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  1. I have to say that I love Port Orleans as well. Even though I like both, I have to go with French Quarter being my favorite. I also agree about the beignets. I can't get enough of those.
  2. Wonderful TR! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your time in Missouri. We do have some great places to visit here. I agree with you on SDC, it's one of the best parks that there is. I go there more every year than I do SFStL.
  3. All I can say is--One of the best shows ever! I loved it. I also have the dvds as well as the movie on dvd.
  4. At this time I don't have a lot planned but that could always change. So far I plan on: SFStL (since it's only a few minutes away from where I live) Silver Dollar City (I consider this my home park and I'm there more than SF) Holiday World Kings Island SFKK (1st time) SFGAM (1st time) Universal Studios (1st time) IOA (1st time) WDW (September for honeymoon) I can't wait to ride some coasters
  5. Congratulations. What a beautiful little girl. I'm glad to hear that all is well. I love the name -Kristen
  6. Ghost Rider 9/10 I loved it! I also liked Nicolas Cage in it . I thought it was very well done and is one of the better movies based on a comic book. I don't want to give anything away but if this is your kind of movie then I highly recommend it.
  7. Age-29 Middle name- LeAnn Pet Peeve- stupid people (I deal with so many on a daily basis at my job) Color of your bathroom- white Best movie of ALL time-Shawshank Redemption, Borat, Napoleon Dynamite, Cars and more Best song of ALL time-too many to name Best TV shows-Twilight Zone(b&w with Rod Serling), Lost, 24, Family Guy Favorite band/artist- I listen to pretty much everything. I can do without rap & heavy metal Favorite ride(s) at Disney: Tower of Terror(MGM), Haunted Mansion, Test Track, Space Mountain Yummiest ice cream-Phish Food, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough If you could eat lunch with somebody, who would it be?-Alive--Chip Foose, Dead--Elvis Presley Morning Person or Night Person-Night Pets-2 birds (a Green Cheeked Conure named Vegas & a Quaker Parrot named Chico) Favorite color-Blue Where would you go for fun (not a theme park)-Vegas, concert, being with friends Coke or Pepsi-Dr. Pepper only Opinion about PB & J-Gross! I only eat peanut butter (and not that often) Best Vacation Spot-Vegas, Orlando Cook or go out-Both. Favorite coaster- Millennium Force favorite videogame-Wii Sports (esp. bowling), Viva Pinata, RCT, Animal Crossing, WOW, Lego Star Wars, Dead or Alive Favorite board game-Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit Non coaster past times-Photography, Traveling, Shopping, Movies Films I'm looking foward to-Ratatouille, Ghostrider, Spiderman 3, Transformers Favorite ride (non-roller coaster)-Tower of Terror(MGM) Favorite type of car-Mustang Favorite actor-Don't really have a favorite. I do like Nicolas Cage, Gary Sinise, Keifer Sutherland Favorite zoo animal-Penguins
  8. Well, I finally got around to starting my page. I'm still working on it right now but feel free to see what you think. www.myspace.com/klind77 Feel free to add me
  9. ^Robb, did you happen to send your & Elissa's Miis to me? If not, send them on over. The main reason I ask is I want to see if my Wii is working properly. My boyfriend really got into the boxing game and managed to knock it on the floor
  10. Dr Pepper (I don't care for Pepsi and I hate Coke)
  11. Here's what I got this year: Nintendo Wii (a game is part of the present also but I haven't decided which one I want yet). Zune Walt Disney Treasures Pluto and Silly Symphonies some Elvis Presley items for my collection Seasons 2,3 and 4 of 24
  12. I just got mine up and running this weekend and I love it My number is: 7188 5183 5158 5206 Feel free to add me if you would like to.
  13. I didn't play with transformers when I was little but I'm all about this movie. I love these kinds of movies and this looks like it will be good.
  14. It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun I really want to go on a cruise now. Kristen "I want to see more of Little Penguin"
  15. These are the only ones for me so far: High Roller (Las Vegas) Runaway Ore Cart (Silver Dollar City) Chaos (Opryland) Wabash Cannonball (Opryland) Screamin Delta Demon (Opryland) Python @ BGA (soon to be)
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