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Where in the World is Robb & Elissa???

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^ correct


I was in Saudi, but my company took care of everything.


A personal visit to Saudi isn't recommended. Regardless of how the liberal media wants to portray them, Saudi is a very hardcore Muslim society, and the wikileaks documents showed how they still heavily fund Al Qaida. They are nice to the US simply because we buy oil, and have technology to turn oil into many things.


Just getting around in Saudi would be a chore. And you may not even be allowed in the parks. I had no desire to even try. THe only unique and worthy ride is the PAX looping shuttle, which was very close to where I was.


Bahrain and UAE are arab countries, but they aren't like Saudi. At prayer time, EVERYTHING in Saudi closes up while everyone prays. Saudi women must be totally covered, and you aren't even supposed to look at them. And if you were to rent a car, and a Saudi runs a red light and hits you, it would be YOUR fault. Afterall, you are an infidel, and if you weren't there, the accident wouldn't have happened. And I"m not joking



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^You don't come on here and immediately guess where Robb is unless they were to post a mysterious picture for you to guess where they might be. Go to page 1 and read from there.


P.S., almost everybody knows where he currently is.

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