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Mitch Hawker 2010 poll

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Frankly, I wouldn't blame him if he did stop the poll, based on how so many in the enthusiast community react to the results--even though it would be a shame to see it end.


Yeah, I'd love to see it continue. But I can understand if he wants to spend his time on other activities, particularly those that don't include people intentionally trying to sabotage his efforts.

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What a massive shame if that's true. I really do hope Mitch finds the time or will to run it again, or passes the algorithm on to somebody willing to take up the reigns. Mitch's poll is one of the few things I really look forward to every year in the industry, I hate that we might have lost it because some people can't handle reality or responsibility. Just truly embarrassing.

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That is great news to hear the poll has a green light. I sure hope he gets better soon! I think the poll should be done in January anyway. The coaster season goes on in December in many parts of the world and some people may not get to those parks till after to votes are already in.

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Mitch Just released the 2010 "Best Wood Coaster Poll"


Wood Coaster Poll has been released. VOTE!



The actual ballot is here:



And a very useful Ballot "helper" is here:



TPR **STRONGLY** supports this poll! The results are valid! And even if you've ridden 200 woodies or 10, YOUR OPINION COUNTS! Take the time now to fill out the ballot. It's not as confusing as it looks!


As always, we strongly recommend reading TPR's "Idiots Guide" to filling out the poll if you need some help:



EDIT! Here is my ballot. Since I've been on 164 different woodies out of the 184 that are listed on Mitch's poll, I choose to us the "grouping" method, otherwise this would take me forever!, I choose to us the "grouping" method. As you can see, the way I do it, I have a top 10 and a bottom 10. Assume that ranking #35 is "totally average", so you can see what coasters call "above average" in my opinion, and "below average."


I also think about coasters as "best in their class", so for example, even though a "Scenic Railway" might not stack up to some more modern rides, I'll give a few bonus points for the one I feel that is "best in it's class."


Here goes....


COASTER NAME PARK LOC <--Please leave this

T Express Everland KR,y,n,1

Balder Liseberg SE,y,n,1

My Favorite Steel Anypark Anywhere **,y,n,2

El Toro SFGAd NJ,y,n,3

Phoenix Knoebel's PA,y,n,4

Boulder Dash Lake Compounce CT,y,n,5

Colossos Heide Park DE,y,n,6

Ravine Flyer II Waldameer PA,y,n,7

Raven Holiday World IN,y,y,8

Tonnerre de Zeus Parc Asterix FR,y,n,9

Fireball Happy Valley Song CN,y,n,10

Grand National Blackpool UK,y,y,11

Silver Comet Martin's Fantasy Is. NY,y,n,12

Rampage Alabama Adventure AL,y,n,13

Kentucky Rumbler Beech Bend KY,y,n,15

Ozark Wildcat(SBNO) Celebration City MO,y,n,15

El Toro Freizeitpark Plohn DE,y,y,15

Joris en de Draak de Efteling NL,y,y,15

Thundercoaster Tusenfryd NO,y,n,16

Jack Rabbit Kennywood PA,y,n,17

Terminator Salvatio S. F. Magic Mountain CA,y,y,19

Cyclops Mount Olympus WI,y,y,20

New Mexico Rattler Cliff's NM,y,n,20

Troy Toverland NL,y,n,20

Wild Mouse Blackpool UK,y,y,20

Renegade Valleyfair! MN,y,y,20

Thunderbird PowerPark FI,y,n,21

Evel Knievel Six Flags St Louis MO,y,y,22

Prowler Worlds of Fun MO,y,y,22

Racer Kennywood PA,y,n,24

Dania Bch Hurricane Dania Beach FL,y,n,25

Timber Terror Silverwood ID,y,n,25

Tremors Silverwood ID,y,n,25

Viper SFGAm IL,y,y,25

Cornball Express Indiana Beach IN,y,y,25

Lightning Racer - L Hersheypark PA,y,n,25

Lightning Racer - T Hersheypark PA,y,n,25

Wildcat Hersheypark PA,y,n,25

Twister Knoebel's PA,y,n,25

Thunderhead Dollywood TN,y,y,25

Coaster Playland BC,y,n,25

Aska (S) Nara Dreamland JP,y,n,25

Yankee Cannonball Canobie Lake Park NH,y,n,28

Rutschebanen Bakken DK,y,n,28

Giant Dipper Santa Cruz Bch Bdwk CA,y,y,29

Leap the Dips Lakemont PA,y,n,30

Skyliner Lakemont PA,y,n,30

Wild One SF America MD,y,n,30

Cyclone Astroland NY,y,n,30

Comet Great Escape NY,y,n,30

Screechin' Eagle(S) LeSourdsville Lake OH,y,n,30

Rollo Coaster Idlewild PA,y,n,30

Avalanche Timber Falls WI,y,n,30

Blue Streak Cedar Point OH,y,n,31

Cyclone Lakeside CO,y,n,32

Hoosier Hurricane Indiana Beach IN,y,y,32

Lost Coaster of SM Indiana Beach IN,y,y,32

Thunderbolt Kennywood PA,y,n,32

Rutschebanen Tivoli Gardens DK,y,n,32

Falken Farup Sommerland DK,y,n,33

Regina Tobu Zoo JP,y,n,33

Great White Wild Wheels Pier NJ,y,n,33

Thunderhawk Dorney Park PA,y,n,33

Comet Hersheypark PA,y,n,33

Megafobia Oakwood UK,y,y,33

Loup Garou Walibi Belgium BE,y,n,34

Cannonball Lake Winnepesaukah GA,y,n,34

Antelope Gulliver's World UK,y,y,34

Georgia Cyclone SFoG GA,y,n,34

Shivering Timbers Michigan's Adventure MI,y,n,34

White Cyclone Nagashima Spaland JP,y,n,34

Giant Dipper Belmont Park CA,y,n,35

Roar SF Discovery Kingdom CA,y,y,35

Grt Am Scrm Mach SFoG GA,y,n,35

The Legend Arnolds Park IA,y,n,35

Tornado Adventureland IA,y,y,35

Outlaw Adventureland IA,y,y,35

American Eagle SFGAm IL,y,y,35

Excalibur Funtown USA ME,y,n,35

High Roller Valleyfair! MN,y,y,35

Screamin' Eagle Six Flags St Louis MO,y,y,35

Racer Kings Island OH,y,n,35

Tornado Stricker's Grove OH,y,n,35

Cyclone (SBNO) Williams Grove PA,y,n,35

Swamp Fox Family Kingdom SC,y,n,35

Roller Coaster Lagoon UT,y,n,35

Coaster Thrill Ride Puyallup Fair WA,y,n,35

Vuoristorata Linnamaki Park FI,y,n,35

Robin Hood Walibi World NL,y,y,35

Big Dipper Blackpool UK,y,y,35

Roller Coaster Blackpool UK,y,n,35

Scenic Railway Dreamland UK,y,n,35

Roller Coaster Great Yarmouth UK,y,n,35

The Legend Holiday World IN,y,y,35

Mammut Tripsdrill DE,y,n,35

The Voyage Holiday World IN,y,y,36

Thunder Run Kentucky Kingdom KY,y,n,36

Roar SF America MD,y,n,36

Blue Streak (SBNO) Conneaut Lake Park PA,y,n,36

Judge Roy Scream SFoT TX,y,n,36

Texas Giant SFoT TX,y,n,36

Jack Rabbit Seabreeze NY,y,n,37

Dragon Coaster Playland NY,y,n,37

Wildcat Lake Compounce CT,y,n,38

Twisted Twins-L (S) Kentucky Kingdom KY,y,n,38

Twisted Twins-S (S) Kentucky Kingdom KY,y,n,38

Mega Zeph (SBNO) SF New Orleans LA,y,n,38

Thunder Road Carowinds NC,y,y,38

Rebel Yell Kings Dominion VA,y,y,38

Meteor Little Amerricka WI,y,n,38

Pegasus Mount Olympus WI,y,y,38

Cannonball Waterville USA AL,y,n,39

Gwazi-Tiger Busch Gardens-Tampa FL,y,y,39

Gwazi-Lion Busch Gardens-Tampa FL,y,y,39

Starliner (SBNO) Cypress Gardens FL,y,n,39

Thunderbolt SF New England MA,y,n,39

Cyclone SF New England MA,y,n,39

The Boss Six Flags St Louis MO,y,y,39

Timber Wolf Worlds of Fun MO,y,y,39

Fairly Odd Coaster Carowinds NC,y,y,39

Tomahawk Port Aventura ES,y,n,39

Little Dipper SFGAm IL,y,y,40

Big Dipper (SBNO) Geauga Lake OH,y,n,40

Comet Waldameer PA,y,n,40

Boardwalk Bullet Kemah Boardwalk TX,y,n,40

Hades Mount Olympus WI,y,y,40

Zeus Mount Olympus WI,y,y,40

Le Monstre La Ronde QU,y,n,40

Cheetah Wild Adventures GA,y,n,42

Teddy Bear Stricker's Grove OH,y,n,42

Wildcat Frontier City OK,y,n,43

Underground Adventureland IA,y,y,45

Zach's Zoomer Michigan's Adventure MI,y,n,45

Hurler Carowinds NC,y,y,45

Fairly Odd Coaster Kings Island OH,y,n,45

Kingdom Coaster Dutch Wonderland PA,y,n,45

Zippin' Pippin (S) Libertyland TN,y,n,45

Hurler Kings Dominion VA,y,y,45

Scooby Doo Kings Dominion VA,y,y,45

The Grizzly Kings Dominion VA,y,y,45

Ghoster Coaster Canada's Wonderland ON,y,n,45

Elf Hirakata Park JP,y,n,45

Zipper Dipper Blackpool UK,y,y,45

Triple Hurricane(S) Cypress Gardens FL,y,n,45

Mean Streak Cedar Point OH,y,n,46

The Beast Kings Island OH,y,n,46

Rattler Fiesta Texas TX,y,n,46

Wolverine Wildcat Michigan's Adventure MI,y,n,48

Hell Cat Clementon Lake NJ,y,n,48

Rolling Thunder SFGAd NJ,y,n,48

Wilde Beast Canada's Wonderland ON,y,n,48

M.Can.Mine Buster Canada's Wonderland ON,y,n,48

Stampida Port Aventura ES,y,n,49

White Canyon Yomiuriland JP,y,n,50

Jupiter Kijima Korakuen JP,y,n,155

Twister II Elitch Gardens CO,y,n,156

Colossus S.F. Magic Mountain CA,y,y,157

GhostRider Knott's Berry Farm CA,y,y,158

Magnus Colossus Terra Mitica ES,y,n,159

Predator Darien Lake NY,y,n,160

The Bandit Movie Park DE,y,n,161

Coaster-Express Parque Warner Madrid ES,y,n,162

Anaconda Walygator Parc FR,y,n,163

Son of Beast (SBNO) Kings Island OH,y,n,164

The Grizzly Great America CA,y,y,165

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