There faces where priceless.

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