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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

P. 767: WinterFest Media Night Report

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Ah, seeing pictures of Kings Dominion back in its early days always bring back such good memories ( not to mention a tear or two ).


Back in 1990, I remember walking down to the Wave Swinger when I glanced over to Lake Charles and saw this massive, green-colored looping coaster that was being built over the lake; and I was so excited that I wanted to get on it and ride, even though it wasn't finished yet. I saw those first two loops, with the second loop being a sidewinding loop, and I thought to myself Is a loop like that legal? As I got in a closer look, I notice the first drop took you into an underwater tunnel and I thought to myself Now that's gonna be wicked regardless if its legal or not! I knew that I couldn't wait until 1991 for the opening of that new coaster.


Opening day for Kings Dominion's 1991 season had terrible weather: it was foggy, cloudy, and cold that day, plus it rained for a bit in the afternoon. Still, that didn't stop me nor a million other riders from taking their first ride on Anaconda. How many other coasters out there have you riding above a lake? Between that first ride in 1991 to today, I must have ridden that ride over fifty times, despite how rough it is.


In closing, I don't know how many more seasons the Anaconda has left, but it will continue to excite its riders until then.



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Seeing that the recent blurb about i305 stated "later this Fall," I'm guessing that could be anytime between the end of Sept and Oct. My plane tix are already bought for a BGW/KD weekend the weekend of 9/27-9/29. I'm so beyond bummed out about this, since i305 was pretty much reason #1 for making the trip. Obviously, things like this happen, and it's out of my (and probably the park's) control... still, it will be a sad trip walking by a closed i305...


I already grabbed my BGW tix and QQ for that Friday. We were planning on doing KD on Sat. and Sun., but is it worth us getting Fast Lane both days if i305 isn't open? I mean, obviously there are a ton of other coasters there to ride (even though Fast Lane can't be used for them all), but I don't know if shelling out the $200+ for 2 days of Fast Lane is worth it unless it's to re-ride i305 a million times (which was the plan).


Assuming i305 will be down (which is the safe bet), do you guys think we'd be fine just doing Fast Lane one day, and be able to get on everything between Sat and Sun? We're not really that interested in the haunt stuff--we'll probably do some of it, but it's not why we're going.

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^Oh, whoops. I didn't realize Haunt started that weekend. You lines might be a little longer as the days wear on, but most people are going to come in the late afternoon and early evening so you'll be okay. I've been to KD on plenty of Sundays during Haunt, and with getting there at opening I've always managed to hit every coaster by 1-2pm.

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Apparently Intimidator 305 has been spotted testing today, so it sounds like it definitely has the potential to be up and ready for Haunt season!


Speaking of Haunt, Kings Dominion has been teasing the new mazes (Miner's Revenge and Zombie High) on their Instagram.


Meet one of the miners in our new maze, Miner's Revenge.


Meet Charlotte. She was just about to be crowned Lake Charles High School's homecoming queen when when a science lab experiment went awry. Will you be one of the newest students to enroll in Zombie High?


This is Eugene, he was the student working in the science lab when his experiment went wrong. Gene was working on an elixir hoping to make Charlotte fall madly in love with him, but his project failed. Visit the lab and see if you can save the rest of the class at Zombie High.

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From the Official Kings Dominion Facebook page:

Over the years at Kings Dominion, several popular rides, shows and more have come and gone. So answer this...


My favorite past attraction at Kings Dominion was _______.


Stay tuned for an exciting announcement tomorrow afternoon at 2pm right here on our Facebook page!


Does this mean an attraction is leaving for something new in 2014 or 2015? Ironically, the bigger better Planet Snoopy announced last year was also done on September 12.

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I bet its I-305 re-opening... It be funny if they bring back H:XLC 2.0 - an intamin Xcelerator clone one could wish! lol! If it were a new attraction hopefully something like Diamond Falls coming back... but maybe more of an Intamin Divertical/ Pilgrim's Plunge type water ride.

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