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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

P. 372: Serengeti Flyer swing ride announced!

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Looks like Intamin has achieved yet another great "extreme family coaster". These milti-launchers seem like a great addition to any park (smooth, thrilling, but not intimidating) I hope to see more rides like this and Maverick soon!

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We were fortunate enough to be invited to the VIP event this evening and I can't begin to describe how awesome and amazing Cheetah Hunt is! An "extreme family coaster" truly describes it perfectly. In fact every time I rode it I kept thinking, this is a perfect roller coaster and the best addition possible for BGT. No question they have a world class winner on their hands.


I managed to get seven rides in, twice in both the front and second rows, as well as rows 5, 6 and 8 (last). In my opinion front row left side is the best, but every seat on the train is amazing!! Just absolutely glass smooth, packed full of surprises, airtime and thrills, all you want to do is get back in line and ride it over and over. We were lucky to get the second to last rides of the evening which ended around 10:30. Even the station and queue building is a work of art.


The food and entertainment the park put on was absolutely over the top and first/world class. Bacon wrapped scallops, crab cakes, mini beef wellingtons, shredded pork with apples, artichokes topped with some sort of really tasty dip, cream cheese stuffed dates, carved roast beef, chicken skewers, hummus, olive tapenade and flat bread, fresh fruit skewers (like those edible arrangements) and a seemingly never ending selection of delectable desserts. This was all for a crowd of what I'd say was well over a 1,000. The highlight of the entertainment were artists who painted huge canvasses of Cheetahs and the Cheetah Hunt theme all set to music.


Wow, what a night, and even more what a great coaster!

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Right on... good update. The interviews were clutch... it's always nice to bring the commentary from the shot callers... hear what was in their collective heads... where a concept started... and the inspirations that took imagination and brainstormed ideas through transpirations bringing it forth in real time. Looked like nice spring weather... good day for a ride (and re-ride, and re-ride, and re-ride... oh, and repeat).

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^ I'm actually even more embarrassed to see some people I recognize as TPR members. Seriously guys, as 'experts' in theme parks, one thing everyone on this forum should be aware of is that any time you do something that breaks a mold, tries something new, etc, you run the risk of having some downtime.


It's not like the park is doing this on purpose, and I'm sure they are working insanely hard, under EXTREMELY stressful conditions to get the ride back open.


If some of you that have posted to their Facebook are reading this - here's a little tip - writing disparaging comments on their Facebook page is NOT going to help get the ride open any sooner.


It's just going to make you all look like a bunch of a$$holes.


--Robb "Please just be patient, and give the park the breathing room they need to get the ride open!" Alvey

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^^Scott, I love those people who are complaining about a 4 hour downtime because they think it has been working perfectly for the employees the entire week before. They had a 2 hour downtime the first night of actual employee preview! Guess what people, it's a brand new ride, and not only that it's a launched coaster AND an Intamin. These things never work 100% right their first day. Everyone should know to expect delays like this and be ready to go do something else for a while. It's not like the park is doing this on purpose. Also, I've noticed a lot of people doing the usual complaint of the park not informing guests what's wrong with the ride. Unless they know how the ride system works they wouldn't know what was going on even IF the employees told them. People like this really chew at my nerves...

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I can't believe the comments they've got littering their page - these people (the complainers) are crazy! I don't think I'd be able to run their Facebook page, I'd lose it and start yelling back!

Can I suggest that maybe some TPR members could post some words of support on their Facebook page to help balance out the idiots? Don't yell at the idiots, but at least giving the park some words knowing that there are actually people out there who 'understand' could at least help with their stress levels.

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Got to love social media and how fast news can spread - already on the St, Pete Times website.



This post really pissed me off:


"I will be demanding a full refund of my admission today and canceling my annual pass because of the failed attempt of the so called opening of cheetah hunt!" posted Antonio De La Garza. "We waited in line after line just to be turned away!"


It's called common sense, get out of line and the sun and due something else! They should take his pass away form him, they don't owe him anything.


Sometimes I really hate people.

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