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The Off-Season Survival Thread

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nothing special.. since this holiday is not (really) known in the land of Dutch..

so yeah.. work on Friday (as usual) and server/site and other random things to do during the weekend..


But should be good.. fingers crossed the first snow will arrive...

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We're riding coasters at BGT, the last full day of a central Florida trip. Instead of turkey, we hope to gorge on Montu and Sheikra. I hope it won't be too busy! I'm thankful for Quick Queue.


Happy Thanksgiving all.


I'm envious, just be sure not to choke on a side of Gwazi.

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For most of us, the end of October marks the end of the Theme Park season. So, how do you spend those cold months without coasters or theme parks?


What other hobbies do you have that help manage the withdraw? Post about them here!

Well I enjoy tea and crumpets, long romantic walks on the beach ,mini golf the mini sport of mini kings and and listening to the CD sounds of the City. Those gun shots and sirens help me sleep like a baby

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