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Walibi Holland Discussion Thread

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I would go "mad" if I did not have rollercoasters to ride, the rides help with peoples angry and can even help them cope with everyday life.



Here in the UK we pay 17.5% for everything apart from 6% on gas, water, electric and 69.9% tax on fuel.


I have a 3-bedroom house which I pay £900 a year Council Tax on.


Does the UK look good now..? I going to feel sorry for the people who are left behind when I move country.

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This week vekoma is going too replace and install new row's on the train of the El Condor. the 1st and the 8th row are going to be the first which will be replaced by the new seats.


these new seats will have pneumatic bars and will look like the new junior inverted seats... such as Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Flyer in Moviepark Germany



this week personal is going to test it and on friday the ride will be open for visitors.


is not sure if these seats will stay on the train after the two weeks of testing, nor the fact if the hole train is going to be replaced with the new seats.



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Interesting, I sure hope it works out. Is that picture taken of the train on El Condor or is that a differant train on a differant coaster?


those are the drawings for the junior invert, but the onces on El Condor will be very similar

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tommorow (17sep) vekoma will install the seats.


today supervisors asked personal if they want to come on tuesday for testing.


and friday (21sep) the park will open again for visitors. so everyone can injoy the new seats.


these are the facts which are sure...

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Vekoma engineers had some fun at Walibi World today, as they tested a brand new seat & restraint concept on the El Condor (back in 1994, the company's inverted coaster prototype).


The front row of an existing, regular old SLC train has been equipped with seats similar to the ones found on the company's Family Suspended Coaster (Kvasten & Jimmy Neutron), but equipped with a flexible shoulder restraint similar to the system found on a B&M Flying.


According to the handful of lucky riders (in September, the park is closed on weekdays) the ride is still a little bumpy as the chassis is still the same, but because of the new restraints, it's now entirely headbang-free.


Photos below by WalibiWeb.


...complete with seatbelts. :-)


It's like a racing seat...

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I really like this design. If these new restraints are as good as they look, watch out! Hopefully Vekoma can modify these new OTSR so that their sit down looping coasters can receive some much need comfort. Would that make Boomerang coasters ridable again? There's only one way to find out!



Edit: Woot 50th post!!

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