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Your Dream Park

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Well, if the choice was totally up to me, I would choose these ones:



Goliath SFMM

Boulder Dash


El Toro SFGAdv


The name of the park, either Lamborghini World or Planet Hollywood Park.

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El Toro (SFGA)

Bizarro (SFNE)




I suck at thinking of creative park names, but I would do different, elaborately themed lands like IOA, and have one coaster as the centerpiece of each land.

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Hmm. I'd probably go with




Coaster (PNE Playland)


Phantoms Revenge


I'd call the park Kickassland because the park would totally kick ass!

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5 coasters...that's hard to pick. I'm going to say:


1. A B&M Mega (don't care which one)

2. Apocalypse (or a similar GCI)

3. Dominator

4. Maverick

5. Griffon


This would provide a good variety of ride experiences, and although these rides may not be the best, many are among the best of their type.


I can't think of a name for a park based on five coasters, but I've created my own parks before and I've noticed trends in my coaster selections. Usually they end up having a family/kids coaster (often Vekoma or a custom Zierer), one or two Intamins (typically loopers, launchers, or inverts), two to four B&Ms (megas, inverts, dive machines, stand-up, floorless, flying), a wooden coaster (usually a GCI), a large non-looping coaster (typically a mega), and a unique ride that doesn't always exist in real life. Most of my fictional parks end up with six to eight coasters by the time I'm done.

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Millennium Force

Big Red 305 (Intimidator)

Tpp Thrill Dragster (With a drop like MFand305 along with a much longer layout)

El Toro (SFGA)


B&M hyper for the kids with a 42" hight requirement.


And I would have alot of kiddie rides close to all the coasters,So if anyone in the group needs to watch young ones they dont have to walk too far away.



Park name..Suredropsalot!

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Five legendary coasters.

Name: The Greatest Theme Park Ever Built

1) Crystal Beach Cyclone

2) Riverview Bobs

3) Thriller (traveling coaster in it's original state)

4) Eagle Fortress

5) Intimidator 305


Five existing coasters... This is waaay harder

Name: One of the greatest theme parks ever built

1) T-Express

2) Intimidator 305

3) X2

4) Atlantis Adventure (Aquatrax )

5) Bizarro NE

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1. Boomerang

2. Batman: The Ride

3. Corkscrew

4. Mind Eraser

5. Big Apple


I'll call it: Hollywood Remake Park. All of these will be named after movies with (multiple) remakes.


But for a serious answer:


1. Expedition GeForce

2. Blue Fire

3. Goliath (Walibi Holland)

4. Balder

5. Joris en de Draak


Name: Closer Than Europe. Put it somewhere in Texas.

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