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Where in the World is Robb & Elissa???

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To get totally caught up with ALL the photos posted, click HERE!!!


1st Set of Clues (scroll down)

2nd Set of Clues!

3rd Set of Clues!

4th Set of Clues!

5th Set of Clues!

6th Set of Clues!

7th Set of Clues!

8th Set of Clues!

9th Set of Clues!

10th Set of Clues!

11th Set of Clues!

12th Set of Clues - New Location!

13th Set of Clues!

14th Set of Clues!

15th Set of Clues!

16th Set of Clues!

17th Set of Clues!




Where in the world is Robb & Elissa???


Where could we be and where are we going???


That is the question that YOU need to figure out! We will be post photos that will be clues as to where we are at. You need to tell us where that location is! Keep in mind, our location may change each time we post photos! The winner will be decided by Robb & Elissa and the critera will include:


- How well you used the photos to help figure out where we were at

- How many places you get right based on the photos


The rules are very simple:


1. Random "guesses" don't count. Everyone has to "show their work", meaning, they have to explain why the clues we posted led them to think we are where they say we are.


2. Guesses on Facebook don't count. All responses MUST be posted to the TPR thread to count towards winning.


3. Every photo we post WILL be a clue as to where we are or where we are going...however, each clue may not exactly "help" you!


4. Once again, you MUST "show your work" to win! The first person to guess BASED ON THE ACTUAL CLUES will be the winner, even if the correct location of where we are at is "blurted out" ahead of time by another member.


5. The winner will get a TPR Bag-o-Crap, A Club TPR Membership, and a $25 Credit to the TPR Store.


6. Robb & Elissa reserve the right to change the rules at any given time during the contest to make it more difficult on you!


7. NEW RULE ADDED!!! Ok, since I think most of you know now where we are...we are going to change things up a little bit! Here's how this is going to work...


On this trip we are going to be visiting about 20 to 25 different "locations." I am not going to tell you which of these we are considered a "location" or not. That is for YOU to decide!


For each location you get right. You'll get one point! You HAVE to show your work! Random guesses DO NOT COUNT! The more you show your work, the more "bonus" point that can be awarded! So it's going to be best if you tell us not only where you think we are but WHY you think we are there!!!




If you're not familiar with how this game works, please check out our past "Where in the World" threads to get an idea:


2009: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=710716#p710716


2006: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=120896#p120896


2005: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=52755#p52755


I think that's pretty straight forward...now here is the first batch of photos! We will continue to post new photos to my Facebook page and then those photos will be copied here. Remember... GUESSES ON THE FACEBOOK PAGE DO NOT COUNT! YOU **MUST** POST IN THIS THREAD!!!



Where in the World is Robb & Elissa??? Here's where we are...but where is this at? And where could we be going??? That is for YOU to figure out!



What is that thing over there??? And why is it a clue?



Finish the sentence: "Oh, thank goodness...."



Seriously love that country!



Could there be a clue HIDDEN in here somewhere?



Oooh...this might not be a bad idea!









Hilton! Oh, I get it!



"Gotta get it while I can!"



Looks busy...






Helllloooo pussy! I mean kitty...


Where could we be going???


Remember, you HAVE TO SHOW YOUR WORK! A random guess WILL NOT COUNT even if your guess is correct! You MUST tell us what clues led you to believe we are where you think we're at, or where we're going!


The contest starts... NOW!!!

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Is it one location or a series of locations you guys are going to?


As for my assumption, Japanese flag, Paris, oddly Mt Prometheus looking mountain, hello kitty, flu shot for bird flu. My guess is that you're doing a tour of all the international Disney Parks: Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Tokyo Disneyland/Disney Sea.

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Started in Los Angeles, the picture of Superman is from somewhere in Valencia (maybe your house?). Other pictures are from LAX.


Going to Tokyo Disneyland: HIDDEN Mickey, DisneySea looking mountain, seriously love japan, and Hello Kitty are what make me believe as such.

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My guess is that you are at the Melbourne airport in hopes of visiting Dreamworld.




The airport even has a McDonalds!




The Hilton is right there are the airport! So convenient!




There must be a Superman: Escape from Krypton photo to show that you are going to ride Tower of Terror II at Dreamworld? I think so!

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I'm thinking you're headed to one of your favorite parks....Tokyo Disney Sea! Because of the picture of the mountain looking picture seems similar to Journey to the Center of the Earth, and they don't have normal McDonalds there, which is why Elissa is getting some!

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That's the Hilton at LAX, so you are taking a flight out of Hell, to, let's say, Taiwan, since the Taiwan Airport has a Hello Kitty section.


And the logo at the Skycap check in looks like Southwest's, but I'm not thinking that that fits in anywhere...

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EDIT: I can't add your pictures to my reply..


Someone asked you on FB if you were going to Disneyland in Anaheim.. and you said, no, that's a good guess, but you went there 16 months ago..


So.. Japan?

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I was thinking Japan as well, that mountain certaintly looks like JTTCOTE, but at the same time I doubt you would make it that easy considering Hello Kitty is very much Japanese and everyone knows that. As of now my answer is still Japan, but that is likely to change when more clues pop up!

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Flying out of LAX, possibly heading to Japan since the Japanese flag was featured. Not too long ago, you guys posted your first Japan Trip report (I think I saw it on Facebook as one of those look back days or something), and you guys are recreating that Japan trip you took back in 2006ish.

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