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Where in the World is Robb & Elissa???

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Hi there....Where are we now???




And...oh yeah! Clue #3!


Where are we now???


I am horrible at this sort of game, but I humbly ask for more clues like this one. Please.

I'm actually shocked no one has gotten this yet. It's so easy and obvious!


The girls are wearing Reef t Shirts so I went to reef's website and there was a miss reef competition going on in Panama. So Robb & Elissa might be there.

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The photo of the Reef ladies seems to suggest Assawoman Bay - but this hardly seems the time of year for a visit to Ocean City, Maryland.


Or this photo could support my earlier guess, Seattle - the photo represents the song "Baby Got Back" by Seattle's Sir Mix-a-lot.


Or this photo could have just been included because Robb appreciates some good ass.

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More clues!! Where are they???


Yay! It's our favorite airline!


"Hey everyone! Where do you think we are?"




Its dinner time here in wherever we are at...so many options...


Yay! Subway!


But our choice is one of our favorite restaurants...Wagamama!


"Hey look! We are at Wagamama! This should be a huge clue!"


Wagamama is all decked out for Christmas!

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Are you in London because on the Underground elevators you are supposed to stand to one side and walk up on the other. And All them resturants are in London. Also the fact that it is dark right now in England and It's snowing wuite badly.

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Well, since everything is in English and they are at the Wagamama near Dreamworld in Brisbane, Australia


EDIT: Queen St. Location?


EDIT.2: And there's a BK only two minutes walk from the Brisbane downtown Wagamama!


EDIT.3: and a Subway!

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Choices are now narrowed down to: UK / Europe / Scandinavia.


Judging by the photos, this place has Wagamama, signs are in English, people are white, and X-Mas is celebrated.


Definitely NOT the Middle East.


And not Australia or New Zealand, since TPR is doing Australia very soon, and they would have flown over the Pacific Ocean to get there (not the Atlantic).


And not the U.S. - cause it's daytime here.

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I'm going to go out on a limb and say based on the fact that it looks to be snowing in the airport picture, the escalator pic looks to be from London's Underground, & eating at their favorite restaurant which is based in London, they are in London on their way to Thorpe Park!!

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ok, heres my two cents while standing in line to ride a roller coaster.


robbs shoe = will require them walk a lot

international plug = spoof

flight = leaving LA

dulles = spoof

flight path = left LA and hints international

international sign at airport = something international

elissa with one bag and no KT in the pic = packed lite, means weather is warm or they won't need clothes

restaurants in english and all located in Florida


so where can you go to get your international fix that is robbs favorite place and close to where they got married?



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According to wikipedia (always a reliable source haha), Wagamama "presently includes 105 restaurants,[1] with 66 across the United Kingdom, and a further 39 branches overseas." Oh, boy.

This is a pretty reliable source as well.

True, but I didn't want to look at each individual country and count.

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This is probably going to be totally wrong but here goes nothing. I think they're going to Australia.



- JetBlue (Blue=Australian Flag)

- Superman is red and blue (also flag)

- The three flags hanging in LAX make red, white, and blue when put together (flag)

- In the mcdonalds/wolfgang puck pic the "wolf" making the pizza looks a lot like a dingo (related to a wolf, but from Australia)

- Hello Kitties are wearing red/white/blue (flag)

- grounded adaptor plug might be used in Europe, but it fits an Australian sized plug

- When you look up "roller derby" the first link on the first result is "roller derby teams in Australia"

- Australians speak English which is the first language listed on the Exit sign.

- the shoe looks very "outdoorsy", like it could be used in the outback

- Singapore airlines flies from LAX to Sydney with a layover in Japan (the picture has the sign for "JAL" aka Japan Airlines in the background)

- The picture of the ladies from the Miss Reef competition at the Pan Am games '06 is the most obvious. Reef is a company based out of Australia, the country most known for surfing.

- although the picture with the blanket, pillow, and bag is really pink, blue, and yellow it could possibly be interpreted as red, white, and blue (flag again)

- So far nothing other than the exit sign has been in another language, pointing to the fact that it's an English speaking country

- who the hell else would have a restaurant named "wagamama"? just try saying that with an Australian accent. it works. Also, Australia has a city called Wagga Wagga, to prove my point

- One more thing about wagamama...it was created in England, whos flag is also red, white and blue with the same pattern that appears on the Australian flag.


Thats what I've got so far. I know it doesn't make a ton of sense, but its where the clues point to for me...

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