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Where in the World is Robb & Elissa???

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It can't be LAX because LAX doesn't have a McDonalds in the lsame terminal as Wolfgang Puck.


Are you sure? http://www.yelp.com/biz/wolfgang-puck-gourmet-express-los-angeles-2


During the normal day the food is decent, just the lines are long even for Express. Probably because the only eateries in Terminal 7 are this, McDonald's next door, and Karl Strauss Brewery. Wolfgang Puck and Karl Strauss also serve alcohol at their bars.

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You guys are going to Mexico


You're flying out of LAX, Superman is pictured as foreshadowing of you riding Superman el ultimo escape, in the flag shot, the words 'Smarte Carte' have the 'e' on the ends as if they were in Spanish, "Oh thank goodness it's not just me..[xico]", The flag on the left has the same colors as Mexico's flag, 'Baja' Fresh, the 'M' in McDonalds stands for Mexico, the mountain shot is because the spanish word for "roller coaster" is "montana rusa", and if you google Hello Kitty there home is Sanrio.com, based in Mexico.


Have a good trip Robb and Elissa, wherever you're going!

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I think its the Orlando Airport since both Jet Blue and Southwest are in the pictures. The picture of Paris is a poster from Epcot. The tower I think might be the star flyer near Seaworld. The flags and flu shot (SwineFlu) may mean you are going to Mexico. Also the sign with Baja in it may also mean Mexico.


So with all of the clues I conclude you all are going to Mexico City perhaps Six Flags Mexico City

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I see the Eiffel Tower and Hilton hotel and that makes Paris Hilton.

Jet Blue terminal 6 at LAX.

Smarte Carte operates in Australia and Superman backwards could point there too.

Flu shots, Hello Kitty, Flag, I think all point to Japan.

I have no idea where you are or are going.

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Abu Dhabi For Ferrari World....working out below



In the photo of Elissa by the ticketing machines, it looks like there could be a Prancing Horse on her bag


The Travel Adapter in the photo is one of the units to convert power for the United Arab Emirates


Other than that, I think everything else is to put us off the scent...I remember the last Where in the world, loads of things to put us all off!!!!!

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At first the jetblue pic threw me off, because I know you are a Sky Team couple and jetblue is not in their alliance......but they did recently form an interline partnership with Emerites. That coupled with the fact that a few Middle East Trip Reports have gotten attention from you on the forum, I would go along with the Dubai guess I have read so many TR from you that I can't remember if you both have been there before or not

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I think you took United from California because in the Roller Derby in the top left corner it says "United.com". I think you are going to Disney Land Tokyo & DisneySea. Then you are going to Paris due to the fact that you gave us the Eiffel Tower picture and the converter to be used in Europe. There you guys are going to Disneyland Paris.

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The Japan references were too obvious… and by process of elimination, I would rule out countries you’ll be visiting on TPR trips this year (like Japan, Australia…)


In spite of the (too easy) hints at international locations (which could be intended to throw us off track), the JetBlue picture leads me to believe this trip is domestic (since the majority of their flight destinations are in the U.S.)


I think you guys are in Las Vegas.


The mountain picture suggests the volcano at The Mirage. Also, the caption here (“exotic”) refers to the exotic dancers and showgirls in Vegas.


The “Helllloooo pussy!” caption is a reference to the legal prostitution in Nevada (the state where Vegas is located, though prostitution is illegal in the city itself).


The “Yummy!” caption represents all of the 24 hour food buffets in Vegas.


But the real giveaway here was the Paris Hilton reference (spread out between the two photos), as it was in Las Vegas that Paris Hilton was arrested for cocaine possession recently.


So that's my first guess - Las Vegas.

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Movie Park Germany? No, too obvious?



You need to explain how you came up with that answer.


1. Random "guesses" don't count. Everyone has to "show their work", meaning, they have to explain why the clues we posted led them to think we are where they say we are.

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It is for sure in the USA... As indicated by the Southwest Airlines baggage counter (along with Jet Blue). It is not international. (if all these pictures indicate where you are and not where you are going).


Although I am busy right now, if you narrow down the airports at which both Jetblue and Southwest fly in/out of, it should narrow it down quite a bit. Especially with Jet Blue.

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