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Cruising with Theme Park Review - Feb 2011


Which Beer Cozie should we buy Piers? (See Page 18)  

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  1. 1. Which Beer Cozie should we buy Piers? (See Page 18)

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Lots of people out enjoying the sun.


I'm guessing these were the guys that thought the gay cruise was this week! There's not a female amongst them!


Cupcakes, Donuts, and Gelato!!!! AAAAAHHHHHH! Your killing me! I am so jealous! I think I may just blow my diet this week and eat a dozen cupcakes! That Lady Gaga class was awesome! Piers definitely would do a better job, his class at last years WCB was awesome!


Awesome report as always. Us followers are definitely happy and rededicated for another year of Cult TPR!

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OMG, the chefs signature menu... I love mushrooms, steak, shrimp, chocolate, and bananas. Damn, that yakitori looks amazing as well. Honestly, although this is probably the FATTEST thing I have ever/will ever say, the food is what really sells me on the ships. Sure, I have a lot of fun with the other stuff, but getting a great breakfast and lunch and an OUTSTANDING dinner each night is awesome. My sisters are sooo stupid, they did almost EVERY SINGLE MEAL AT WINDJAMMERS, missed all but one dining room meal. I would NEVER EVER do that, not that theres anything wrong with Windjammers, but the experience of the dining room is great.


The food fan Ghost

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Robb, Do you have to pay for tickets to the shows on this ship or are they included?

The shows are all included.


Are the wine pairings included? If not, can you pay in advance for a package that includes the wine pairings?

Wine or any alcohol is not included, but at certain dinners it IS included. For example, at the Chef's Table, alcohol IS included in the upcharge price. There are packages you can buy in advance for wine, and varying levels of that package.


I too am curious how the Ticketing works on this ship...Do they do shows every night of the week? or just once a trip?

Ticketing is new for the Oasis class of ships. Shows go on every night, and in different venues - The main theater does Chicago a few days a week, Blue Planet the rest of the ship, there are two shows in the Aqua Theater, Comedy Live, Ice Skating, etc.


The main theater has 1,500 seats and will 4 to 6 showings of each show to give everyone an opportunity to see the show. The "tickets" are automatically applied to your SeaPass card, which they scan as you enter the theater. Then once they let you in, the seats are first come, first serve. You also don't *need* a ticket as they do allow standing room in the back of the theater, and they have a "stand by" line for all shows that lets people in 10 minutes before show starts to fill seats that haven't been filled yet.


Basically, if you want to see a show, you absoultely will be able to.

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Robb, any idea if the Freedom has those "automated" poker tables? That'd be a real shame if so.


A couple other things:

- That's pretty cool of RCCL to tweet about the report!

- There's something very sadistic and creepy about that carousel carving pic. Perhaps you're the next HHN icon? Jack the Clown, the Caretaker, the Director, the Carousel Carver.....Michael Roddy, are you reading this?



Scott "hoping for real cards on the felt in October" B.


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Yeah, we absolutely loved the Mariner, but we went without the kids. Next cruise, the girls will be old enough to really enjoy it, so we'll take them along, and it looks like the Allure will be the winner for that. My girls will sit on that damn carousel all day, lol.


BTW, did you guys see The Quest yet? We did that on Mariner, and the section that I was captain of won. Many blackmail worthy pics of me in drag were the result, lol.


Thanks again for the report!

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You guys should try the Carnival Magic-coming out in May of this year. It will have the longest Twister slide yet & another Drain Pipe slide. Allure Of The Seas really needs a coaster to top it all off! They should build a new deck with a giant kick ass coaster spanning the whole entire deck! & A full round of mini golf-18 holes! & A giant ass waterslide. Then it will be complete!

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Robb, what trivia questions were they using? I ask because I wrote trivia questions for both Oasis and Allure and am curious if they are still being used? I also did a word scramble activity for them to use on the large video screen.




It's trivia time! Guess what group of trivia dorks won?

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"I'm gonna fill up this bucket of water... And throw it at DAN!!!!"

C'mon... Aren't all the food torture pictures enough??



Decadent sugar free desserts ftw!!


Looks like a fantastic time! After your birthday cruise, this just makes me anticipate October that much more!! I'm jealous


And any time out with Russ is offensive. Guaranteed!! Tell my "boyfriend" and his "sister" I said Hi!

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They had this whole skit of a shark chasing a guy in a life raft! It was both slightly disturbing and awesome at the same time.


I must now see this show.


I've been ill all week, and have not been eating, so the food pictures are really getting to me! Someone should bring me some warm chocolate cake. Stupid Ice Bat won't make me any...



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