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How did you end up here???

How did you get here?  

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  1. 1. How did you get here?

    • Google is my best friend! (post what you searched for!)
    • Found you from another site (which site?)
    • Was told by a friend (are they STILL your friend?) =)
    • I don't remember. I wandered aimlessly around the internet and landed here!
    • Other (tell your story and it BETTER be good!)

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I was planning a trip to Florida and did a Yahoo search for Discovery Cove pix (we didn't make it there on that trip because of time constraints). At the time, my friend was planning her wedding at Disney so I sent the site on to her. When the forums opened, I was just getting interested in studying discussion boards, so I've been lurking quite a bit since then.

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I voted "I wandered aimlessly", then realised - I LIE, I LIE!


I was looking around for piccy's of Flaming Lands Magnum Force for a school project type thingy, and you guy's had just got back from the European Oddessey tour - cha ching! I hung around and checked the updates and videos (some of my fave on the net), then a few years later - forums!


*Much rejoicing*

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I met you through Natalie how long ago?? Oh and hi guys, it's been awhile since I've talked with either of you!


-Jeff Tobe

Wow! Long time no talk! Didn't know you were still cruising the coaster sites!


--Robb "Glad to see you're still around!" Alvey

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I first found the site in 2004, when Robb posted the ToT comparison thread on DISBoards. I was really impressed, and loved the mix of humor and excellent info. I didn't stick around, though. Not sure why.


Came back again after someone on the DIS posted a link to the Nara Dreamland photos, and have been here ever since.


I like the way R&E moderate the board, and I really enjoy the mix of people of all ages, from all over the world (Soren's random photo TRs rock!!!)


Now I've got my husband (who is not a fan of message boards) asking when we can go to a TPR meet and hoping for a TPR Japan trip!


Maureen "maybe MNSSHP next year" O'Donnell

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I think TPR was probably the first site I found a couple of years back, when I first started getting interested. I visited on & off over the last couple of years. Joined Westcoaster later on last year to follow Robb's Japan trip, and at some point, I think I registered my interest in the DVD, but never bought one, so I started getting emails from the site. I got an email at the start of this year, telling me that some forums had opened, so i thought I might as well join.

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There were several "links" between Thrillnetwork and here, I know I checked it out a couple of times, especially after we had a Coasterchat featuring guest stars Robb and Elissa (This was like 2 and 1/2 years ago). I came back and stayed when Robb held the first video contest that he advertised on TN. It was about that time that I ordered the Coaster Season 2003 DVD, which was great combined with the portable DVD player and 5 hour drive on the way to vacation. !Viva la TPR!

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I read the DisBoards often. A few months ago I came across a thread that linked to the Nara Dreamland photos and decided to check it out. I really liked what I saw and have been hooked ever since


Kristen "I don't know how I ever lived without this site" L.

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I was scared to death of most thrill rides, my first and only coaster till I was 19 was thunder mountain at WDW I hated it, I was 8 or 10, I can't remember. Then at 19 I rode it again, so I wouldn't look like a punk in front of my friends cousin (she was hot).... I still hated it. fast farward to age 30, I had rode a few water rides (with drops) and still didn't care for them (the drops) then came Revenge of the Mummy at USO, my friend got me on it and I wont lie at first I was scared, then I got used to it, now I love it. Thats where you (TPR) come in. After my first time I rode the Mummy I did a search on the web for Revenge of the Mummy and found your hardhat tour of the mummy in USH. I checked out the pics of the track and realized it was a "real" coaster, the track looked like the track of the Hulk. So I figured if I could do the Mummy I could do the Hulk, although it took a little time before that transition, there is a big difference between 40+ MPH/no inversions to 60+ MPH/7 inversions. So at HHN 14 I went on the Hulk, and as I was waiting in the train (front row) looking up at the launch and seeing sky and sunlight and the first inversion, I wanted to pee myself. "warning...warning" that was it I was already upside down and I freakin loved it. Then I did it again and again, then the dragons, wich was just a bit rougher but I loved that one as well. So anyway because of your hardhat tour pics, it somewhat gave me the courage I needed (that and my friend bugging the hell out of my for months) to brave bigger and better coasters. I have kept TPR in my favorites ever since. Now I look forward to riding as many as I can, but at 31 I have a lot of catching up to do...wish me luck.

Thanks Robb


P (Robb Alvey is my hero) All

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I've known about TPR for a long time, first from RRC, and the cool clips that Robb's been putting online. Didn't join the forums until the bile got really nasty and smelly on RRC so I moved over here. Much nicer people here. WestCoaster is just too strange for me. At least TPR is more normal with a good sense of humor.

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After the tragic incident at Holiday World back in 2003, I was reading an internet article about what had happened, and there was a link to "another" enthusiast website. Someone there had posted a link to TPR, although I suspect it wasn't done with the intention of creating TPR fans. Well, it did me! I spent hours (here at work, no less) looking at all of the photos, cracking up at the captions and really renewing my one-time interest of traveling around visiting theme parks.


I remember emailing Robb and Elissa at the time about how much I liked the website and admired their ability to travel to so many parks, etc. I've been coming here ever since and I have really enjoyed getting to know everybody!!


Shari "my favorite pics are the Alvey wedding photos" Shoufler

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I had to vote "Other", and the details are "Hell, I don't remember, I've known you guys In Real Life for a long time, and have been on RRC since creation, so I know (or at least know of) way too damn many people..."


Granted, I only just recently finally created an account, at Derek's prompting (hmmm, guess that means I could have voted "Told by a friend"...)

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Incidentally, I am posting right behind a member of another board (Gregleg, Hi! Nice to meet you the other night at TDL.) that led me here. Yahoo group RCT led to Screamscape, and one of those announced the Japan-a-mania video, and since I live in Japan, I bought it. After watching it, the humor led me to really check out the site.


I stay because the humor keeps me sane while in thye Navy!


Chris B

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