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Phantasialand Discussion Thread

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Tobi from the Phantafriends forum, who created and updated his model of Klugheim to show how construction was progressing, has started a new model! This time to document Phantasialand's new construction site, on the former site of Race for Atlantis. No details are known about what is being built but presumably this will be a 2018 attraction(s).


At the moment though it is literally just a hole in the ground.


Really intrigued as to what it will be. Will it be an expansion of the Fantasy or Berlin themes, or an entirely new themed area?

What sort of rides will it feature?

Hoping for a modern dark ride.


The site looking towards Maus au Chocolat. Showing the concrete pile walls.


The site looking the other way towards the road and Winjas on the right.


Diggers and trucks are still working away removing soil and rubble. The raised pathway in the middle is for trucks to drive out of the pit.


The blue line represent a pile wall which is currently being poured. The white areas show where the drills are currently operating.


Tobi is using a small figure of a builder to show how deep the pit is. He guesses it is around 5 meters deep at the road side and 3 meters deep at the side of Maus au Chocolat.


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This off season the park are continuing to add new theming to River Quest. This is the last phase of the ride's refurbishment.

The new Klugheim style rockwork looks great!


From Phantasialand's blog Mission Off-Season.




As RQ is now part of Klugheim, are the horns a slight nod towards Taron?

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I'm praying for a new coaster in this new spot, I think a dive machine would fit in the park well, or a small compact woody both utilising the trenches in the ground like all the other coasters do there. Im looking forward to see what actually happens


You really shouldn't get your hopes up.

There really isn't much chance of that happening. They just installed 2 coasters in one year after building none for 10 years. While I doubt it will be another 10 year wait I can't see any new coasters for the next few years - at least until TOTNH is uo for replacement. Unless this new area is a kids area and includes a kiddie coaster like Europa Park's Baaaaa Express or Hansa Park's Der kleine Zar I'd go as far as saying there is an absolutely 0% chance of a coaster here.

The next attractions will almost certainly be family rides as Phantasialand isn't a thrill park.

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Phantasialand have applied to copyright the name: Rookburgh.


Could this be the name of the new area/attraction currently being built on the site of Race for Atlantis?


However the name does sound very Klugheim-ish/Medieval so some on the forum PhantaFriends are suggesting two things:


1. River Quest might be renamed as part of its Klugheim retheme.

2. A Klugheim themed hotel with possible sites being the land the park own behind Kaiserplatz and the temporary plant wall in Klugheim, or on part of the mystery car park - for the 2017 the park has built behind Ling Bao a massive dedicated area for parking buses which would free up some space on the current car parks.


Or it could be be something else entirely!

Hopefully some more details will come soon or when the park opens next month.



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From Phantasialand's Facebook page.


They posted this photograph along with a caption saying their off season mission to make their finished attractions even more finished is underway.


Seems Chiapas is also getting some new theming work.


Together with the last phase of the River Quest's retheme/refurbishment, the second phase of redoing the rockwork around Black Mamba, additional theming in Klugheim and construction for 2018 they are certainly busy this off season.


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To mark the park's 50th birthday Phantasialand will have 4 celebration days in the summer. For 4 Saturdays, 2 in July and 2 in August, the park will be open from 9am to midnight! With extra entertainment and a fireworks display each night.

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Update from Phantasialand on the new theming of RiverQuest (quite sure that name will stay).


I agree there. I doubt they'd keep referring to it as River Quest in these blog posts if that wasn't going to be it's name when it reopens in April. River Quest is also rather well known a name change might confuse people.

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Accident occured earlier today on Winjas, not sure which track. He was maintaining the track and I believe was struck by a car, all sources I have found have been really unclear however this is from @kirmes_entertainment on Instagram.


Related article I found:


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^ Oh no. My thoughts are with his family. Always sad to hear of a death, especially when it's at a theme park.


Agreed, just found out more details, he was crushed to death by an elevator. Haven't got a written source but its probably on like Kirmes.

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More off-season updates from their Facebook Page:


Chiapas recieved a new entrance portal!



More rockwork in the Africa area



And a new transition between the Chiapas area and Talocan; there was a dead end until now



And I don't really know why, but they added a boat to river quests theming.


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This improvement to themeing is exactly why I chose this park to be the one I visit in April. I can hardly name any parks which put so much effort into such amazing and exquisite detail to the park, never mind one which every year keeps adding and adding to the rides to make them better! Every park I have been to before seems to make a ride, then think they are done. Maybe a re-theme, but mostly everything is left to loose color, effects become outdated or brake, and a thin to thick layer of mold covers everything. This park looks to take amazing care over all rides, which is amazing to see.


As I will be visiting during the Easter holidays (during the week) I expect it will be busy on my visit. I am saving Taron for the evening ERT, so what ride should I head to first and second upon opening to reduce my queues?

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