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Cruising with Theme Park Review - Feb 2011


Which Beer Cozie should we buy Piers? (See Page 18)  

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  1. 1. Which Beer Cozie should we buy Piers? (See Page 18)

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I wouldn't go on a Carnival cruise if you paid me, or if it was free. Sorry, but the "Bud Light" crowd is not my scene. I've done one Carnival Cruise and that's plenty for me. I don't know a single person who is into "cruising" who does Carnival Cruises. They are usually cheaper, and the crowd that those ships attract reflect the price.


--Robb "Not my thing..." Alvey


My parents have actually been on two Carnival cruises and enjoyed them both very much. I guess it's just what your in to.

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I hope our cruise on the Carnival Splendor next month is decent. We had to choose Carnival because all of the other ships departed L.A. on Saturday and we will be at WCB! With that said, I can't wait for Freedom of the Seas in October. I am not expecting the Carnival cruise to be on that level, but I hope it isn't bad.

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I did a Holland America cruise and it was great. A much smaller ship, and the crowd was mostly older (as expected), but it was a great experience that focused more on the natural beauty of the landscape rather than the ship itself. Of course there was still a pool, shows, casino, etc.

Unfortunately Alaska is one of the few states without a coaster!

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Actually I shouldn't be too harsh on Carnival as the food is decent and some of the ships are nice. And really being on most any cruise is better than being at work. But I'm just not a fan of the clientele on Carnival. It's more like the weekend crowd at Six Flags where RCCL is like the Universal crowd.

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These pictures make me want to go on a cruise again so bad. I loved our Royal Caribbean Alaskan cruise in 2004. But this ship is insane. Definitely moved up my list. And what's on the "better than regular sex" salad that makes it better than regular sex? I'm not a huge salad person but will enjoy one now and then. I just can't tell what those big chunks are.

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I have been on 2 Carnival cruises the Ecstacy-Key West/Couzmel Dec 1996 & the Holiday Aug 1998-Catilina/Ensanada. Plus I have been on a real fancy ship the Crystal Harmony out of San Francisco in June 2000 to Alaska. The Crystal Harmony was way too fancy for me. The Ecstacy I didn't have a good time. The Holiday was better-food was great, I won $150 at Bingo, & they showed Titanic when we were waiting to get off the ship(that was before Titanic was released on VHS). They were like don't worry we will be docked when we show Titanic. I don't know if I'll ever go on a cruise again-will probabably never have the money but if I do Robb I'll listen to you & go with Royal Carribbean. Your always right on stuff. I don't drink alchol & the inside of the Allure looks real nice not real flashy colors like Carnival. I don't like Carnival's odd interior designs.

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I'm sure Robb will respond to this soon, but you don't have to pay for the up-charge events/dining, and you would still have an incredible time. I know Disney also has up-charge items, and I'm sure the other cruise lines do as well. A vast majority of the food/events are included, but soda is rarely included, and alcohol never is included (as far as I know). Plus, the up-charges are usually extremely low, I think the one dinner on the report was $7. For that up-charge it would be like going from an Outback style steakhouse (still a very good place) to a Ruth's Chris. Don't let the up-charges deter you, you would still have an absolutely incredible time, with the best food/shows/games/activities even if you didn't do any up-charge events.

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^^ No! That's not right at all. Have you even read this thread? We've covered this already! You can easily go three meals a day, several snacks, get drinks, watch shows, and participate in activities without spending a dime.

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This is amazing. Just looking at the pictures, I forget that all of this is on a ship. How do the Disney cruises fit into your critique of the cruise ships?


I laughed at the Phantom of the Opera/chandelier picture. My high school is doing Phantom this year and I just finished auditioning for it.

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Just reiterating what Robb and JRay said- Many people go an entire cruise without spending any money on extras (my parents minus the drinks are a great example). I prefer the upcharge options because it keeps the costs down for everyone and gives you options like eating Lobster every night for 10 dollars more or attending a wine tasting event for a few dollars..

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^ There are several different package at different prices. I have bought the $150 package which gets me 500 minutes. And my cruising "status" with RCCL gets me another 15% off.


That is the most expensive package. There are much cheaper ones. And in port, I use my pre-paid AT&T international 3G data package.

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(And if Johnny Rockets can serve a vegan burger at sea, why can't they at Magic Mountain!?)

I think you answered your own question!


They do have meals for just about every dietary need.


As for the Disney ships, I haven't done one yet (Elissa has and loved it) ...but I'll be able to tell you after our Disney Fantasy cruise next year! We would have done the Disney Dream this year, but we prefer at least a 7 day cruise, and the Dream only does 3/4 night itineraries.

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Again, keeping this report light on text. Important to note about this update! There is a kick ass video! And a poll for Piers!


Good morning everyone! Time to wake up to a Johnny Rockets breakfast!


Yum! Breakfast at Johnny Rockets is totally included!


Something else revolutionary on Allure is how you view your cruise photos. In most cruises, you have to go find all your photos on these giant walls. looking through hundreds of photos to find yours. On Allure, the "welcome aboard" photo (or the first photo you take on the cruise) sets up your facial recognition, and all your photos are accessible on these kiosks via your SeaPass card.


Some of the better photos, they will print for you, and put them in these binders. Each guest is assigned a binder, and that number is located on your SeaPass card. Such a much improved system than the past.


Exploring the ship we find very random things...


Elissa…go look inside...


This is what you see inside…yeah, I don't get it either!


Random Promenade shots...


Welcome to Costa Maya!


But first…ice cream! (They have these ice cream machines located around the pool deck…totally included…)


Have I mentioned how much I like the Central Park section of the ship?


Love it!


Another look at Rising Tide. Here is what it looks like on the Central Park level when it's fully up. BTW, I'm currently sitting in the Rising Tide having a NewCastle!


EDIT: Better yet...I'm currently E-Stopped on the Rising Tide!


Does anyone know why some of those rooms don't have balcony doors? Bonus points if you do!


Hooray! We have docked at Costa Maya!


The water sure is BLUE!


Is the ship blue…or is it just reflecting off the water? Elissa's mom thinks they re-pained the ship blue overnight!


Russell! Love the shirt!


Last time I was here I saw someone vomit strawberry Margarita all over the dock! Ahh, the memories!


Costa Maya….it's a very typical Mexican port town...


And it has one of these! Should I buy something here?


You can get all the typical little Mexican trinkets...


Along with Predator!!!!




…and ACErs!


Oooh! It's like the Mexican Dollar store!


Elissa goes looking for the hot bargains!


"It's the hit new sensation from Mexico! Ball in a Cup! Why are you not playing Ball in a Cup when you could be playing Ball in a Cup?"


Swim up bar. Awesome!


No, this sign is not telling you where the bathroom is…it's telling you where you can rent a taxi…and a WOMAN!!!!


Holy crap that ship is huge!


Here we see the Predator again…in between a cock…and Jesus. I love Mexico!!!


WTF! The Predator was everywhere! This is my new favorite random Mexican statue!


I tried to get Elissa to buy this outfit…she said "no."


The following are the choices for the poll at the top of this thread. Which of the following two beer cozies fit Piers best?


Option #1


Option #2


Gimp masks.


LOL! The Predator! AGAIN!


"Do you think this Flamingo looks good on me?"


I'm not exactly sure what this is, but I think it's implying that the large joint is his penis.


Greedo shot first.


Yeah, yeah, yeah…typical penis pipes…nothing out of the ordinary.


Dolphin encounter! Yup...


You know what's worse than Mexican lube?


Mexican pregnancy test!


Park Cafe has a "make your own Panini bar"…totally included!


OMG! Is that what day it is???


I'm beginning to think this might now be the "pizza that is better than the missionary position."


Yes, that is bacon…BACON on those cupcakes!


What is there to do right now???




It's formal night….the women look sexy….


The boys look silly!


Tonight's menu...


This Thai BBQ chicken was awesome!


Yup, another night of KidTums drinking Sprite with a spoon.


The 2nd best dessert of the cruise! The sampler!


The cheesecake…awesome… the chocolate cake of sex…even better…the other thing…WHO CARES!!!


Oh yeah! We are on a boat! Duh!


Here we are at one end of the ship…and you can't even see the other!


"I love me some pussy!"


"I agree!"


Do you see what I see? Yes! It's a FLAT TIRE!!!


The view of the ship is just stunning!


Tonight was the kids club pirates parade! Where all the pirates take over the ship!


Pirate KidTums attack!


She is taking this pirate business VERY seriously! Arrrr!


Tonight was our Flowrider private lesson! AKA - the Flowrider instructors trying to kill us! Here's video proof!


They had us doing all sort of bizarre tricks!


I love her when she's on her knees!


The instructors were insane! This one let one of the kids ride on his back!


Elissa is having a moment of zen.


"I'm on my knees because I can take it!"


Here they were all "jump in and slide the board under your butt! Try not to die!"


Then they had us try doing it BACKWARDS! Seriously…they wanted to kill us! (It really was amazing and awesome!)


We had the hot Swedish chick as one of our instructors…basically…I would do anything she told me to!


Freakin' AMAZING ship!


Cozumel tomorrow! That should be fun for about a moment or two!

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