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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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It's hard to not like this park when there's things like this! Back to the Future's my favorite movie made in that decade, so seeing this is just excellent!


I am trying my best to plan out my summer and make it to this event, but it's too soon to tell... Crossing my fingers I can though.

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Season Passes: 6 Perks You Might Not Know About


By Paula @ Holiday World

Published January 10, 2015


We’re fast approaching the last day of our current discount for Season Passes (midnight January 15). Still on the fence? Here are six perks you just might not know about:


1. We’re not going to save this one for last, because it’s the one we’re most excited about: Thunderbird Preview Night on Friday, April 24, from 5:00 to 10:00 pm CDT. Season Passholders only will be invited to visit for five hours of fun riding Thunderbird, The Voyage, Crow’s Nest, Mayflower – and lots more! And if you live close by (or want to take a lovely drive this spring to check out Thunderbird from the highway), you can take advantage of our Early Season Pass Processing Dates, so you’re ready to stroll right through our gates on April 24.


2. Discounts: Use your Season Pass in the park for 10% savings in our shops and restaurants. There is also special discounted pricing for Season Passholders who attend Rock the World and HoliWood Nights. Plus, you can add HoliCash to your Season Pass – no need to wear a wristband!


Fourth of July Fireworks 768x384 3. An obvious perk is that Season Passholders can stop by for just a few hours, just for a discounted meal and a show, or for a late afternoon swim. I’ve even spoken with some moms who bring their smaller children over a few mornings each week for Santa’s Storytime and lunch before heading home for nap time. If you enjoy fireworks, you can celebrate the start of the weekend each Friday evening in June and July with Friday Night Fireworks (July 3, 4 and 5 we even call it a “Fireworks Extravaganza“!).


4. Season Passholders quickly realize that a less-than-perfect weather forecast can be a great day to visit. Fewer families tend to visit when stormy weather is predicted, so lines are shorter – and often much shorter. If the day does include a storm, you won’t mind cutting your day short or waiting for rides to reopen, because you know you can come back again and again!


5. Are you a scrapbooker? The head shots on our Season Passes provide a sweet way to keep track of the years as your little ones grow from riding Dasher’s Seahorses to Scarecrow Scrambler and from The Raven to Thunderbird.


6. Here’s a tip from our new Guest Services Manager, Angie: Either keep the Passes in your car, so you don’t forget them at home on the counter, or spend an extra $5 per Pass to have a second one made. That’s also handy if you want your babysitter or grandparents to keep a set on hand.


We’ll also have Discounted Bring A Friend Days – details to come! And this is our first year to offer an Easy Pay option, with a monthly installment plan.


We’re just over 100 days away from Thunderbird’s first flight – we hope you’ll join us!

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This happens to fall on a weekend I already had taken off work, and I can't think of a better way to spend it. I've heard nothing but good things about this park, and a chance for ERT on an amazing and unique coaster? I'm in. Club TPR membership bought, and Holiwood Nights tickets bought. I'm really excited to finally get to see this place in person.

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I'm still very curious how they're going to connect Thunderbird to the Thanksgiving area especially with Hyena Falls' uncomfortable placement in between the two. I'm sure it'll make since later down the road once they repurpose Pilgrim's Plunge/Giraffica and add more attractions. Since Hyena Falls' placement in 2013 I haven't been a fan of it at all, but believe the master plan has everything making sense eventually. I am a fan of Sparkler's relocation and re-theme.


Right now it's just as bad as Intimidator 305 being next to an alien/UFO coaster in the Congo area of Kings Dominion. I have faith in HolidayWorld that they'll stick to their word and surprise us of how it'll all make sense later on though.

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Also, it reeeally helps to source the stuff you grab from random places on the internet. This includes adding a link directly to the specific post being referenced from Twitter and Facebook. Some of us wanna retweet/share that stuff without having to dig too much, 'ya know?

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Polar Expresso would be a great name for a coffee shop in the Christmas area.


In a similar vein to, but with a considerably worse pun than this suggestion, here's an idea for a ride in 4th of July (Sparkler replacement?)...one of Larson's new Giant Loops (provided it's not marketed as a coaster) named Let Freedom Ring.


Y'know...because it's a ring?


*crickets chirping*


G'night everybody.

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