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Coney Island (Luna Park / Deno's) Development Discussion Thread

P. 60: Phoenix coaster announced for Phoenix at Deno’s Wonder Wheel

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Ok, so I am heading to NYC on the 20th, and have been reading the past few pages, namely about Thunderbolt. So far, what I am getting are mixed reviews, and while that is going to be typical of any ride really, considering it's a new coaster it is a bit worrying, so I am wondering if I should ride it now or go next year and hope they've done revisions? I'll be definitely riding Cyclone - that's the main purpose of the trip - and probably will do the Volare (it can't be THAT bad, can it?).


Just get a lap in on Thunderbolt, the three bunny hops are worth the cash alone if you like airtime (some of the strongest in the state). They say revisions are coming but honestly, having ridden it, I just do not see it getting much better. If it was some simple thing with the cars that needs to be fixed you'd think they wouldn't have to wait for the off season. It's nice to be optimistic, but I wouldn't say it's worth putting off, because you never know, it might even be worse next year. Keep your head away from the headrest and you'll have a good time, unless you're really sensitive.


Also be sure to do the front row on Steeplechase, it's actually a lot of fun and quite smooth. Unless you count credits I would strongly recommend skipping the volare and doing Zenobio (awesome ride) or one of the other flats instead. Soarin Eagle is the most bafflingly awful coaster I've ever ridden. In fact, maybe you should ride it just for the experience... just know what you're paying for, it's violently, terrifyingly rough. That plus you're literally lying down in a prone position (not sitting in a chair that's been tipped over), which hurts your stomach and your hip bones (if you're bony like me), and it doesn't feel like you're strapped in so you're holding on for dear life... the whole ordeal was rather traumatizing.


- How is Deno's? So far I'm planning to only go to Luna Park but I want to get the full experience.


The wonder wheel and Spook a Rama are both historic attractions that are absolute must-dos. Honestly, for me they were the best parts of the visit. The owners have really put their hearts into the place, no one is more deserving of your money. Also, it's right there, and not any more expensive than Luna Park, so no point in skipping it.


- How quick is the Subway? I'm planning it to be an hour trip from Time's Square to the park; also, N line or Q line?


Google maps is your best guide, gives very accurate arrival times. It's a pretty long haul, longer then I expected given it's a subway. An hour sounds about right.

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I'm late on this, but I went to Coney Island for the first time ever on Roller Coaster Day, and I was elated to have finally experienced the Cyclone. We rode it twice, and had a smooth ride sitting in the second-to-last row, and a very rough one in the fifth-to-last row. Weird, but whatever. We got a great pic on it, too, which rarely happens.


Thunderbolt might be the worst coaster I've ever been on, and I've been on over 100 or so by this point. At the end, my head hit just left of the headrest and I wondered for about five minutes if I had a concussion. The coaster elements were not that remarkable, either. Eff you, Thunderbolt.


Loved the Steeplechase. Better than KBF's Pony Express, in my opinion. The flying coaster was mildly entertaining.


The only experience more underwhelming than Thunderbolt was eating a Nathan's hot dog. I might've enjoyed the fries more. I definitely wasn't enjoying the indigestion after. But like the Cyclone, I've finally experience it.

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I hit my head on the headrest as well, during the Stengel dive. You can see they only padded a relatively small area in the middle and left the sides bare plastic (which, for the record, is extremely dumb). Still enjoyed it though, just not as much as I was hoping.

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^ ^^ Ok, that makes sense. It's not something that happened to me during my ride, probably due to my posture. I'm a big guy and was kinda worried about the puny restraint over all those hills. I definitely understand Elissa's comments of the restraints not being "entirely safe" haha.

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My father had the opportunity to take a helicopter ride around NYC taking off from Floyd Bennett Field, on their return trip they passed by Coney Island he grabbed these picture from about 800-1000 feet up!


Hope you enjoy!!


P.S. Don't make the vertical photo comments, he's not very tech savvy, so the fact that he got them is a moment in its self!






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I might be going later on today. I just wish it would warm up a little bit. NY is currently in another cold spell, and this chill plus the seabreezes from the Atlantic might make riding a bit uncomfortable. I'd love to end my offseason today as opposed to Friday, but we'll see.

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So, it looks like the Cyclone got stuck on the lift hill and had to be evacuated. Nothing major for us, but I guess most people riding at the time were freaking out.




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I don't even understand why this is news! I feel more and more that people are just being dramatic for the sake of it. I mean, this...


"It was terrifying, because I was up there and everything was spinning," Gabriella Centeno said after she reached solid ground. "I didn't know what to do."
"I'm scared of heights," she said, "but with their help I made it down. ... This was insane."


Give me a f'ing break! They weren't even at the top of the *85 Foot* lift hill!


Another news story quotes a 13 year old like he's some sort of ride expert....

“I was on the ride with my friends and I was excited we were going up. We were really happy. And then it just stopped,” Peter Manjgaladze, 13, said.
“It was a little bit scary because, since it’s wood, the whole ride was shaking,” Manjgaladze said.
“People said this was the first time it ever happened,” Manjgaladze added.

This is what smartphones have done for humanity.

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