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Walibi Holland Discussion Thread

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  • 2 weeks later...

This looks very cool.


It's great how the coaster makers and owners

are figuring out that it doesn't take too much

to give a steel coaster some good Theme-Love, lol!


Might be worth a visit to WH in the not too distant...


Might be.

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Here is a video of Walibi Holland shot with my new handycam


(Youtube link removed)


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  • 1 month later...

Two new things:

1. Xpress is getting repainted:

I see a red coaster and I want it painted black


2. Walibi Holland will have 4 haunted hauses next Halloween:

1. Eddies funhouse of fear (= Club Roxy)

2. Alice in Horrorland

3. The Villa

4. Psychoshock (NEW)

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I last rode Xpress in 2010, it was more smooth then Kanonen (Liseberg) in 2010. The OTSR's are slightly more uncomforable though, but the ride itself is very smooth.


They should just put a mechanism in it so the OTSR's don't 'click', but should have an 'infinite' number of possible settings.


Someone on themepark.nl seemed to know that you can just replace the passenger module; you do not need to replace the entire train to upgrate to MK 1212 is what he said. I don't know his source though.


The rollercoasters in walibi holland, descending in ride comfort:

1. Goliath

2. Xpress (SBNO)

3. Speed of Sound

4. Robin Hood

5. Rattle Snake (used to be Woks Waanzin / RoadRunner Express / Keverbaan)

6. El Condor


Rattle Snake is very uncomfortable, because their programming is really weird. It just doesn't /barely brake(s) when running through the station for the first time, and the second time it stops in under .5 seconds. Also, the friction wheels work very fast. This results in weird quirks when riding. The el condor shakes like hell. It's a fun ride, but it's a mindblender .

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  • 2 weeks later...

Official: Walibi Holland gets a new ride next year: a 5D cinema. The movie is probably going to be Rokken Roll (dutch edition).

The big question is: when do you call it 5D? Both the french walibi Parks got 3D cinemas in 2011, Walibi Belgium already had a 4D cinema. What's a 5d cinema? Rotating seats?

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Yes, it did have a bad season, but.. All stalls were caused by one and the same problem: User Error: people keep trying to climb fences and when the operators notice that they press the emergency brake button. Thus the train gets the brakes applied fully and stops. Usually it stops in the location between the looping and the chain lift, but some cases it doesn't, because the train is already half-passed the emergency brakes.

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