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Mitch Hawker 2010 poll

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Don't give me sh1t for it.


I won't. I've just never understood how you find The Voyage (especially in its earliest years) to be a below-average wooden coaster.


But I respect that you do.

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^ It's not my kind of ride. It never impressed me. And it beat the crap out of me. Even it it's earlier years. I still rank The Raven in my top ten though.


What I don't understand is how a ride that beats the crap out of you as much as The Voyage does lands at some many people's #1 spot. Like I said, some people just shouldn't be allowed to have an opinion...but I respect that they have them, and I just choose to make fun of them for being wrong.


--Robb "Mostly joking of course...mostly" Alvey

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I think it's very possible Voyage may be unseated by of all rides, Boulder Dash. It had a truly great year, while Voyage's last PTC year was it's worse by far. I won't get into the "why I think Voyage is the best" debate again, but even as a fan I can admit I was done after just a few rides last year. I'll be very interested in how it will ride this year.

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Look I'm going to say it...


The Voyage hurts. It's rough. Every time I ride it I regret it as soon as we get to the turn around and get off of the ride feeling like I just did something very bad to my body. I then have to consume mass amounts of Advil just to make my skull stop throbbing.


If this ride was at ANY other park in the country it would not consistently be rated #1. Great for Holiday World as it's a testament to how much people love that park, but let's be honest, the ride hurts and that's why they're trying to fix it! Why would it be getting new trains, constant new tracking, etc. if it was this perfect end all ride that some people claim it to be?!?!


After our rides this summer on it, it will be hard to rank it in my top 50. I'm getting a headache just thinking about it.

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I glanced over at other lists and found out I'm not the only person that ranked Kentucky Rumbler over Voyage. I rode both last year, and Voyage wasn't running as well as it use to, while Kentucky Rumbler was still giving a crazy, action packed, out of control feeling through the whole layout. I guess it all matters on what everyone seeks in a coaster. And I do agree about Voyage's roughness. Might as well put myself in a barrel and roll me down a mountain.

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If this ride was at ANY other park in the country it would not consistently be rated #1. Great for Holiday World as it's a testament to how much people love that park, but let's be honest, the ride hurts and that's why they're trying to fix it! Why would it be getting new trains, constant new tracking, etc. if it was this perfect end all ride that some people claim it to be?!?!

And that's absolutely right. People rank it so highly because they love the park it's in, or they rode it only at "HoliWood Nights", where I admit, the park makes sure their coasters run at TOP FORM.


But those rides we took this year on The Voyage were right up there with the last rides I took on Son of Beast for me. It was just brutal. I honestly can't believe I rode it a second time, and I only did because I couldn't believe how brutal it was, and I felt that had to have been a fluke.


Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the ride. I ranked it much higher in it's opening year, even though it still wasn't my kind of ride. If The Voyage was at a Six Flags or Cedar Fair park there is no way it would be in the top ten. No way. And this is why some people shouldn't be allowed to have an opinion.


--Robb "If you can't be honest with your opinions, you shouldn't be allowed to have one." Alvey

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I'd argue that it's not just love for the park (otherwise, where is the top 10 placement for Legend?), but rather that style of woodie, out of control, challenging and set in the woods. If you look at rides with that type of placement (Prowler, Raven, Boulder Dash) they all rank much higher than they would if they were placed on concrete in my opinion. I'd also bet that 80 percent of Voyage's #1 votes are based on night rides at enthusiast events.


And yes, in 2010 there was no doubt the ride hurt like hell.

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Voyage is my kind of ride. Raven isn't.


And that's not the only quirk in my rankings. I've always been somewhat outspoken. Though lately I've realized that 35 woodies isn't anywhere near as many woodies as I once thought, experience-wise. And more experience = more insight.

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I rode Voyage in '07 and '09, and while my rides in '09 were rougher than in '07, I wouldn't put it anywhere near the roughest woodies I've ridden. Each day I rode it several times, and while I was definitely spent after those rides, it's not like I would have felt after the same number of rides on coasters like, say, Hurler, Son of Beast, Georgia Cyclone, Rattler, or Mean Streak.


As far as which park it's at, that doesn't make a difference at all for me. I have two Six Flags woodies, two Cedar Fair woodies, and a ton of other "small park" woodies in my top 10. A good coaster is a good coaster, plain and simple. In my opinion, Raven is still far too short with far too little action to make it into my top 10.

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We have the same debates every year. Everyone has different tastes and differing ways to judge.


Some people rate Voyage based on a single day at the park when the ride was new. But if you haven't been to the park since it first opened, is it right to lower the ranking based on what others say? The same may be true for other coasters (Ghostrider comes to mind).


Some people rate Boulder Dash solely at night rides even if they have ridden it at other times. Personally, I have a problem with that also because in my opinion Boulder Dash is not as great coaster until it warms up later in the day. Although, it is still pretty darned good at other times.


I know when we complete Mitch's Poll we note if we rode each coaster in the past year, but I'm not sure exactly if that plays into the final results.

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--Robb "If you can't be honest with your opinions, you shouldn't be allowed to have one." Alvey


This needs to be tattooed onto the inside the eyelids of most people.


I haven't done my ballot yet, but I rode Voyage for the first time this year, and didn't care for it. You can have speed and out of control without roughness to the point you can feel the bones in your body be re-arranged (see: Boulder Dash). People can like what they like, of course, but seriously, you cannot say this ride is delivering amazing rides, any more than you could claim that Ghostrider is running as well as it did when it opened. Not honestly, anyway.



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Well, this poll is designed to include opinions from people of varying ages and experience levels. I've only been on 13 woodies. I've been to Holiday World once. It was in 2010. I rode the Voyage five times, and it didn't hurt me at all. It was wild and aggressive, but I didn't experience the bone-crushing pain I've felt on the Beast and occasionally on GhostRider. Even though I found the Voyage excessive in its last 1,000 feet or so, my experience was good enough that I consider it my favorite coaster I've been on. Maybe it's unfair that I have yet to ride Boulder Dash, El Toro, etc., but that's just the way it is. As for Raven, that's one cute coaster and pretty fun, but not nearly exciting enough to rank higher on my list.

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Have had a few rough rides on the Voyage, but none that bad. More so this year (because I think they spent the money they WOULD spend on repairs, on the Timberliners instead), but still it's the Voyage. It's intense. Even it if's kind of rough, it still has an insane amount of airtime...it's been consistently a top 1-3 coaster for me!


Maybe since I'm 19 and come from Kings Island I'd don't consider many other coasters rough Well, the Texas trip sure tested that for me!


This year though, Raven was running DAMN good. I'd say better than Voyage, this year.

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If you're not going to be honest, what a waste of time to do all that work just to try and stack the deck for or against a particular coaster. It takes balls to admit you love a coaster other people may tease you about. But hey, tough! I know a few people afraid to admit they still love Ghostrider and have it in their top 5. lol There is nothing wrong with liking what you like!

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Here were the rankings I made for the poll:


1 Voyage-HW

2 Thunderhead-DW

3 Rampage-AAdv

4 Kentucky Rumbler-BB

5 Raven-HW

6 Legend-HW


8 Grizzly-KD

9 Wild One-SFA

10 Beast-KI

11 Thunder Road (right)-Car

11 Thunder Road (left)- Car

13 Great American Scream Machine- SFOG

14 Georgia Cyclone- SFOG

15 Hurler-Car

15 Hurler-KD

17 Blue Streak-CP

18 Racer-Red- KI

19 Rebel Yell- KD

19 Rebel Yell (backwards)- KD

21 Cannonball Run- Waterville

22 Cannonball- Lake Winnie

23 Scooby Doo’s Ghoster Coaster- KD

23 Woodstock’s Express- Car

23 Woodstock’s Express- KI

26 Mean Streak-CP

27 Rattler-SFFT

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Here is my Ballot. I tend to enjoy rough rides, but not rides that beat the crap out of me.



-Voyage rides were in 07 and 08, and the coaster was so incredibly better than any other roller coaster I've been on that I can't currently believe there could be a better coaster anywhere in the world. The gap on my list between Voyage and Fav Steel(M. Force and Goliath Walibi) is really about Voyage Spots 1-7 and the others 8.


-Both El Toro and Collossus are like weak versions of the steel Hypers. I bet I'd love the other Intamin woods a lot more.


-LOVED Son of Beast way back in 2003. HATED HATED HATED the beast. Still go by those experiences. Would it be fair to change them based on what others say?


-16 is my group of Average coasters.


-Mean Streak was super-duper awful this year.




~"Daniel Twilley"


Abrupt Airtime_____________________________ y y 1

Out of Control Feeling/Directional Changes_ y y 2

Sensation of Speed_________________________ y y 2

Floating Airtime___________________________ y y 4

Lateral Forces_____________________________ y y 5

Positive G's/Loops_________________________ y y 5

COASTER NAME PARK LOC <--Please leave this

The Voyage Holiday World IN y n 1

My Favorite Steel Anypark Anywhere ** y y 2

Lightning Racer - L Hersheypark PA y n 3

Lightning Racer - T Hersheypark PA y n 3

El Toro SFGAd NJ y n 4

Colossos Heide Park DE y y 5

Son of Beast (SBNO) Kings Island OH y n 6

Thunder Run Kentucky Kingdom KY y n 7

Rampage Alabama Adventure AL y n 8

Raven Holiday World IN y n 9

Thunderhead Dollywood TN y n 10

Troy Toverland NL y y 11

Wild One SF America MD y y 12

Georgia Cyclone SFoG GA y y 13

The Legend Holiday World IN y n 14

Grt Am Scrm Mach SFoG GA y y 15

Cannonball Lake Winnepesaukah GA y y 16

Blue Streak Cedar Point OH y y 16

Big Dipper (SBNO) Geauga Lake OH y n 16

Comet Hersheypark PA y n 16

Roar SF America MD y y 17

Twisted Twins-S (S) Kentucky Kingdom KY y n 18

Racer Kings Island OH y n 18

Fairly Odd Coaster Kings Island OH y n 18

Wildcat Hersheypark PA y n 18

Rebel Yell Kings Dominion VA y n 18

Scooby Doo Kings Dominion VA y n 18

Hurler Kings Dominion VA y n 19

Rolling Thunder SFGAd NJ y n 20

Thunderhawk Dorney Park PA y n 21

The Grizzly Kings Dominion VA y n 22

Robin Hood Walibi World NL y y 23

Mean Streak Cedar Point OH y y 24

The Beast Kings Island OH y n 25

------------------------------------------------0 <--Please leave this

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Here's how I ranked things this year:


1. Shivering Timbers @ Michigan's Adventure

2. My Favorite Steel (Maverick @ Cedar Point)

3. The Beast @ Kings Island

4. Hades @ Mount Olympus

5. Cornball Express @ Indiana Beach

6. Phoenix @ Knoebel's

7. Kentucky Rumbler @ Beech Bend

8. Cyclops @ Mount Olympus

9. Raven @ Holiday World

10. Comet @ Hersheypark

11. Voyage @ Holiday World

12. Viper @ SFGAm

13. Wildcat @ Hersheypark

14. Thunder Run @ Kentucky Kingdom

15. Wolverine Wildcat @ Michigan's Adventure

16. High Roller @ Valleyfair

17. Racer @ Kings Island

18. Twister @ Knoebel's

19. Legend @ Holiday World

20. Blue Streak @ Cedar Point

21. Big Dipper @ Geauga Lake

22. Lightning Racer @ Hersheypark (both sides tied)

23. Thunderbolt @ Kennywood

24. Jack Rabbit @ Kennywood

25. Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain @ Indiana Beach

26. Hoosier Hurricane @ Indiana Beach

27. Thunderhawk @ Dorney Park

28. Racer @ Kennywood

29. Twisted Twins @ Kentucky Kingdom (both sides tied)

30. Son of Beast @ Kings Island

31. Mean Streak @ Cedar Point

32. American Eagle @ SFGAm

33. Zeus @ Mount Olympus

34. Fairly Odd Coaster @ Kings Island

35. Zach's Zoomer @ Michigan's Adventure


And a couple of notes:

-Cornball Express was a big change for me this year, simply because of the five amazing rides I had on it during a trip this year. My last visit in 2006 had me hating the ride, and honestly I didn't think I'd ever go back on it because it was just so boring. Took some advice and tried it again in the back seat, jumped about 20 spots on my list.

-The Beast also made a big jump thanks to two night-time rides, one in the front and one in the back. Sure, the back seat of the Beast beats the hell out of you, but riding it at night is one of the wildest, uncontrollable coasters I've ever been on.

-Mount Olympus was a new park for me this year, and Cyclops and Hades both ranked very high. Was able to do about 5 laps on Cyclops in the back seat without getting off, all of which were just amazing. I couldn't say enough nice things about Hades, between the giant drop right out of the station, the tunnel, nearly getting stuck on the far turnaround (they were requiring that 8 people minimum ride at a time so it didn't get stuck), and coming slamming into those brakes... I wanted more.

-Shivering Timbers regains my number one slot this year after all of the work they did on it this past summer. It runs just like new again, which I hope some people were able to feel at TimbersFest. I've ridden this thing every year since it opened, and I don't think it's been this good since 1999 or 2000. At the same park, Wolverine Wildcat was giving some insane rides when I rode it back in May, and had some similar trackwork done to it that made it enjoyable again. Not top-10 worthy, but probably the best Dinn coaster out there.

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In terms of the layout and intensity, the Voyage is one of the most amazing coasters out there. I rated it slightly lower than other coasters because of it's roughness. I rode it three times. My third ride was in the back of the train, and I smacked my rib into the restraint next to me on one of the sharp turns. I was in pain for a few weeks.


Ravine Flyer II is by far one of the smoothest coasters I have ridden as of this writing.

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After not doing doing the poll last year, and having more coaster's under my belt this time around, I was excited to get them all sorted out. My list would probably be at about 10 if it wasn't for TPR trips! I ranked everything with a 1-10, then took those groups and gave them their own number.


Boulderdash is still awesome. I also got to ride Ravine Flyer II for the first time since the film shoot before the ride opened, and was blown away. Still so smooth and full of air. I surprisingly made it to Michigan's Adventure, and Shivering Timbers was unexpectedly excellent. After such a buildup for the Voyage over the years, I feel weird seeing it behind the others. But finally getting to ride it, I really just wasn't blown away. It was good. A long and unique ride with tons of air, but slightly too rough for me. And I tend to like rough.


Favorite Steel (X2)

1) Boulderdash - Lake Compounce

2) Ravine Flyer II - Waldameer

3) Prowler - Worlds of Fun

4) El Toro - SFGadv

5) Shivering Timbers - Michigan’s Adventure

6) The Voyage - Holiday World

7) Renegade - Valleyfair!

8) Phoenix - Knoebel’s

9) Thunderhead - Dollywood

10) Evel Knievel - SFStLouis

11) Rampage - Alabama Adventure

12) Hades - Mount Olympus

13) Viper - SFGam

14) Cyclone - SFNE

15) Cornball Express - Indiana Beach

16) Cyclops - Mount Olympus

17) Lightning Racer (Lightning) - Hershey Park

18) Lightning Racer (Thunder) - Hershey Park

19) Raven - Holiday World

20) Outlaw - Adventureland

21) Terminator Salvation - SFMM

22) Blue Streak - Cedar Point

23) Thunderhawk - Dorney Park

24) Avalanche - Timber Falls

25) Blue Streak - Conneaut Lake Park

26) Twister - Knoebel’s

27) Timberwolf - Worlds of Fun

28) Georgia Cyclone - SFOG

29) Cannonball - Lake Winnie

30) American Eagle - SFGam

31) Le Monstre - SF La Ronde

32) Predator - Darien Lake

33) Cyclone - Astroland

34) Thunderbolt - SFNE

35) Wolverine Wildcat - Michigan’s Adventure

36) Mighty Canadian Mine Buster - Canada’s Wonderland


38) Thunder Road - Carowinds

39) Wildebeast - Canada’s Wonderland

40) Yankee Cannonball - Canobie Lake

41) Comet - Waldameer

42) Zeus - Mount Olympus

43) Pegasus - Mount Olympus

44) Ghoster Coaster - Canada’s Wonderland

45) Fairly Odd Coaster - Carowinds

46) Scooby Doo - Kings Dominion

47) Zach’s Zoomer - Michigan’s Adventure

48) The Boss - SFStLouis

49) Ghost Rider - Knott’s

50) Colossus - SFMM

51)The Legend - Holiday World

52) The Grizzly - Kings Dominion

53) Wildcat - Lake Compounce

54) Tornado - Adventureland

55) Wild One - SFA

56) Comet - Hershey Park

57) Rolling Thunder - SFGadv

58) Thunder Run - Kentucky Kingdom

59) Hell Cat - Clementon

60) Hurler - Carowinds

61) Dragon Coaster - Rye Playland

62) Wildcat - Hershey Park

63) Roar - SFA

64) Screamin’ Eagle - SFStLouis

65) High Roller - Valleyfair!

66) LoCoSuMo - Indiana Beach

67) Underground - Adventureland

68) Mean Streak - Cedar Point

69) Jack Rabbit - Seabreeze

70) Hurler - Kings Dominion

71) Twisted Twins (Stella) - Kentucky Kingdom

72) Rebel Yell - Kings Dominion

73) Hoosier Hurricane - Indiana Beach

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