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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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This and gatekeeper are the most beautiful out of all the wing riders, and are two of the most beautiful coasters ever.

Even wild eagle???

I would have to give a slight edge to gatekeeper


The only beautiful thing about GateKeeper is the entrance fly-over. Thunderbird's low to the ground through the trees will make it better then GateKeeper when it opens.

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Sorry to take a break from Thunderbird talk, but I was thinking about going to Holiwood Nights this season and was wondering if anyone here had any experience with the event and could answer a couple questions for me.


In the past, how crowded are the ERT's? I know that Thunderbird will likely boost the numbers a bit, but it would be nice to know what to expect. I'm also curious to know if I would get enough laps during the ERT's to not need to ride any coasters during the regular hours.


Was there any down time on Saturday to head back to a hotel and sleep?


Do most of the guests stay as late as possible, or do the ERT crowds thin out as it gets later?


Any other experiences that I should know about/expect?



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^Last year ERT was awesome. The only line to get on was for the front seat, and you could switch around to different seats all night and never leave the station. The crowds seemed to die down but not until pretty late, like maybe 11.


The food lines were longer than the coaster lines.

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but rather snow-less winter here in Indiana




It just means that in March when everyone is ready for summer it will dump 12" on us. Late snowy winters have become the norm in the Midwest, anymore.

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