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Walibi Holland Discussion Thread

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Anyone else kind of see the funny side of this...they have a clone of 'Rock n Roller Coaster' but the boomerang will be their 'music' ride. No? Just me? That's okay!


Seems a trifle odd to me, too.

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Are they getting the new trains with new restraints?

Last January Walibi World confirmed that it will get a new Vekoma MK1212 train(the same as on Carolina Cobra).


Anyone else kind of see the funny side of this...they have a clone of 'Rock n Roller Coaster' but the boomerang will be their 'music' ride. No? Just me? That's okay!

That's the first thing I thought when I heard it was going to have a music theme!

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Oke, since today the new website was launched: http://www.walibi.com. It has a lot of cool comics and other stuff conserning the battle


Walibi World officially changed there name to Walibi Holland.


ALL the walibi parks will have this new theming, The Music Battle.


The music battle will be a popgroup formed by Walibi (walibi is not a cute and young mascotte anymore, but a more mature one) called WAB. They play against The Skunxs, a rock group that is formed by Sqaud.


The battle will be played on the internet, where you can create an account and choose Wab or The Skunxs as your favourite band. By playing games on the website you score points, and so do all the others. So if you choose WaB, you will earn points for WaB, while the players who choose The Skunxs will earn points for The Skunxs. Making this an online battle.


In the parks themselves a lot of new theming is going one. For example, La Via Volta (the boomerang) is going to reopen the coming season and has been repainted to match the colours of Haaze. haaze is a bandmember of WaB, the purple wearing guitar dude. There is also a rumour going on that it will be called Speed of Haaze.


I'm not really sure how they incorporate the battle in the parks. But I think this new style is pretty good. I think it will make the Walibi parks more family orientated


This is the song by WaB



the song made by The Skunxs


I really think the animations look really good and the music is pretty good as well!


Some other changes that has been rumoured/confirmed:


- The Flying Dutchman GoldMine (wild mouse credit) has been demolished and moved to another park

- Wok's Waanzin (the little kiddycoaster) will move to the old Flying Dutchman spot

- They removed everything from the entrance hall, litteraly everything. They're reorganizing the merchandisingspots and all the other stuff

- (rumour) Walibi also got a permit for inside building. This could be connected to the changes they are making in the entrance hall, but there are also a lot of rumours going on that they are going to get a 4D theatre

- They also got a permit for removing 8 buildings, but its not sure which buildings will be demolished. I think one of the buildings will be the King Solomon Mine stage, that show hasn't run for couple of years now but the stage is still there



List of name changes (old - new):



Cavalli Baroca - Merrie Go'round

Picolini – Super Swing

Bonte ballonnen – Fibi’s Bubble Swirl

Rockey’s Trucks– Haaz’ Garage

Boris Ballenfabriek – Kids Playground

Woks Waanzin – Rattle Snake

Joe stuntvlieger – Squad’s stunt flight

Toeter – W.A.B. World tour

Koa’s Komische karretjes – Walibi’s Fun Recorder

Lollige Lilly – Zenko’s Graffity Shuttle

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While I like that they are doing something different, this whole project seems really strange. While I like seeing all the marketing they are doing, it's for a ride that most visitors have probably ridden (whether at this park or another). I am interested to see how the park ties the battle of the bands/music theme in besides the on-board audio, and it's great that they are investing in a long SBNO ride, when they could have just as easily removed it.


Although, isn't a Boomerang a little too short of a ride to have on-board audio in the first place? I hope it works out well, but as of right now, I don't see the reasoning behind it. I see that it is part of a music themed area, but the on-board audio seems a little pointless IMO.

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I should have been more clear, I actually think the retheme of the boomerang is somewhat needed as it was down forever, a lame boomerang, and at least this will give people a reason to ride it.


I meant the whole front area of the park that they seem to be changing into this 'music battle' theme is just odd and ugly.

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