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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

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So does this mean that there will be even less woods around The Grizzly now?


Doubtful IMO, as I'd think they would want to keep as many trees as they could with a walk-through attraction, if not for the ambiance, certainly for guest comfort. And "near" Grizzly, doesn't necessarily mean "next to" Grizzly. Although I'm rather stumped to where they plan to put the entrance.

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Couldn't Old Virginia get a better attraction after so many years of neglect?


I agree,I'd rather see a B&M invert over there than this & after what happened at KI with one of the dinos going up in flames I'd HATE to see that happen anywhere near grizzly.....now if it were behind hurler that'd be a different story.


Edit:I hear rumors that the go karts may be getting the ax in 2012 so that may be where the DA entrance will be located,either that or the ED site.

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It's going to be cool to be riding down I-95 and looking at Kings Dominion seeing 3, 300+ foot tall towers!


I was thinking about this earlier. The windseeker, on the highway side of the park, with its' cool lighting package, will be a neat advertisement for the park.

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So this is the fourth former Paramount Park to install/announce a Windseeker... When's CGA's turn? Windseeker isn't noisy and it's closed for the majority of the season anyway.


CF should just remove Flying Ace at KD and give it to CGA, they can call it "WindSeeker".


CGA would do that...

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Why must Cedar Fair keep adding the same ride to their parks? Four Windseekers in one year and two the next year...it's crazy. Plus three Dinosaurs Alive! attractions in two years?! Seriously?


Do they know what 'variety' means?


Let's keep in mind that the CF parks are regional parks so the locals are gonna really eat this up,I for one am REALLY looking forward to windseeker next season not only for the thrills of the ride experience but for the views of the surrounding area it will offer.


Anyone gonna be at the park tomorrow? I'll be going and can only hope that it's not gonna rain this time for a good portion of the day as I'd like toget in as many rides as possible.

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LIke them or not, I think these "Fast Pass" style options are here to stay. Being as Six Flags and Busch have such systems in place, Cedar Fair needs to do this to compete.


Will it work out for them? Time will tell.

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