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Where in the World is Robb & Elissa???

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Are you headed to Moscow? Clues which suggest this are:


Elissa getting McDonald's in America 'while she can' - Moscow McDonald's is the busiest in the world.

The Airbus A380 is the world's largest passenger jet - Russia is the largest country.

Denver Intl Airport is the largest international airport in the US - again reflecting Russia being the largest country in the world.

The flight path is congruent with Moscow.

Also, in the last clue the three colours of the Russian flag are present - blue, white and red (although I guess it's more pinkish).

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Here's how I'm figuring this out (or failing at it)... All of the random picures are red herrings.. I"m not sure what the plastic thing is on Elissa's legs, but Dulles has some interesting flights heading out between 9 and 10:00pm.. If I was Robb and Elissa I'd pick the continental flight to Dubai.. It's Non-Stop and offers the World's fastest coaster (as well as one of the only new intimans they haven't ridden)... Continental is part of the Alliance and one of the only later night, non-stop, direct flights to Dubai.. I hope I'm correct, because those would make for some awesome trip reports and pictures.





Also if I was Ferrari World, I'd pay for R&E to visit (although I'm sure Ferrari World isn't that smart) as they need all the good publicity and media coverage they can get..


Edited to say- That flight would actually be United.. and i'm not even sure if it's flying tonight.. United 6092?



Chris "Thinks Way Too Hard" Connolly

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I have a new final answer:


South America.


In the first group there is a black and white picture where Elissa is holding a backpack. The backpack is seen again in the last picture under the seat. Backpack = Dora the Explorer, and Dora is from South America.

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You guys definitely took off from LAX (La Brea bakery was there). Flew over Denver to connect somewhere in the northeast (not quite sure where).

CHANGED: Destination would be the Netherlands. Why? Well, one of the latest pictures (pg. 13) had red, yellow, blue, and white in it. Same for the shoe (pg 3), in fact, most of the pictures have these four colors. The four colors were used in the famous paintings from Piet Mondrian, who was Dutch.

Pg. 1 pics- Japanese flag - red, white; pic of Elissa - black, white, they are flying JetBlue; flu pic- red, white, black;

Hilton pic- red, white, black. McDonalds: Red, white, yellow, Hello Kitty: Lot's of red, white

Pg. 3 pics- International Arrivals- lots of white, black, some blue; shoe- (mentioned above); roller derby- lots of white, a little black

Other clues:

The largest theme park in the Netherlands is Efteling, which is sort of like Eiffel, referring back to the first page picture.

Plus, the Netherlands (especially Amsterdam) is notorious for partying.

Also, pot is legal in small amounts. Reef? Reefer?


OK. A stretch, yes, but a fun stretch.

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^... I hope you are right, but I'm pretty sure you are just thinking too hard..... If you want to search the way I do.. Get on Kayak.com or flight tracker or even ask someone on flyertalk, which flights leave dulles and head international.. They are definitely headed international, but I'm not going to share the reasons why just yet.


Singapore Airport Picture -The fountains at singapore airport were built by the same company that created the burj dubai fountains..


Thong Photo--- Shit you can't wear in Dubai or you will be arrested..


Another Dubai Point-- Would you bring your child to the UAE? (which is why we haven't seen kidtums).



Chris "sometimes you look for reasons to believe" Connolly

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Why? Very simple.


The A380 picture: While Singapore air flies it, Emirates has more of them- and they don't chuck engines like the Lufthansa or QANTAS birds do....


2. IAD has a daily non-stop to Dubai on the 'new' United Airlines.


Just my .02, but I'm betting Formula Rossa is in the future for them!




(BTW: As of today, No airline currently flies A380 into IAD. That will come this spring when AirFrance adds A380 to Paris in May)

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In case this hasn't been listed, the second two "not mine" pictures Robb poster are:


Denver Airport: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Denver_International_Airport_terminal.jpg

Jeppesen Terminal


The pedestrian bridge connecting the Jeppesen Terminal with Concourse A

Jeppesen Terminal, named after aviation safety pioneer Elrey Jeppesen, is the land side of the airport. Road traffic accesses the airport directly off of Peña Boulevard, which in turn is fed by Interstate 70 and E-470. Two covered and uncovered parking areas are directly attached to the terminal – three garages and an economy parking lot on the east side; and four garages and an economy lot on the west side.

The terminal is separated into west and east terminals for passenger drop off and pickup. Linked below is a map of the airlines associated with the terminals.

The central area of the airport houses two security screening areas as well as a large fountain and exits from the underground train system. The north side of the Jeppesen Terminal contains a third security screening area and a segregated immigration and customs area.

Passengers are routed first to airline ticket counters or kiosks for checking in. Since all gates at Denver are in the outlying concourses, passengers must pass through any one of the three separate security screening areas for admittance into the secure air side of the airport (one at each end of the main terminal, with escalators down to the trains, plus one at the end of the walkway to Concourse A).

After leaving the main terminal via the train or pedestrian bridge, passengers can access 95 full-service gates on 3 separate concourses (A, B, & C), plus gates for regional flights.

Stone used in the terminal walls was supplied by the Yule Marble Quarry, also used for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Lincoln Memorial.[8]


Reef Girls: http://www.surfersvillage.com/surfing/20084/news.htm

Miss Reef Bikini Open

2006 Reef Pan-American Surfing Games


Pan American Surfing Association / ISA

Punta Rocas resort, Lima, Peru

17 - 22 January 2006


The Games concluded with the Miss Reef Bikini Open.


The 2006 Reef Panamerican Surfing Games, Motorola Cup, were supported by Prom Perú, Nestlé,

HP, Braedt, Thermos Brand, Expreso Cial, Pepsi, Peruwagen, Kon y Santa Natura.

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R+E= Dubai... So the only reason to not believe in this, is the flight path that clearly differentiates from the Dubai flight path and a previous poster said that the only flight that travels that way goes to NL.. Everything I can find, validates this... Seriously though, they are coaster enthusiasts and not Chroniq enthusiats, so Dubai makes more sense then Amsterdam to me...


Could the Singapore Airlines picture clue represent the fact that Singapore Airlines is a Star Alliance Member? (stretching)... Also the Denver airport call sig is DIA is an anagram of IAD (Dulles)..


Chris "sleeps now" Connolly

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I am going with Ferrari World due to the facts that you have shown us the Italian Flag and the fact that in the last picture of the last update which had the "BIG" clue in it is the colors in it are red, light green, white and black which are the colors of the United Arab Emirates flag.

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Let's see, I'll play a little, some of the pics I do not know what they mean, except for indicating airport locations...


The first picture has a Ford F150 in the center. F1 comes off very highlighted when you say it.

The Italian flag suggests something related to Italy. Ferrari comes to mind.

Paris/Hilton: Paris Hilton had a reality show in Dubai, via Wikipedia.

There maybe fewer food choices at the location, therefore the need to get some McDonald's.

The adapter, I will take on faith that those who answered do know that it is the right kind for Dubai.

Elissa is pointing to "International," so I assume it is an international destination.

Roller Derby has United.com in the corner. There are many United Flights that will go to or via connection in Germany get you to Dubai.

The exit sign has a 5 on it, which indicates the terminal(D5) at Dulles(Via Flight Tracker). Several international flights go out of there.

The 3 photos you didn't take:

Singapore Airlines used Dubai Airport as a refueling point midway between Asia and Europe.(Wiki)

Denver airport? Have suspicions but so unlikely wouldn't want to guess on that one. But maybe...

The lovely ladies photo has Pan Am in the name. Perhaps an old destination of the defunct airline?

The flight path: reminds me very much of the flight path to/from Munich. Nearly Identical.

Is that a row of 3 seats? If so who is in the middle and who is on the left covered up?


So what this leaves me with is this. Robb and Elissa are going to Dubai to go to Ferrari World to ride the F1 coaster.

They left LAX going to Dulles, they will have to go to Terminal D5. From Dulles they are going to make another connecting stop in Germany , possibly Frankfurt, an old Pan Am Hub, but D5 in Dulles suggests Munich, then to Dubai.


Of course you could be really messing with us all and innocent me fell into your devious traps. Nah, you wouldn't do that would you? Would you? Please tell me....hmm, obvious answers, too obvious, must think more...


No matter what this was fun.

Edited by redmenace8
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OK, now I'm confused...


But I'm pretty sure it's NOT Dubai - for the simple reason that it would be way too obvious a choice, given the recent opening of Formula Rossa. (That, plus the pics don't seem to suggest anything remotely Arabic...) Also, with the coaster being so new, I'm sure it's bound to have a number of mechanical problems to be worked out - I'm guessing Robb and Elissa would wait a while before going all the way to Dubai, instead of gambling on the likely possibility that the coaster's not even running when they get there.


But I do think KT's absence is noteworthy... hmm...

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The funny thing about the Roller Derby picture is, it's a really bad clue, because just about anywhere they go there is a roller derby team! hahahaha, too funny every city someone has named I can tie in a roller derby team. Australia, about 20, Seattle, Rat city roller girls, Denver, home of the #1 team in the nation just won championships.....Montreal, yup there too, even Wisconsin home of the BrewCity crew...hahaha no joke. The roller derby pic was an awesome pic, it gave away very little or did it. god I love this game. hahaha, Robb, please just take a picture of a roller skate to really throw everyone off...haha

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This is my guess:


They had a layover in Denver

United: Flight 452


...because the post was at 7 ET, so a 6:30 arrival seems most logical. The plane is United because the engines are painted blue and the C gates at Dulles are mostly United. They arrived at Gate C3, shown here:


Compare to the picture from the gate. Even the engine color is similar.


As for the flight out, the picture of the Singapore airlines, I am guessing, was taken at London Heathrow airport, which is the only airport in the direction they're traveling where the Singapore A380 flies, so I am assuming they are either going to London, or it will be another layover. United: Flight 924 left Dulles at 10:39. It is a Boeing 777, which has 3 seats near the windows. I am guessing the pictures were sent to ernierocker to post after they left.

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