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The "Picture Of Me" Thread


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Now I work in Mannheim at the "Rangierbahnhof", but in the future I want to drive the ICE, with 300km/h. Here I have a picture of this train.


Because my work I named me Train Driver in this forum


I drive this train at the moment, it has a maximum speed of 80km/h, the weight is 80t, the biggest train I drive with this lokomitive had a weight of 2500t and was 700m long.


This ICE had an accident with a bird


I want to drive this train in the future, the maxximum speed is 330km/h

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Me about to scuba dive at a quarry. I look fat because I was wearing two 3mil wetsuits and a hooded vest. With all that, I was still freezing. That was my last cold water dive, no more unless I get a drysuit. Also, someone stole my Scubapro Titanium dive tool on that trip. So IMO, it was the trip from hell (when it froze over).


rock quarry in Pelham, AL

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^^Soooo, this is a completely random, somewhat strange/awkward question. But I'm going to ask it anyway.


Aren't you the one that said they were dating someone named Matt, meaning you are both named Matt?


I also see your location mentions TTD, and this makes me wonder if you are possibly a hall director at the University of Toledo. My best friend is an RA there and his hall director (at least I think it's his hall director...) is named Matthew and has a boyfriend named Matthew.


If none of this applies to you, pretend I never asked

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