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Cruising with Theme Park Review - Feb 2011


Which Beer Cozie should we buy Piers? (See Page 18)  

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  1. 1. Which Beer Cozie should we buy Piers? (See Page 18)

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The build up to and the reveal of Robb's decorated cupcake is seriously among the greatest things ever posted to this site. I'm still laughing.






I was clapping with Glee when I saw Robb's cupcake. I think that one picture might sums this site up perfectly. Brilliant



The ship looks amazing.

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I think that one picture might sums this site up perfectly.


A little weird and misshapen, but ultimately hilarious and tasty?



Damn one should learn to proof read before hitting the send button. We could now play Australia's favorite new game show! What was he trying to say!

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I think I could honestly put my fear of the ocean on hold in order to experience this cruise. It looks so much fun... even for a young adult like me. Actually, I've never been to Disney "anything" all my life and I've even been to Orlando twice, but I guess we wanted to go to the beach and drink beer instead.


Someday though I gotta give it all a shot.

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Robb on "avg" what does the new ship cost for a trip?!

It depends on the ship and your cabin. For example, this cruise was $1,100 per person, and slightly less for Kristen. But we are also in a balcony cabin. You could get cabins that are cheaper, and suites that are $10,000 per person. I want to say that if we did an inside stateroom it would have been $899 per person.


And when you consider that's all inclusive for 7 nights, that's not terrible at all!


On average, the Carnival and NCL ships are a little cheaper, and the Disney ships are a bit more.



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^Totally agree. $1,100 per person seems like a steal, especially after looking at these mouthwatering pictures. You should add a disclaimer at the head of each of these updates: WARNING! DO NOT LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS IF YOU ARE HUNGRY AND/OR LATE FOR A MEAL! YOU WILL REGRET IT!


And that "Rising Tide" bar? Genius.

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The Promenade ditched its gay pride theme for some hot red LOVE!

And you JUST MISSED the world's largest gay cruise. This is what your boat looked like last week.

LOL! We are totally aware. Funny thing is we asked some of the staff about it and they said it was just insane. I guess they were also told they aren't really allowed to talk about it as some people probably wouldn't "approve" of 6,000 gay men on the boat. Honestly, I think even as a straight guy I'd have an awesome time with that group!!!


--Robb "Nothin wrong with hanging out with fun people regardless of your preference!" Alvey

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I just did the Flowrider for two hours. Every single part of my body hurts like hell! But it was so worth it!!!


I love Flow Riders, but yes, they do beat you to death, bring you back to life, and, beat you again.


Worst and Best time I ever had on one: I had just gotten on, and had managed to get up near the front, and my board slipped out from under me. I did a complete front flip and face planted into the waves. That 360 degree front flip off that board was absolutely amazing, yet utterly embarrassing at the same time.

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