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Cruising with Theme Park Review - Feb 2011

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Hey everyone! Another installment of "Cruising with Theme Park Review!" This time we are on the latest and greatest "Biggest Cruise Ship in the World" - The Allure of the Seas! This is the sister ship to the Oasis of the Seas which came out last year. It's insanely huge, to give you an idea, the "Freedom" class of ships were 160,000 tonnes, and Oasis/Allure is 220,000. CRAZY!


Anyway, ship internet is expensive, so no time for words. I'll just post a lot of pictures! Enjoy!


Which ship do you think we are going on?


This installment if Cruising with TPR takes place on the Allure of the Seas... The newest "Worlds Largest Cruise Ship!"


The check in process was really streamlined.


When you have 6,000 people that need to get on a ship, you need a lot of check in desks!


Although we managed to get the dumbest woman on the planet checking us in!


If you've been on either the Freedom class or Voyager class of RCCL ship you'll recognize that the Promenade has been greatly expanded!


On the Allure there is also an outdoor promenade called Central Park!


But it doesn't stop at Central Park... There is a whole third shopping/dining/entertainment section called the Boardwalk.


And yes, of course the Boardwalk has a carousel!


This only the 2nd carousel at sea and the other one is on Allure's sister ship Oasis!


There is also a zip line ride over the boardwalk.


The Boardwalk has enough food to even keep ACErs nearly satisfied.


Awesome choices...all included!


On this ship there are TWO Flowriders. One for boogie boards...


And one for surfing!


Ziplining over the Boardwalk!


Overlooking the Boardwalk.


The Promenade has added a real Starbucks!


Our favourite from the Freedom class ships is back.


Cafe Promenade has gotten a huge upgrade!


Here is the theater where they do the Dreamworks character shows and the high dive show.


There are TWO rock climbing walls!


The ship had lots of these interactive screens to help find your way around.


Central Park offers some upscale dining and if you want to get the salad that is "better than normal sex", Park Cafe is where you'll spend a lot of time!


The gym was also awesome.


"I'm gonna find that bastard that reported my office photo and kick their A$$!"


Caption already written!


It's the sail away party!


Starring Madagascar?


CoastinKatie??? Oh, wait, no. This creature is far more attractive.


It was cool they have the Dreamworks characters, but the show is pretty lame. KidTums enjoyed it, which I guess is what matters the most.


Ok, the penguins taking over the ship was kinda funny.


The penguins totally hijacked the ship.


Interesting how adding familiar characters, rides like the carousel, zip line, and flow rider, combined with several different themed areas makes the ship feel a lot more "theme park" like.


Even Zoltar will take your seapass card!!!


I'm sure the gay pride promenade was a hit on last weeks Atlantis cruise!


More photos will be coming soon!


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To quote Joe from Family Guy, " HOW CAN YOU AFFORD THESE THINGS!!!" (Dubai, Ski resort, all of the TPR trips, the Wisconsin Epcot trip)


But seriously, that looks awesome! Its amazing what modern architects and engineers can do these days, (That atrium has my knees shaking ) I cant believe how big that ship is!


The Dreamworks show looks really cheesy though, but i guess thats what families like!


Nick "I am actually envious of thee money manegment skills!" Wells

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I wonder how smudged and dirty those help screens would get after a few days...

Anyways, I've never been on a cruise but this thing looks like it has everything. (Including a steep price tag! )

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I have looked at those picture a few times now and can't believe how incredible this ship looks. I am looking forward to cruising on Freedom of the Seas in October, but this TR is making me want to book a cruise on one of the Oasis Class ships now. I can't wait for more photos!

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Robb, great pics as always. Was wondering does it feel like you are on a ship with 6000 other people. Are you spending time in lines for everything, zip line, flow rider, food, shows?

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Anyways, I've never been on a cruise but this thing looks like it has everything. (Including a steep price tag! )

You have to consider what you get though. It's not that expensive when you figure that three meals a day are included, and GREAT meals, not just cheap crap. Tons of amenities, activities, and fun.


As for the lines, so far there haven't been any. This ship seems to spread out the crowd VERY well.



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As for the lines, so far there haven't been any. This ship seems to spread out the crowd VERY well.




Now that just sold me on one of these epic ships, thanks for the reply Robb, enjoy the rest of your cruise!


By the way happy V day, looking forward to more chubby sex with you later in the year!!

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I've seen the building of this ship on Discovery Channel. It's great to see some of your pictures en recognize the stuff that had been added with some reasons like the carrousel. I'm sure looking forward to see the rest of your pleasure trip in the next day's. Enjoy

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Does TPR have new image resolution sizes? ... I was going to say "Damn those photos look great for an iphone.", then I realized they are also much larger than normal...



Chris "about to try ziplining off the roof. call an ambulance" Connolly

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I want to go on a cruise so bad now! Thanks for posting these. That's what I love about TPR, it's like a big family. We post pics of things other than theme parks and talk to each other. It's wonderful! Thanks for creating such a site, Robb!

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