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Where in the World is Robb & Elissa???

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I would like to put forth a second guess, on the off chance that my first guess (Las Vegas) was incorrect.


So many hints point to Seattle, but I couldn’t think why you would be visiting Seattle, especially at a time of year when no coasters are open. But now it all makes sense - a ski trip! You’ve gone to Seattle to go skiing at Crystal Mountain and check out their awesome new gondola lift.


The Starbucks sign on Page 1 was the biggest clue, as Seattle is home to Starbucks.


All of the Asian references were big clues as well (the Japan flag, Hello Kitty, an exit sign with Asian languages listed before others), as Seattle has a very large Asian community.


JetBlue flies to Seattle.


Also important here is the name of the airline (which you may or may not have flown) - JetBLUE. And in the next picture, Superman is now painted red and BLUE. And in the flu shot picture, flu rhymes with BLUE. People always get the BLUES in Seattle, due to the gray dreary skies and frequent drizzles.


The Superman clue is also important because it is tall - like the Space Needle in Seattle. The Eiffel Tower picture is significant for the same reason.


And the mountain picture points to Mount Rainier, and the Cascade Mountains, and the Crystal Mountain ski resort, and SKIING.


The roller derby picture is important, as Seattle has a lot of female roller derby teams.


Page 3 has a picture of a shoe. The shoe looks grungy - and Seattle was the birthplace of grunge in the late 80s. Also, Page 1 has a picture of Elissa in black and white - and black and white photos were totally the look of the grunge movement.


I still can’t quite figure Paris Hilton’s connection to Seattle - this may have been to throw us off, or maybe…

Paris Hilton --> annoying blonde chick on drugs --> Courtney Love --> widow of Kurt Cobain, and therefore tied to Seattle.


This is the best (and by best I mean most awesome because I have no idea if it's correct) guess yet.

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Also, post 10,000 Wes?


Sweet. How can I claim TPR Platinum Member status?


I'm not technically allowed to play along even though even I'm not sure where Robb and Elissa are...but you guys are missing some really obvious clues that would totally help! There's a couple items I'm surprised no one has noticed.


I hate this post, dislike! Spending more time looking now...

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Hi there....Where are we now???




Very pretty! Someone say hello to Shane!


Hmmm...if you can figure out this flight path...you can figure out...oh, nevermind!


Love flying at night!


It would appear the weather is a bit gnarly here.


Do people even use pay phones anymore?Now the following photos I did not take myself...but if you can figure out why I posted them, that might reveal a very big clue!


Clue #1


Clue #2


And...oh yeah! Clue #3! Where are we now???


Where are we now???

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My guess is JFK right now, as that is the only place Singapore Air flys the A380 to that is currently night time at. I think that all of Asia has been ruled out, as why fly across the country to go to singapore (though Singapore Air does fly out of Newark, they dont use the A380). So my guess is somewhere in Europe, maybe the UAE.

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Wow this place is nice! Where are we??? It's dark.


If you also hear laughing, you might be inside a Taco Bell salsa packet. Reasoning: "Where am I? It's dark in here, and I hear laughing" is my favorite of those Taco Bell salsa packet sayings.


For the record, I'm not sure where you are--but I wanna know where the girls in Clue #3 are!

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Wow this place is nice! Where are we??? It's dark.


"It's dark" supports both of my previous guesses (Las Vegas or Seattle).


But "Wow this place is nice!" cancels out both of these guesses.


Then again, two of the recent photos support my Seattle / Crystal Mountain ski trip guess - there is a Borders sign (Washington borders Canada) and a Nirvana reference - the flight path caption refers to their "Nevermind" album, and the blue/green colors of the picture are similar to the colors of the album cover.

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Ok well then i think they are at Dulles, that was my first guess as i fly out of that airport once or twice a week, but the pictures of Singapore Air and Denver through me off. I'm back to thinking there going to Dubai.




The flight times work out.

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Ok based off my earlier research many flights from United from LAX to UAE go to Dulles then France. Thus the Eiffel Tower. I think the Denver airport is just to mesh with the picture of the rockies.


I stick with my original guess of UAE, but change to via France/IAD.


Now the quam comes from the reef pictures which are pointing to Guadalajara where the 2011 Pan-am games will be held...

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I think they are going to Duabi but no actual tied with the clue at this time.


Here are my thoughts.


They are probably in JFK airport NOW and then overnight flight to France which the Eiffel tower hints and then they will fly over to UAE to one of the fancy pansy airport. Then they will go to Ferrari World and spend the day. Then they will spend the nights at some local strip club and get 5 lap dance? Elissa could be Bi. Never know!

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