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Where in the World is Robb & Elissa???

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Robb & Elissa will be in tonight's television special.


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi - Official Remember to check out the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi television special tonight Friday, December 3 in Arabic on MBC1 at 9 pm UAE time and in English on MBC4 at 11 pm UAE time!
(from facebook)


Sorry, it's just a wild guess so it doesn't count. I actually thought there are shorter and direct flight from Lax to Dubai. Another destination I was thinking of is Tenerife, but it seems there are direct flight to there as well. So no realy clue so far.

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I think you guys might be headed for Sweden - maybe for Elissa to once again declare her love for Balder


The flight path was clearly headed to somewhere in Europe and on the pic where everyone is trying to figure out the airline from the carpet, I think the real clue are the two colours - yellow and blue - the same colours, albeit different shades, but still the same colours of the swedish flag


Although I'm probably way off

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You're going to France. Of course there are some national stops before actually arriving to europe. Here's my try.

-The Superman tower has the red and blue color from the Flag.

-Smart Cars are popular en France.

-The italian flag is similar to the one from France, but there's some blue en the flag just off the shot.

-Elissa's pic is Black and White. The first picture ever, was taken in France.

-The Eiffel tower souvenir poster.

-The Hilton = Paris (Hilton).

-McDonalds = FRENCH Fries.

-Crowds (busy) on December.

-The mountain thing = the French Alps

-The Hello kitty pic has Kittys dressed in blue, white and red overalls.

-The Adaptor is for The Continental Europe Area.

-The International Arrivals, is pretty clear.

-Derby = French Derby

-The Shoe is your right foot. Im thinking steering wheel on the Right hand Cars. (hahha not too sure bout this one)

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The picture of the close up on the plane has their knees together so I am thinking Tunisia


Denver Airport looks like a circus tent so maybe they are going to the circus somewhere


The Roller Derby picture also has a small link on the top for United.com so maybe the United Kingdom


Black and White photo means you are exctied for the new Black and White Pokemon, which is Japanese


Hello Kitty is there so that leads to Japan again


The reef girls are for Reef Gear and that is in the US and Australia maybe Australia for some Gnarly surfing


That is all I got and now I have to have sick patients cough all over me.... yippie!

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I'm amused at the number of peopls who keeP mentioning Dubai for Ferrari World.


1) Ferrari World isn't in Dubai. It's eighty miles away in Abu Dhabi, which has its own direct long haul flights from all over the world.


2) There is a direct flight from LAX to Dubai which would probably be the preferred option if R/E were going there...

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I kinda feel like everyone is saying Dubai and no one has been named the winner... I dont think if we keep saying it, it will come true. That being said. I have no clue. Does the robot on the pink bag mean anything to anyone?


Just to make it clear, there is not ONE definitive answer that will declare someone the winner. Here are the rules again for a reminder:


The winner will be decided by Robb & Elissa and the critera will include:


- How well you used the photos to help figure out where we were at

- How many places you get right based on the photos

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My official guess would be fudge, or better yet, Fudgey's, as in, the same trip (or close) as Fudgey has reported in his Japan, Austrailia and Singapore Adventures.


Clue Set #1

Superman Tower pic = Tower of Terror II in Austrailia reference

Smarte Carte is out of Chicago, which is where the international flight left from it looks like

Japan flag pic = Japanese parks

Flue shot picture = Asian Bird flue reference

Hello Kitty picture = Japan Reference


Clue Set #2

Adaptor Picture = Needed in "everywhere you are going"

Shoe picture = red, white, and blue, for Austrailia's flag

Sign picture = Japanese characters as well as "ausgang" for "austrialia


Clue set #3

Mountain Picture = same as Fudgey's page 4 pic when flying across Austrialia where he says "Snowy Mountains in Australia, what..... I don't understand..."

Yellow handset on a pay phone = Stands for good internation call rates - I think this was a basic "international trip" clue

Singapore air = Singapore I think

Reef girl pic = Austrialia is where Reef started


Clue Set#4

Party Bag = Yo Gabba Gabba reference to where it is available in all countries you are visiting

Last picture = all flag colors from the three countries you are visiting


So my final guess is LAX to Chicago then on the other countries - so my order of parks guess is:

Fuji-Q Highland

Universal Studios Japan

Nagashima Spaland on page

Tokyo Disneysea on page

Gold Coast - Dream, Movie and Seaworld!

Universal Studios Singapore

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I am definately going with Dubai. The Dubai flight just landed, http://www.ua2go.com/flifo/FlightSummary.do?Check=&date=20101202&fltNbr=976&deparr=D&orig=&dest=&time=00002359&Check.x=49&Check.y=15 . The flight connected through Denver, and all though everyone points out Dubai is 80 miles from Abu Dhabi, there is a lot of stuff to see in Dubai, and there are even a few small credits.


My guess, LAX-DIA-IAD-DXB on United flight 976. Spend some time in Dubai, then go to Abu Dhabi later on.

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Definitely Dubai on the United flight from Dulles. The picture of the Delta flight is because that landed from Atlanta at a very similar time to the UA one.


And the photo of the travelator is from the long walk underneath the taxiways from Terminal 1 in Dubai to immigration and baggage claim. I have done that same walk so many times!


PS. Enjoy the free wifi in the DXB terminal

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Hi there....Where are we now???




And...oh yeah! Clue #3!


Where are we now???


I am horrible at this sort of game, but I humbly ask for more clues like this one. Please.

I'm actually shocked no one has gotten this yet. It's so easy and obvious!

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