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Walibi Holland Discussion Thread

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^Well, then why don't you tell us how this retheme is going to improve the park and be great!


What I see is a park gearing to be 'MORE XTREME' and trying to be all hip and cool which often times doesn't work. Trust me from experience here!

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I do think it's good that the old Boomerang is getting a makeover. This is hardly my favorite type of coaster, but the new restraints should be an improvement (they seem to work well on Carolina Cobra at Carowinds). As for the onboard audio, well, we will see. A ride as short as a Boomerang doesn't really lend itself to this.


As for the makeover of the area, it is colorful. However, I don't think it's going to "age" well; that is, it's going to look dated very quickly.

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I agree with others...not trying to be a Negative Nelly here, but for me the on-ride audio just seems silly on a boomerang...or any other coaster for that matter. Waste of money if you ask me.


I don't think it worked too well on the revamped Superman rides (I couldn't stand the garbled noisy crap on Bizarro), but thinking about the hard clanking that goes on when the train is lifted and dropped on a boomerang just seems like an even worse pairing. I give it two or three seasons and I bet they won't even play audio on these coasters anymore (hopefully).


The only on-ride audio on a coaster that I thought was even remotely cool was X2 playing 'Enter Sandman' going up the lift on X2, but even that seemed a bit overkill when the ride itself was already good enough.


Just wondering if on-ride audio would make a crappy coaster like Hurler or SOB good? Hehe...NOT!!!!!

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Promoting the new theme and opening of the season has really started now. Regular commercials aired yesterday, but besides that both songs (w.a.b. and skunx) are on the air at TMF, a dutch musicchannel. And Walibi has signed a contract with nickelodeon, which will probably air a cartoon about both bands in Holland and Belgium.

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Are both spikes going to be covered or just this one little bit?


It's looking very very good. I hope the ride experience with the new trains, audio and FX (?) are as good as the looks of the coaster.

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