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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Awesome time warping or ghost story



Date: 12-12-2004


Time: 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm


Location: N.E. Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA


Event: Strange Occurrence


Weather: Calm, sunny, warm 60's


"Numerous people can honestly say they have experienced circumstances that have defied both their understanding and a logical explanation. My brother and I had such an experience on 12 December, 2004.


At that time, due to our Dad's job relocation, we lived in a large apartment complex, alongside the grounds of which, ran both an open and wide rain ditch, paralleled by a walking/bike path connecting 2 quite busy road. However, portions of the path are quiet and infrequently traveled, but they are visible from houses and apartments backed onto the path and ditch. On the face of it, there seemed nothing odd about the area - no weird feelings or history.


My brother and I used to walk or ride the path for exercise. On the day in question, we departed from home on foot, exited the apartment complex grounds gate, and headed up the path. No more than 2 or 3 minutes later, our strange experience began.


As we walked, ahead of us 2 kids appeared, ages between 12 and 14, normal dress and appearance, who walked from a point on the other side of the ditch. They climbed down into the ditch, crossed the ditch, and climbed out our side and continued to walk perpendicular to the path my brother and I were on. The kids walked down an alley we knew led to some stores, and by the time we arrived at the alley, the kids were out of sight, presumably beyond the alley and nearing the shops.


Nothing seemed untoward, and we do not think the kids even noticed us, as they did not indicate such.


We sat down for a while to rest, and as we sat, a man dressed in black, whose facial features remain unclear, and walking a large German Sheppard dog, appeared on the path seemingly from nowhere. The man and dog covered the same track as we had, and when about 20 feet from us, both the man and the dog completely vanished. We clearly recall the dog vigorously shaking and pulling, from the sound of the rapidly clinking collar and chain lead, as if the dog could have been nervous or anxious.


We backtracked and looked for the man and dog, but it was as if they had disappeared into air. Neither was there any place both could have hidden in bushes too thin and small to hide a man and dog. Essentially, there was nowhere on the path, not even a gate or alley, where the man and dog could have gone.


We decided to move on further up the path, not clearlyknowing what had occurred, but not overly concerned at this point. We continued our exercise and started back down the path towards home. When about half way, we think some type of scientific explanation may have applied to what we saw next. Either time repeated itself, or time folded back, creating from our point of view a double event, with a different outcome on the second event. However, we are not sure from whose perspective anything changed - were we affected, or were the kids affected, or both?


The 2 kids we had seen earlier crossing the ditch, reappeared on a return from the alley, returned across the ditch, and climbed over railing leading to another street. As the kids climbed the railings, they vanished, just as assuredly as the man and dog had. Throughout their actions, the kids did not appear to notice us.


We stopped in our tracks, aware that something odd had taken place. Suddenly, the kids reappeared, repeating their exit from the ally. They crossed the ditch, this time glancing at us before repeating climbing over the railings. This time the kids remained visible; they did not mysteriously disappear as before. We ran and observed the kids, as they continued along the street and turned into another street.


We returned home,bewildered by what we had witnessed, wondering what circumstances were at work causing these strange events.


Something strange occurred that day, and none of us ever returned to the ditch and path - rather, we walked the long way to places. We assume there must be a scientific explanation, but the event certainly has paranormal qualities, too. No one in the area reported anything unusual. In terms of repeated time, and that most people watched a sports event on TV that day, dictates that a repeated event was construed as repeated play - when TV repeats a particular move in a sports game. If anyone noticed anything unusual, we did not hear of any reports of such.


I know alot about astronomy and several other related sciences and follows news. In early 2005,I heard news that a type of star know as a Magnetar had exploded on 27 December, 2004, 50,000 light years away from Earth, and soI began to suspect a connection between this and our strange experiences on 12 December, 2004.


Scientists claimed later that theMagnetar halted Earth's rotation for a fraction of a second, and caused wobbling that would continue for some time, an event that can actually have drastic effects in terms of things we may not immediately notice. Scientists also claim that Earth's ionosphere suffered brief disruption. No one can doubt the recent years of tremendous and violent storm activity, unusual weather patterns, and several world disasters, including the Tsunami of 26 December 2004. Although scientists disclaim the exploding star as being the cause, it is enough to make one wonder.


Indeed,Iam convinced the exploding star did affect Earth in some way. This was not over for us, for on 28 December, 2004, from the window of our new home about 20 miles across Albuquerque from the first event,I witnessed another repeat of events in the form of a man and dog, exactly retracing actions and track in their truck.


Despite intensive research,I have not been able to form a conclusion about this incident. It is difficult to ascertain the category this incident fits into."

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Why do the names of some Japanese cars sound like a sneeze?


"Hi! What kind of car do you drive?"




"God bless you! What kind was that again?"




"Gesundheit! I hope you're not coming down with anything. So what kind of car was that again...?"



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